interested about modding and currently trying to get on animating, modeling, mapping and sound editing :D

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Just a quick guide for those poor souls who still havent figured out why app.pcon doesnt work properly on their Xperia Play's.

Step 1- explained bellow, from setting up the program to using your Xplay as controller.

1) Before anything, make sure your slide is open.
2) Go to the settings -> WIFI/wireless network -> Sharing/VPN and either use WLAN sharing or USB sharing (USB can be kinky sometimes, especialy if you have a bad USB port or too short USB cable)
3) Now if your PC can acces internet through your mobile (or atleast shows "only local" in internet settings) your sharing is working properly and you can open pcon v1.3 (.jar)
4) Open app .pcon on your Xperia Play (!!must have slide open!!)
5) Click "Connect to Android" on your PC
6) Check your Xplays IP address inside the app (top left corner)
7) Insert the IP on PC and press enter
8) If your phone vibrates, it means your connection is working >>>KEEP THE SLIDE OPEN<<<
10) make sure joypad 1 is working (be sure you have set your key bind correctly in app's settings)
11) If its working, press "back" to return to the menu.
13) Test your your control's functionality again, it should be working now !

-Always keep an eye out for your sharing, if you use WLAN, remember that locking it with password might be the most secure way, if USB, make sure you are still sharing your connection, sometimes things can get kinky with USB...

-Never close the slide when you are using the app because it closes the connection between your PC and Xplay.

-You can leave app.pcon running while you check your email and such, it wont break the connection.

-X button seems to be delayed (you must hold X for a while to get desired action on your PC screen) so for any fast action you should stay away from X.

This caused alot trouble for me, simple minded fool, so I hope it helped someone else out there.

Oldie game rant

Oldie game rant

thewonderboy Blog
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123quin1 - - 9 comments

hey can u help me with my nzp for psp plz

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thewonderboy Creator
thewonderboy - - 653 comments


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TheLeadHead - - 364 comments

May I know what program do you use? Is it just me or it really looks like Wings3D? Your models look quite good, compared to my ones (sorry, don't have them uploaded). I would like to know, how long have you been modelling?

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paulv2k4 - - 24 comments

Hi thewonderboy,

Many thanks for the interest shown in Project: CQB. Could you email me or point me in the direction of any good quality renders of your proposed models? At least a rough workout would be okay. Also, you would need to show me that your topology is correct and poly count is of acceptable amount. So any wireframe renders would also be nice.

Thanks for getting in touch,


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justinvh - - 110 comments

Hey Jami,

I saw your interest in Rogue Reborn and appreciated it a lot. Would you be interested in being a tester by ensuring quality of the maps and port?

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