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...and many new features! Here are some details of the new features included in V0.1

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Movie Battles II

Now with less bugs!

...and many new features! Here are some details of the new features included in V0.1

Wookiee Fury

Use caution when you damage a Wookiee. It could come back to haunt you when he gets enraged and comes after you. Raging Wookies get damage reduction, increased melee damage, and access to a special barge attack that sends enemies flying! However, once enraged, Wookiees cannot exit this state until they kill an enemy or become fatigued by running out of Fury. Once they run out of fury they are slower and more vulnerable for a time.

A raging wookiee cannot do objectives or hack

New Grenades

Grenades now come in two new flavours: Incendiary and Sonic. Incendiary grenades are accessible by Imperial Commanders and Sonic detonators are accessible by Rebel Commanders.

Incendiary Grenades

When incendiary grenades explode, they release flaming naplam that lights whatever surface it touches on fire. If you stand near these fires, you'll take massive damage and be lit on fire. These grenades can be quite scary on damage.

Sonic Detonators

When sonic grenades explode, anyone near the detonation will cover their ears in pain as they are assaulted with a high pitched noise which causes debilitating headaches, temporarily removing the ability to attack. If you are hit with one, your best bet is to run away fast. If you throw one though, be cautious. You are vulnerable to your own detonation, and Super Battle Droids and Droidekas are not affected at all.

Sonic grenades can also be used as trip mines. They will stick to parts of the level and explode when an enemy approaches. Figuring out a good use for them is left as an exercise to the reader.

Melee Additions

The melee system has been vastly improved upon to feature blocking and specials allowing for some interesting combos.
Blocking is activated by holding the reload key while in melee. While blocking, your melee blocking points (displayed in the ammo slot while in melee) will be used to protect against punches and kicks. Blocking low (crouched) protects agains low attacks while blocking high protects agaist high attacks. Getting hit by a strong melee class is unblockable and drains all block points.

  • Uppercut - Use+Fw+Punch - Knocks down unguarding targets and breaks block
  • Leg Sweep - Crouch+Kick - Does high damage when your victim is already knocked down
  • Jump kick - Use+Fw+Kick - Does a jump kick
  • New kata - Crouch with back to opponent+Punch+Kick - Throws target over your shoulder
  • Counter Throw - Pressing block as you get punched will cause a counter throwing kata.


There have been several improvements to make the class more appealing to play. Droidekas can now strafe. Aiming has also been improved by allowing the droideka to aim at any spot within a few degrees from its front with no delay. As a result of the improved aiming, the base damage for its blasters has been reduced. It's now on the same level as an E11 shot in terms of damage output. Don't be worried, they still have their immensive rate of fire.

Shields have been reworked. You can raise and lower the shields on demand using Special 1. Shields only recharge while down. Shield strength has also been upped. The shield strengths you now get with each level are 400-600-800. Deka hull strength has been reduced significantly, so your shield is becomes even more important. You also need to monitor your shield more closely, since you won't be able to recharge it in a firefight unless you switch it off by pressing Special 1

The new Shield Projector attribute affects when the shield can remain active

  • Level 0: Always off
  • Level 1: Only active when standing still.
  • Level 2: Active while standing, walking backwards or strafing.
  • Level 3: Allows the shield to remain active whenever the droideka is deployed. Walking forward and shooting with your shield active will drain the shield, so be carefull.

Droidekas also now take double the damage while rolling.


The scoreboard has been greatly improved. See for more details.

Ion Blasts

Clone troopers have access to a powerful new addition: the Ion Blast. They cannot be bought at the same time as normal "blobs". Unlike normal blobs, ion blasts must be charged to be used. The more you charge, more powerful it gets. It causes electric damage on the enemies and shocks them, making them unable to fire. Ion blasts don't fly straight forward, they are affected by gravity and need to be aimed like grenades.

Cortosis Improvements

Cortosis Damage Reduction mechanic has been changed as follows:

80% Damage Reduction(20% of real damage) against Sabers the first time you're hit. Once you've been hit, a 1.5 second timer starts. If you don't get hit again within that time, it resets and the next saber hit is back to 80% Damage Reduction. However, if you get hit within that 1.5 second window, your Damage Reduction on that second hit is 60%(40% of real damage). The timer is also set again to 1.5 seconds. If you're hit a third time, you eat full damage, with zero Damage Reduction. All subsequent hits within 1.5 seconds of the previous hit also have zero Damage Reduction.

The goal of this is basically to increase cortosis' power in dealing with "lucky hits" and noob jedispam. Where basically you're getting hit maybe once or so, and that's really it. Cortosis 2 is obviously even
better in that area...

Overall, through the testing this has had, it's a little rough on Jedi, especially Cortosis 2... But with the amount of points players have to sink into it, a gunner tends to take the SBD apart, and it does remain quite possible for the Jedi to prevail, although you really have to work at it. This should let SBDs use Cortosis to shrug off random noob Jedi, without being really overpowered.

Force Focus

Jedi and Sith will now be able to focus on eachother by keeping the crosshairs over the other player. When you have focused on an enemy, you will see an effect playing on them and your force powers will be able to bypass their force block. The higher the level of force block your enemy has, the longer it takes to focus on them. This allows for some more dynamic use of force powers in duels.

Focus reduces on force power use, so the combo powers can't be used.

Pistol toggling

Due to community request, dual pistols can now be toggled to fire with single pistol mode. Similarly, Pistol 3 can now be toggled to act like Pistol 2.

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