An old mod with a new home.
Feel free to join up. download can be found here.

you may also find more links here.

This version of Nezeramontias is only compatible with version 1.10 of Diablo 2.
If you run it with version 1.11, you will experience problems (one of which being a crash
that occurs when entering Act 5).

Also, characters from previous versions of the mod are not compatible with this version. If you
play version 1.09 you MUST begin a new character.

Note: if you are using version 1.12 or later, you will be required to download and install the following.
Version 1.09 Reverter.
Version 1.10 Blizzard installer:
Nezeramontias Mod :

Download the 1.09 reverter, copy all files to your Diablo 2 directory you wish to install the mod.
Download and run the Blizzard 1.10 installer
Download and copy D2Loader to your Diablo 2 directory if you do not have the CD.
Download Nezeramontias Mod, change the name of the .MPQ to Patch_D2.MPQ and copy it to the directory you are installing the mod to.

Run Diablo2.exe, and enjoy!

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New Home!


The New site was recreated from archived pages of the original Nezeramontias website found on Internet Archive. The website is maintained by members of Complete Computer Solutions. We are not the authors of the mod. We do not take, nor want to take away, any credit for anything contained in the mod. The Nezeramontias mod was created by a person under the name of "fecesfaerie" also known as "Acromatic Aria" on Phrozen Keep. Many individuals contributed to the creation of this mod. Please read the Readmes at the bottom of the Overview Page for more information. You can direct your questions about Nezeramontias or our realm server to CCS or just use the forum if you like . It's unlikely we could answer much more than game play questions or questions related to using our server.

Nezeramontias is still one of the best mods for Diablo II LOD. We found the Internet lacking much info about the mod. After some digging we found the old site, but it still didn't contain much of the latter content. That's where this project began. The content on the pages contained in this site have been kept as close to the original as possible. There have been enhancements made to the menu and some content has been added where we felt content was missing. The majority of the content added has been to the challenge area and spoilers pages.

Nezeramontias Changes/Additions

Nezeramontias Changes/Additions

Feature 1 comment

"So what is Nezeramontias all about anyways? I ain't going through that huge changelog, just tell me what this thing comes down to?".

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Nezeramontias 1.09

Nezeramontias 1.09

Full Version 1 comment

Nezeramontias is primarily a game enhancement mod. Search around the Diablo 2 © modding community, and you'll find mods of various types. Some like to...

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Marrky - - 1 comments

i REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that the boss man of this mod remakes it for remaster as i really miss this mod!!! top favorite!

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Guest - - 695,540 comments

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fortune2luck - - 1 comments

Hello! 2020 is coming!
Around January 6 - the Nezeramontias 1.10 server will open

Details will be here:
and here:

Приветствую Вас! 2020 год настаёт!
Примерно 6 Января - откроется сервер Nezeramontias 1.10

Подробно будет тут:
и тут:

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Drconfused - - 14 comments

Anyone have a wp character they can share?

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Drconfused - - 14 comments

Well I managed to get a few characters to Hell and finished Hell, Kegero, and the Guantlet. Some decent characters here

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Guest - - 695,540 comments

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Javulas - - 8 comments

Overall an incredibly difficult Diablo 2 mod.
The skill points are kinda strange. I can't get used to it.
Aside from that, it is a really neat mod. Try it out.

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Exeetor - - 1 comments

get D2SE aswell. This mod is awesome if you have PlugY aswell. Since the skillsystem is diffrent the posibility to resett skillpoints is totaly awesome. And you can tryout diffrent builds etc.
As for the mod:
Its really nice, and the mod is huge and with lots of new content but its kinda hard at the start. Lots of champion enemies etc.

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Cid-Highwind Creator
Cid-Highwind - - 3 comments

Unfortunately the "fan" site is no longer up. and my connection cannot handle hosting a realm.

any attempts to contact AA have gone un-answered. its been about 3 years I've been trying to contact him so i could update his mod.

however it would appear the only way to do that would be to replicate his work with a new mod, unless someone is able to decode the bin files.

i simply do not have the time to dedicate to re-creating a mod unfortunately.

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KyloRen - - 443 comments

So this is the lowest rated mod on the entire Mod Db huh?

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