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"So what is Nezeramontias all about anyways? I ain't going through that huge changelog, just tell me what this thing comes down to?".

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I'm glad you asked, because I happen by miracle to have that right here...

Changes/Additions to the Basic Game


-Removed the experience penalties for dying in Nightmare and Hell.

-Increased the resistance penalty for Normal, Nightmare and Hell to -10%, -125% and -250%.


-All monsters are at higher levels at each difficulty.

-All monsters have higher damage, hit points, armor class, and attack ratings.

-Monsters now move nearly twice as fast as before.

-Monsters that normally do elemental damage with their attacks now do more. Most monsters that did not now do.

-Some of the Succubi now fire their magic missiles faster.

-Succubus Bolts now do magic damage rather than fire damage.

-Oblivion Knights now shoot faster Bone Spirits.

-Increased the damage of Succubus Bolts at higher levels.

-Enabled most of the unused monsters and moved around some of the others to different areas (Succubi will now appear
late in Act 4)

-Added over 100 new monsters.

-Nearly all monsters now have special enchantments to make them tougher. For example, the various dark rogues do more damage at
night while some archer enemies have a chance to get a piercing attack. Some monsters now possess auras, while some monsters that
were immune to certain elemental attacks will now absorb them.

-Greatly increased the stats of the Hell Bovines to make them tougher. They also get several new enchantments.

-Andariel can now cast Decrepify and Poison Nova along with her other skills.

-Champion and Unique monsters get greater hit points, armor, damage, and attack rating bonuses
(especially at higher difficulties).

-Added some extra names for Unique Monsters to spawn with.

-All monsters that possess skills now have higher skill levels.

Base Items:
-Improved all the gems. They now get extra enchantments beginning at the normal level.

-Decreased the drop rate of gems, and decreased the chances of getting high grade gems from monsters.

-Increased the level required to use all gems.

-Improved the drop rate of runes.

-Added a divine level to all the original gems. There are also cube recipes for upgrading gems to the divine level,
and you may also obtain them from shrines if you possess a perfect level gem.

-Added special gems for each of the seven classes. The new class gems come in four levels: Chipped, Flawed, Normal, and Perfect.
Cube recipes and gem shrines will work on the new class gems.

-Added "Diversity Gems" which grant bonuses to all skill levels.

-Added a new consumable: the Money Bag. Money Bags grant the character a temporary boost to gold find. They are
occasionally dropped by monsters.

-Added a new weapon called the Corpse Mine. These are landmines that you plant on corpses (via a skill on the item)
that will explode and cause large physical and fire damage when a monster walks over it.

-Added 12 new runes.

-All gems and runes (except the 12 new ones) can now be bought in shops.

-Added 19 new runewords.

-Added the 23 new runewords implemented on (thanks to Nefarious for this plug-in).

-Keys can now stack to 18. The two book items may now hold up to 100 scrolls.

-Added potions that grant temporary resistance bonuses to fire, lightning, and magic.

-Added several elixers that will permanently raise a stat when consumed. There are elixers for improving strength, dexterity,
max life, max stamina, max mana, and for all the resistances (including magic). Elixers can be dropped by certain monsters. They
can also be bought, but they are quite expensive.

-Added a new book of skill that will grant the user an additional skill point when used. These may also be bought (and are very

-Added several new stones that may be used in the cube to add various bonuses to enchanted items (including charms). For those familiar
with previous versions of Nezeramontias, the new stone items have replaced what were formerly the salves.

-Added "socket screw" items that can be put in the cube along with an enchanted item to add one socket to it.

-Added a "Blacksmith's Hammer" and "Anvil" item. These two items may be put into the cube along with a damaged piece of equipment
to repair it. You may buy these items from black smiths in the various acts or occasionally obtain them from defeated monsters.

-Added a new item called a Crowbar. When inserted into the cube with a socketed item (that currently has
gems or runes inserted), the Crowbar removes all gems/runes from that item so that you may use them again.

-Added "Fairy Tears" which will heal 50% mana when used.

-Added "Goddess Tears" which will fully restore mana when used.

-Added "Morsels" which will heal 50% health and stamina when eaten.

-Added "Meat" which will fully restore health and stamina when eaten.

-Added the "Rip" potion which will grant the user the "Rest in Peace" ability (killed monsters can't be revived) for 30 seconds.

-Added seven fruit items that are rare drops from monsters. If you manage to collect all seven of them, put them in the cube to create
a special unique charm. The seven fruits are a banana, cherry, grape, orange, pear, pineapple and radish.

-Added 20 "doll" items. Occasionally when you kill an act boss or some of the sub bosses, that monster will drop a doll of itself.
The exception is the Tyrael doll which can be bought in an Act 4. The dolls are used in a special cube recipe.
Collect the six boss dolls (Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, Baal, and Tyrael) to create a unique amulet. Collect the seven
early support dolls (Blood Raven, Griswold, The Countess, Radament, Coldworm, Chimera, The Summoner) and use them in the cube
to create a unique ring. Collect the seven late support dolls (Damien, Marilith, Izual, Hephasto, Lazarus, Nihlathak and Ariel)
to create another unique ring. Put the created rings and amulet into the cube to create one of the most powerful charms in the game.

-Added two special "key" items: the Key to the Sets and the Key to the Uniques. These items may be bought in shops. When placed
in the cube with a magic item, the Key to the Sets will produce a set item version of that piece of equipment. If one doesn't exist,
it will spawn a new magic item. The Key to the Uniques will produce a unique version of the item placed into the cube. If one doesn't
exist, the Unique has already spawned in a given play session, or your character is not at a high enough level, a rare is spawned.
These recipes work on any item that can spawn as magical (including jewels and charms).

-Added a new "spirit energy" item for use in recipes. Spirit energy may be bought in shops or occasionally dropped by monsters.

-Added "space fragments" for use in advanced recipes. Space fragments cannot be bought and are only spawned by certain powerful monsters.

-Rings and amulets can now be socketed. Rings gain the attributes of weapons while amulets gain the attribues of armor and helmets.

-Added a new ring and amulet. These items may only spawn as normal items. To add enchantments to these items, you must put them
in the cube along with three of the same gem or rune and a certain number of space fragments. Refer to Cuberecipes.txt for the
exact recipes.

-Added "Mystery Chests" to the game. Those who have played Nezeramontias before may remember the Mystery Chest items, but they work a
bit differently now. Rather than being bought from the gamble screen, they are bought from Gheed's shop in Act 1 (all his other items
have been removed). To open a mystery chest, you must place it in the cube along with a new "chest key" to obtain the item within. Some
of the rarest items can be obtained from these chests.

-Charms may now spawn as rare items.

-Doubled the max stack size of arrows and bolts.

-Arrows and bolts may now spawn as magic and rare items.

-Added several "elemental orb" items. When equipped in the shield slot, these orbs grant you elemental bonuses and sometimes grant
you the ability to cast spells.

-Added "Golem Gears" as a new base item. Golem Gears cannot be equipped but spawn with several enchantments and are designed specifically
for creating Iron Golems. Some random enchantments only appear on Golem Gears.

-Added "Monster Gates" which are occasionally dropped by monsters. Monster gates are unique charms that come with charges to a skill
that will summon random monsters for you to fight.

-Added new items called "Portable Shrines." Portable shrines are usable items that can be triggered at anytime
from your inventory. They will temporarily instill you with the same abilities as normal shrines, but there
are a few differences. Portable shrines don't last as long as regular shrines do, they're stackable (can have
several in effect at once) and you can give them to hirelings. There are five different shrines: armor
combat, experience, mana, and skill. Portable shrines will occasionally drop from Super Unique Monsters.

-Added a new charm called a prize spawner. Prize spawners occasionaly drop from super unique monsters.
They contain charges to a skill that allows your character to sometimes draw gold from corpses.

-Added two connected items: Book Binding and Training Page. Book Bindings appear in shops throughout the game while
Training Pages occasionally drop from monsters. Put 5 Training Pages in the cube with one Book Binding
to make the All Knowing Book of Learning (gain one skill point).

Armor and Weapons:
-Increased the dexterity and strength requirements for most equipment.

-Decreased the base worth of all armors.

-All heavy armors now reduce damage taken from monsters but also increase your stamina drain when running.

-Decreased the monatary value that equipment gets from enchantments. In other words, enchanted stuff sells for less.

-Nearly all two handed weapons now receive damage bonuses from dexterity.

-Increased the strength and dexterity bonuses to the exceptional and elite versions of polearms, spears,
two handed hammers and axes.

-Increased the base two handed damage of exceptional and elite swords, polearms, spears, two handed hammers
and axes.

-All non-thrown daggers now spawn with bonuses to open wounds.

-Added a new class for each of the six kinds of armor (helmet, armor, gloves, shield, belt and boots).

-Added "Cloaks" as a new base item that grant bonuses to Assassin skills.

-Added several new robes as base items. The robes have low armor ratings, but always spawn with resistance bonuses.

-Added throwing stars. These items may be used by anyone, but they give bonuses to assassin skills.

-Bone helmets and scythes now give bonuses to Necromancer skills.

-All Assassin claws are now capable of spawning with skill bonuses.

-Added a new base class for Assassin claws.

-Added "spectral swords" that may only be equipped by the Sorceress.

-Added "Jewel Swords" as a new base type that are always socketed and grant bonuses to finding gold.

-Added a new group of Paladin Axes that grant extra bonuses to Paladin skills.

-Added "guns" as new base items. Guns also have their own type of ammo. Most guns may also be equipped by Rogue hirelings.

-Added "Energy Swords" as new base items. These items are always indestructable, but my not spawn with more than one socket.
To use them you must equip a battery (another new item) in the shield slot. Like energy swords, batteries may also spawn
as enchanted items and grant additional bonuses to the sword.

-Added new Katana swords as base weapons.

-Added Holy Water as a new throwing weapon. They grant Paladin skill bonuses.

-Doubled the max stack size of all throwable weapons.

-Two handed sorceress staffs always spawn with extra bonuses to energy and a new stat known as "magic-affinity." See the skill
section for a discussion of what magic-affinity is.

-Added a new set of staff weapons that can only be dropped by the Summoner and Lazarus.

-Added a new group of throwing axes that only the Barbarian can use.

-Added a new group of shoes that only the Sorceress can equip. They spawn with bonuses to Sorceress skills.

-Increased the damage of all the original throwing potions. Also, they can only be thrown when you
select a "throw" skill attached to them. Potions can now be boosted through certain stats including the
new 'Extra Potion Damage' enchantment.

-Gambling rates for obtaining rare, set, unique, exceptional, and elite items have all been improved.

-You may now gamble for all items that can be enchanted except ammos.

-All characters now gain six stat points per level.

-Reduced the amount of experience needed to level, and raised the level cap to 750.

-Increased the experience penalties at higher levels. Characters start gaining less than normal exp at level 51.

-All characters hive higher run/walk speeds.

-All characters regain mana 50% slower and drain stamina four times faster than before.

-Increased the level needed for most character skills. Top skills are now obtained at level 45.

-Increased the skill cap for all skills to 99.

-Added six new skills to each character.

-All characters have extra inventory space for the cube, chest, and their person.

-All characters begin with the Horadric cube.

-Reduced the starting block rate of all characters.

Skill Edits:
-Gaining skill levels works differently than before. For a level one skill, the first skill level costs one point, but
every five levels the skill will cost an additional point (to a maximum of four). Level 9 skills cost 2 points at level
1 and increase every six levels (to a maximum of 6). Level 18 skills cost 3 points at level 1 and increase every seven
levels (to a maximum of 8). Level 27 skills cost 4 points at level 1 and increase every eight levels (to a maximum of 10).
Level 36 skills cost 5 points at level 1 and increase every nine levels (to a maximum of 12). Level 45 skills cost 6 points
at level 1 and increase every ten levels (to a maximum of 14).

-Removed all prerequisites for skills. Now level and skill points are the only requirements for obtaining a skill.

-Many skills have higher mana costs and cost more mana to cast at higher levels.

-The Strafe skill now fires twice as fast as before.

-The Valkyrie summon now has a percent chance to cast charged bolt when hit by enemies.

-Blaze and Fire Wall now grant synergy bonuses to each other.

-The Thunderstorm skill now strikes enemies more often.

-Reduced the bonuses to Warmth after the 7th skill level.

-Reduced the freeze duration and energy bonuses to Frozen Orb.

-All of the elemental masteries of the Sorceress now grant bonus damage and elemental piercing.

-Improved the bonuses for all the Paladin resistance auras.

-Conviction now gives smaller bonuses for each skill level, but there is no cap to how much it can drop enemy resistance.

-The Paladin's Zeal skill and the Druid's Fury skill can no longer be interupted. Both skills also attack faster than before.

-The paladin resist auras now grant the ability to absorb an element as well as resist it.

-Reduced the stamina bonuses Vigor receives per skill level.

-Corpse Explosion now has a small casting delay and smaller growth in range at higher levels.

-Bone Wall and Bone Prison cast a version of Teeth that stuns enemies when struck.

-The Necromancer may now have one of each Golem summoned at once.

-Golem Mastery now grants physical damage bonuses to all golems.

-Bone Spirit now gets damage and ability bonuses from equipment.

-The Druid may have the Bear and one of his wolf groups summoned at the same time.

-The Wearbear skill now offers damage reduction bonuses.

-Whirlwind gets more attacks per frame.

-Altered the Barbarian's natural resistance formula so he now gets a 6% bonus at the first level and a steady 4% bonus at all
following levels.

-Natural Resistance receives synergy bonuses from Iron Skin that grant a passive magic damage reduction.

-Double Swing and Double Throw now get damage boosts for each skill level but also now gain extra mana cost per level.

-Iron Skin receives synergy bonuses from Natural Resistance and Spirit of Stone (new skill) that grant a passive
damage resistance.

-Battle Command now gives an extra +1 bonus to all skills for every five skill levels.

-War cry now does magic damage as well as physical damage and receives extra synergy bonuses.

-Reduced the per-level bonuses to Increased Stamina.

-Iron Skin receives synergy bonuses from Natural Resistance and the new Spirit of Stone skill.

-Natural Resistance receives synergy bonuses from Iron Skin.

-Molten Boulder now travels three times faster than before. Bone Spirit travels twice as fast.

-Twister and Tornado now do cold damage.

-Twister starts with two missiles at level one and gains extra twisters every four skill levels.

-Armageddon drops rocks nearly four times faster than before.

-The Assassin's Blade Fury skill attacks faster than before and does more damage but requires throwing stars to use.

-Wake of fire now only fires twice at level 1 but gains an additional attack every two levels.

-Reduced the per level bonuses of Death Mastery and the Assassin's Kick skills.

-The Dragon talon skill receives higher kick damage for the first level but lower bonuses
for later levels.

-Many skills now get bonuses from a character's Energy stat. Direct elemental attack skills receive damage bonuses. Curses
receive duration and radius bonuses. Defensive skills receive duration and defense bonuses.

-Many skills also receive bonuses from the new "magic affinity" stat. Magic affinity is a new property that spawns on some enchanted
items and on the base versions of Sorceress staffs. The magic affinity enchantment increases the attack power of projectile skills
that do elemental damage.

Rare/Unique/Set Items:
-Added over 400 hundred new unique items. Some of the uniques (and sets) ported from old versions of Nezeramontias have been
redesigned to take advantage of the new abilities of the 1.10 patch.

-Added 43 new sets.

-Some Set and Unique items contain exclusive skills.

-Rares, uniques and sets spawn more frequently.

-Souls are a new kind of item in Nezeramontias. Nearly every enemy in the game (even bosses) possesses a "soul" that can only be
obtained as a rare drop from that specific monster. Souls are unique items that may be equipped in the ring slot and contain
enchantments that reflect the monster killed for it. Some souls grant basic stat bonuses or enchantments the monster possesses.
Others grant you the skills of that monster. Some allow you to transform into that monster while others allow you to summon the
monster to fight by your side. Experiment to find which souls work best for you :-)

-Added a recipe for creating a unique charm called the Soul Hunter Medallion. To create this item, insert two medallion shards
into the cube. Throughout the game, you will collect monster souls, but it's very likely that you will not want to keep many of
them. Rather than selling them, you can insert them into the cube with the medallion to add to the "soul count" stat present
on the medallion. The Soul Hunter Medallion will grant several bonuses to the character that will increase as souls are added. Some
stats need more souls to boost than others, and you'll have to collect quite a few souls before any stats are boosted.

-Added another recipe for the Soul Hunter Medallion. If you like to duel with fellow players, you can collect the player ears they
drop, put them in the cube with the medallion and add to the medallion's "Player Kill" count. This stat has no effect in the actual
game other than to act as bragging rights for master player killers. No cheating on racking up kills :-)

-Added hidden recipes for improving the Soul Hunter Medallion that can only be discovered by playing.

-One of the stats created on the Soul Hunter Medallion is a kill counter that will increment throughout the game each time the player
kills an enemy using either a melee or missile weapon (spell skills do not add to the counter). The medallion itself does nothing
with this stat except maintain the count, but you may come across a few items while playing it that use the stat for other purposes.

-All hirelings have six skills. Most get at least one non-character skill. See Hirelingskills.txt for details.

-All hirelings now have improved stat bonuses when they level and gain levels quicker.

-Hirelings no longer receive stat penalties (except for resistances) at higher difficulties.

-Hirelings no longer receive damage penalties when fighting Prime Evils.

-Levels have much higher monster populations than before. There are also more unique and champian level monsters in each level.

-Monsters now spawn in some levels where they did not previously appear.

-Most underground levels are larger than before.

-Redesigned and expanded the last cave in Act 1 and the 2nd sewer level in Act 3.

-There is now a trap door linking the Act 1 town to the Secret Cow level, so you can enter the place as many times as you want
(don't go before you're ready though :)

-The Infernal Pit (last hell type area of Act 5) has had most of the monsters originally in it
moved to different areas. In their place are the Treasure Maggots, Treasure Horders (which give birth to Treasure Maggots),
Treasurebus monsters (a version of the Succubus), Treasure Giants and Andariel clones. Andariel Clones frequently drop set items
while the others frequently drop uniques.

-Rearranged some of the levels in Act 1 to create a side area called Kagero Dungeon. Several of the underground Act 1 areas have
been moved from their original position to a new area in order to form a large "side quest" dungeon. This means some Act 1 areas
(the jail and Countess' tower for example) do not contain as many levels as before. The new challenge dungeon is 6 levels
deep, contains no waypoints, and is populated by the strongest monsters in the game. There are two superuniques to fight at
the end. Defeat them, and they may drop some hidden items. You can access it through the graveyard.

-Replaced the first side dungeon of Act Two (The Stony Tomb) with a new level refered to as The Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is a
different kind of level from the others in the game. Rather than move through a dungeon and fight hordes of monsters for treasure,
The Gauntlet is a large level filled with traps that the player must navigate through in order to reach the treasure at the end.
Some of the rarest items in the mod can only be found in this area. None of the monsters or pure traps in this area can be attacked
or destroyed, so the only way to survive the area is to keep moving. Beware, because there are several monsters who can damage
your character's mana and stamina, stun the character, and knock back the character. Also, there are various "Nerf Orbs" placed
throughout the level that will drops various character stats such as mana recovery, max mana, and max stamina when the player
enters their area of effect.

-Added Joels plug-in for the Graveyard.

-Added in Onyx's new map plug-in for Andariel's Lair.

-Added in Onyx's new map plug-in for the Claw Viper Temple Level 2.

-Added Lord Drekas's plug-in for Duriel's lair.

-Created a series of monster generators that will constantly spawn random monsters from a given level until the generator is
destroyed. These monster generators will appear in a handful of areas (mostly boss levels) throughout the game.

-All shop keepers give less money for sold equipment.

-Increased the max sale back amounts for vendors. Max sale for Act 1 Normal is 10000. Each act increases
this amount by 10000 (meaning the max sale back for Act 5 Hell is 150k).

-Reduced the repair cost of equipment.

-Improved gold drops throughout the game.

-The Monster shrine and Experience shrine will recharge after a few minutes.

-Shrines no longer act like curses. This means they are not affected by Curse Resistance,
cannot be removed when you are cursed, and can stack.

-The experience shrine now grants an experience boost of 150%.

-Enabled many unused prefixes and suffixes for magic items.

-Added new prefixes and suffixes.

-Added many new recipes not mentioned in this readme (see cube recipes.txt for details).

-Added new enchantments that can appear on items.

-Every act boss will drop one of the new skill books the first time you kill it.

-Added a few secret items not listed in this readme whose purpose will be revealed while playing :-)

-Grouped together the display for some enchantments throughout the game. For example, if an items contains these bonuses:
+5% to max fire resistance
+5% to max cold resistance
+5% to max lightning resistance
+5% to max poison resistance

then the display will now read +5% to all max resistances.


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