Nero suit from Devil May Cry5 for Dante from DmC: Devil may Cry.
You need Texmod and Costume Pack DLC to use it.

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Ubisoft's sale of their games has been running for a few days, but there's still time to pick up some solid deals on their titles (more varied and well regarded than their modern open world fare, at least as far as the back catalogue is concerned) - and if you do pick up a last minute deal, here's a few mods to help get you started!

Game: DmC: Devil May Cry: £5.99 GBP/$7.49 USD

Mod: Nero DMC5 suit for Dante

By AntiEvil

Image 5

DMC5 was something of a revelation for the Devil May Cry community - a remarkable return to form after an oddly-received reboot that saw all corners of the franchise coming together, old and new, for one epic story. If you wanted to bring a little bit of that brilliance back into the aforementioned reboot, look no further than this mod, which injects a little more backwards-looking personality into the reboot.

Game: Dead Rising 2: £4.49 GBP/$5.99 USD

Mod: ubtri's MOD for Dead Rising 2

By ubtri


This datafile mod has one goal in mind - fun! If you've played Dead Rising 2 already, maybe you're not interested in starting from square 1 in a new game and slowly building up your arsenal again. Well, this mod amps up the power level of just about every weapon, ups the money gained for every action, and all in all rewards veteran players with a head start to the finish line and barrels of zombie slaying action.

An altogether fine entry that fell apart a little due to a wonky PC port and a lot of changes from the originals, Dead Rising 3 has nonetheless got its fans, and the mod Make Psychos Great Again decides to up the ante in combat. Psycho enemies are more ruthless than ever; your common garden variety zombie is now a lot tougher; but to balance, your previously unhelpful AI companions can finally hold their own, and the result is a package a bit more palatable to those who preferred the older games in the series.

Game: Resident Evil 4: £3.74 GBP/$4.99 USD

Mod: RE4 Enemy/Merchant Randomizer

By re_duke


RE4 is so seminal that at this point, there's scarcely a horror fan who hasn't already played it end to end. If that's you, then this might be what you're looking for! This mod randomizes most of the enemy spawns, including boss fights, the enemy HP, the items that the Merchant sells, the starting inventory for Leon, and the firepower upgrades. It was made for the Steam, PC version of the game, and it's compatible with the HD project mod.

Since RE4's remake is now right around the corner, here's a double helping of mods for the game with Assignment Ada - Hardcore. The mod reorders a lot of Assignment Ada, moving around the Los Plagas samples for a different progression path. It also significantly increases the amount of enemy's in the levels, and with a mix of these two, you might just find yourself saying RE4 is hard to you again. Some of the enemy's will be right in your face when you go through a door, so be sure you keep your TMP handy! Lastly, you can now save your progress in the mode, letting your play session survive to another day.

There's our picks for four games (and five mods) across the Capcom publisher sale, which kicked off in early march and still has a fair while left, running until the 23rd. Are there any other Capcom games you were just itching for an excuse to nab? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Nero DMC5 suit for Dante

Nero DMC5 suit for Dante

Full Version

New skin for Dante from DmC; Devil may Cry, inspirated by Nero's suit from DMC5

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