This mod intends to add various weapons from all around the globe to Misery mod, weapons of every stalker's dream. Suggestions, Feedbacks and points of view are very welcomed ! Have fun with these new toys !

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Perfect mod, was always disappointed by the current Misery having still vanilla guns and anims, now with this mod the full Misery experience is finally given.


Translation: Few, barely noticeable bugs, don't think I had any CTDs caused by this mod. Good variety which is always nice.

EDIT: I felt the need to edit my review and bump my 9 to 10, the author of this mod is working hard on improving the vast selection of guns each version, every Misery playthrough feels like treasure hunting as you never know what guns you will find, sure you can expect freedom to still carry NATO weapons or Duty to have Aks up their ***** but trust me, you will never truly know what to expect when checking a corpse's inventory with this mod.

Some of the weapons are still a bit ugly, but it's not like anyone is forcing you to use those, I'm sure you can ignore 3~5 ugly guns and move on to dozens of awesome weaponry this mod introduces.

If you enjoy Misery and want something to fresh your gameplay up then definitely download this. If you like guns then definitely download this. If you want more surprises when scavenging the zone then definitely download this. If you want the adrenaline of hiding behind a tiny rock with some random Zone douche unloading a M60 on you then definitely download this.




Masterpiece 2.0

my name is zerrierslizer0 and i am a profesional mod tester. i have been testing mods for over 12 years. and i must say. this is definetly THE best weapon mod i have EVER used. with the continued use of this mod and MISERY (that obviously is required) i have had so much fun. allmost TOO much. but there is allways some flaws in mods. but this one i have yet to spot one major flaw. i have seen some smaller flaws like glitches and compatability issues. but nontheless i love this mod. TAZ and MISERY is THE best comination of realism, fun, and GUNS, that has ever been made for this game. i hope you have a good time playing with theese mods. cause i have. :) hope to se more. and have a good one.
Sincerely: zerrierslizer0

PS: sorry for some bad english. i am norwegian.


Best Addon/mod for Misery ever! Adds a big arsenal of weapons with great quality and animations plus the creator it's very nice to the community answering questions, accepting request, suggestions and opinions to make even more an awesome mod :)


For a weapon addon it's really good. It has a few bugs but nothing that is really noticable. 10/10 Would use every gun :D

What to say ?

The biggest weapons pack for any STALKER game , ever .

BOTH Quality and Quantity .

There is nothing that isnt in this pack that can cross your mind , regarding the weapons ... and there are even many models which are less known . This is a finest gun porn for any gun freak ...

Massive effort poured into this mod to give not only a MISERY "ultimate weapons pack" ... but also potentially some other STALKER mods , "the ultimate weapons pack" , too .


ElCaz4dor says

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If you want tons of guns, this mod is for you. For the first time I saw M60, I just could not resist. Some weapons textures are perfect while some others are not (Perfect: 9A-91 , Non-Perfect: XM8). Some weapons animations are perfect while some others are not (Perfect: Browning Hi-Power,AK105, M16A3, 9A-91, M60, MP5A3 and ... , Non-perfect: MP5K, all revolvers except GP100 and REX). I call this: Quality over quantity. There are bunch of weapons which are great to use. Some weapons are not balanced. M1 Carbine is one of these weapons. A sniper-rifle for Recon with a power to match TRG while weighting under 3Kg. Some of upgrades doesn't match the weapon (TOZ34 upgrade tree for M1 Carbine). Regardless of the flaws, this mod is awesome and you will never regret installing it. Just some tweaks make it better.
Tested version: 1.7.4

+ Tons of weapons
+ Quality over quantity
+ Some weapons animations rock
+ M60 and M249
+ No CTDs.
- Reloading animations of revolvers make them almost useless
- Some weapons textures are not good
- Some weapons are not balanced
- Some weapons descriptions are directly copied from wiki as you can see a (Source) in the description


Very nice addition to Misery mod
A black ☕️/10

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Perfect mod, was always disappointed by the current Misery having still vanilla guns and anims, now with this mod the full Misery experience is finally given.

Oct 10 2014 by loner85