Movie Battles is a class-based, team-orientated Multiplayer Total Conversion for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

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Fell in love with this mod the second I laid my eyes on it years and years ago. I've barely looked at BaseJA since. One of the few games I always keep coming back to.


This mod is fantastic, but the community/playerbase is seriously one of the worst I've seen. Friendly fire seriously needs to be disabled in this since a lot of the players I've encountered teamkilled half of their teams for no clear reason.

Although I hate this mod, something about it keeps me coming back, really fun to play with friends. Fast paced gameplay will keep you coming back for more!

Its a wonderful mod. however a select few players makes this small community extremely toxic for new player. Its extremely hard for a new player to find a place here. The comminity is dying, there are tons of servers but only a few are ever populated. Those that are, either have no staff to police bad players or are corrupt and encourage bad behavior. New player being chased away by veteran players are a huge thing(I kinda think part of its due to the changes the developers are making to help attract new players, the old players hate these changes and hate on new players for them telling them to stop complaining and to git gud. we try but you guys screw us constantly and don't make it fun at all). New player go to servers that advertise new player friendly, or new player havens and just get hooped by veteran players who want to see a high k/d ratio. duel servers are terrible as well, vets come in under false names and start attacking everything in sight. even though duel servers are ment to be 1v1 fights, they will run up and cut your back down over and over till you got no lives left. Its just terrible that the developers allow this sort of things to happen constantly. Tried to voice concerns to the developers discord but was called a Troll and other names by their discord community. and thats about the point where I figure the game was dying and nobody cared. so the uninstall button got pressed and I decided to leave a review warning others from wasting their time with this load of fecal matter.




Jedi Academy multiplayer becomes stale very, very quick. Especially when you have things like "no-laming" servers and other silly rules that kill the point of multiplayer completely, MB2 comes in and grants a competitive multiplayer star wars gameplay experience that you won't find anywhere.

Sad to see the community for this game to start shrinking :(
We live in a day and age where multiplayer titles have to copy CoD to be successful,and that's probably what the future of Star Wars gaming will look like. Unfortunate how they won't follow things like MB2 instead.

So toxic community

The game can be really fun at time, with moments that you will see in no other game. Jedi being flung 20 feet by a wookiee with a rocket launcher, a flying mandalorian being karate kicked out of the sky by a mere soldier, and far more.
However, and unfortunately, due to the direction the dev team has taken, the game has gone from fantastic to just, meh. All this has taken place in just a few short years.
The current dev team seem to misinterpret everything that made mb2 great. An example of this was the very slow projectile speed, making firefights just as much about dodging as aiming. In the new build, it feels more like call of duty, with projectiles now near impossible to dodge at any reasonable range. Teamwork is absolutely pointless and no longer encouraged by the developers. Features that spark outcry from the community, such as flinch, are still in the game 3 years after being introduced. The game sadly is not even balanced, with certain classes, such as the Wookiiee, being so overpowered you wonder how people with a functioning brain can think "yes, this is alright. This will go in the next build". Even worse, the dev team completely changed the most popular map in the game (duel of the fates, based on the duel in TPM). The map is far, far worse now, as the majority of the community agrees, yet the dev team still refuses to add the old, popular version of the map back into the game! This is like if Blood Gulch was completely changed in Halo so that it played like a completely different map, and the original map was removed from the game.
Further, the dev team keeps changing the core of the game: the saber system. They have ruined it so much that the duelling community, once one of the mainstays of mb2, has practically abandoned the game.
A game being poor is excusable somewhat,but what is not excusable is the attitute of the developers to any reasonable critique. For example, they will happily find obscure reasons to ban people who point out the games flaws (from official feedback threads I might add). No warning, no explanation: just boom! Banned!

To conclude, the old mb2 was a wonderful chaotic mess. The new mb2 is just a mess. Give this one a pass, at least until the game sheds its current developer team for one that actually plays the game. If you really want a fun, team based star wars game, play Battlefront 2 (the classic one) instead. IF you have fond memories of mb2 from years ago, when it still had a soul, then don't come back; your memories of the fun of old will be tainted.

One of the best mod for Jedi Knight Academy.
Unfortunately, it does not have bots nor single-player gameplay.

The lightsaber gameplay has been enhanced (or is it me?), tons of well made units, great maps, original Star Wars music.
Honestly the best multiplayer mod for this game, of great quality, but it would have been great to have some bots added to it.

This mod is great, but the community and/or playerbase is seriously one of the worst I've ever seen, HANDS DOWN. Friendly fire really needs to be disabled in this since a lot of the players I've played with teamkilled half of their teammates for no particular reason, AT ALL. I haven't played for a while and am not sure if they fixed it, but if they haven't, GOD DAMMIT THEY BETTER...

I'm not personally fond of the twitchy style of the mod, I also don't find it balanced per say, not my cup of tea at all.

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Fell in love with this mod the second I laid my eyes on it years and years ago. I've barely looked at BaseJA since. One of the few games I always keep coming back to.

Aug 14 2010 by Khaze