MITTλGEISEN° is a Half-Life 2 mod set in East Germany during the late 1980’s.
Mittageisen are heavily augmented humans used for combat situations/political espionage operations by a shell-company controlled by the CIA. These persons have a 0% survival rate and a life expectancy of anywhere between 12 and 72 hours. Any memories of their former life are removed and people with no social connections or surviving family are often chosen for this role. Kira Maresch has been removed from an Aryan supremacy organization in her native German Democratic Republic to be converted into a Mittageisen and sent back into society for an undisclosed purpose. Her only instructions are given to her through cassette tapes by a CIA agent named Merrick.

Release date is not set. Screenshots not final. Everything subject to change.


Developer's Steam Profile.

Assets used were released under Creative Commons and modified by the developer to better reflect the tone of the piece of media I am producing.

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Still here.

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Howdy. This mod isn’t dead.
I know the last update to this page was over two years ago at this point but I’m still working on it. I don’t really know where to keep people updated about this project because I don’t think anyone really cares about it and also using ModDB in 2023 is less than ideal but I don’t have a website set up or anything so I’m posting this here in case anyone has been checking in here periodically to see what the situation is.

The last time I posted an update here it was to say that my hard-drive was dead and I was becoming homeless. I was homeless for a while and my hard-drive is still dead but I managed to resurrect it for long enough to pull Mittageisen’s source code and .VMF files for it. I think it’s permanently in the grave now.
I also have a place to stay now and a place to put my PC so I’ve been working on this game when I have the time. I have a day job so it doesn’t always happen very fast but it’s not like I just binned it or anything.

I made a Discord server for this mod and I actually look at and check Discord more often than the two times a year I afford ModDB, so if you’re interested in this game and want to keep up with me working on it I recommend heading over there. If any of you are web designers or know HTML and want to help me out with hosting/designing a slick website for this project either out of the kindness of your heart or else starvation wages, let me know. You’d be helping a lot. I can probably elaborate more on what specifically I need if you contact me in DM’s. If you want to do that directly my Discord handle is gearsama. I can also be reached at

Here’s some screenshots as a proof-of-life thing or whatever.

image 1street2

See you around.


Hard-Drive Failure, Project Future

Hard-Drive Failure, Project Future

News 2 comments

An update. Trying to keep a positive attitude, probably.

More screenshots, Discord

More screenshots, Discord


Update from the developer. Discord link. There's also more shaders and stuff.

hannantobat - - 52 comments

Damn, this looks badass! I'll wait for it.

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Krychur - - 982 comments

the plotline sounds very interesting. I got done playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution not too long ago, and I gotta say, though there are differences, the summary of the story here sounds very similar to Deus Ex. the augmentations, the CIA, etc. I am following this bad boy. best of luck to you man.

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ReezeTheVampire - - 3,941 comments

This looks boss, can't wait to see what else you show off here.

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