El Cazador is a spanish word which means "The Hunter". The name comes from the Cazador in Fallout New Vegas.
I'm interested in Physics, Videogames, and Mathematics.

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Announcer: Attention all prisoners. Stand in the line to get your lunch.

Prisoner: So, why are you here?

The Man didn't say a word.

Prisoner: I'm here because I'm a murderer. Now, if you don't want to end up with a fork in your right eye, tell me why the hell you're here!

The Man looked straight in the prisoner's eyes and said "You'd better mind your own damn business!"

The Murderer: Or...

The Man: Or I'll pull out the fork from my right eye and poke both of your eyes with it.

The Murderer: Who the hell are you?

The Man: Your worst nightmare! Now step forward, get your lunch, then get out of my sight!

The Murderer got his lunch and sat at his usual table, by the wall. The Man got his lunch and sat at a table alone. He scrapped the plastic cover and started eating. "Damn! The food is getting worse by the minute..." He said in a low tone.

The Murderer started walking towards The Man's table. The Man looked him by the corner of his eye. The Murderer got closer and raised his fork to stab The Man. The Man blocked himself with his left hand. The fork was stuck in his arm. The Man pulled out the fork and went for the eye.

He then started eating his lunch in a hurry. A few seconds later, the guards came in and knocked The Man unconscious.

A hollow voice could be heard. The voice became clearer as The Man slowly gained his consciousness...

Stranger: You, Major, are a hard man to find, I'll give you that.

Major: Who the hell are you?

Stranger: The key to your freedom. Let me cut the crap and get straight to the point...

Major: Go on...

Stranger: I'm with the USS.

Major: I'm DONE with the USS!

Stranger: As you wish. Guards, you know what to do.

Major: Wait, wait, wait... I'm listening.

Stranger: We have a mission for you. Nobody in the USS has the courage to accept it.

Major: I've already been in Suicide missions.

Stranger: This isn't a suicide mission, Major.

Major: Ex-Major...

Stranger: If you accept this mission, the USS may arrange your freedom.

Major: Doesn't sound like the USS...

Stranger: We have to transport you to the Exclusion Zone.

The smile slowly faded from the Major's face... "The Exclusion Zone? Are you kidding me? What the hell!" Shouted Major.

Stranger: This is why nobody accepted this mission. They almost wet their underwears after hearing the Exclusion Zone part... Your time to decide is extremely limited. You have five minutes, ex-Major...

After a few minutes...

Stranger: You have ten seconds left.

Major: Shut the hell up! ... Fine, I'll accept the mission. Happy now?

Stranger: What the Zone does to a man... I don't want that even for my sworn enemies...

Major: That's very noble of you, I guess. Okay I'm ready. Let's get out of this hellhole!

Guards came in and covered Major's eyes with a black band.

Misery 2.1.1

Misery 2.1.1

ElCaz4dor Blog
ElCaz4dor Creator

Going to write a blog about the first impressions of Misery 2.2

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ElCaz4dor Creator

Back to Misery.

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Thanks for the add Hunter. It's funny I assumed Cazador meant Hornet or Wasp because of those wicked Hornets in Fallout ;-)

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ElCaz4dor Creator

My pleasure.
Speaking of Cazador, at first, I didn't know it has an actual meaning, till I searched the wiki. Those things pose more threat than a Deathclaw :D

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