A twist of Mega Man series features into a First Person Shooter, such as wall climbing and a very selective weapon system, featuring classes that uses the same ammunition type differently.

  • Custom HUD, remembering the good old days of Megaman X series;
  • Custom moves: wall sliding/jumping (falling near a wall, use the crouch/down/duck key - C by default: holding it will slide, and releasing it will jump);
  • Heal-over-time system (for all healing items, no more instant healing);
  • No weapon drops (you start with all weapons and just gather ammo for them);
  • Ammo stealing (upon killing an enemy you get his current weapon's ammunition);
  • 2 different classes, each with their own characteristics and uses of ammunition;
  • 9 weapons for each classes, for a total of 18 weapons, featuring single shot/charged shot with complex effects;
  • Elemental weakness/strength system (each damage type deals 50% extra damage against the opposite element);
  • Faster respawn times with low impact on the action (lower ammo per pickup, for example, being nearly impossible to have 100% ammo at a weapon);
  • New armor system (every armor has 100% absorption, and they're scaled but won't stack with each other);
  • Know who's dying? smoke puffs on characters when they're low on health (black smoke on 50% or less, grey smoke on 25% or less).

  • More classes (each with their own 9 exclusive weapons, too);
  • Better mod menu (providing detailed information about each weapon);
  • Item drops when killing enemies (might drop health or ammo capsules);
  • Better visual effects for weapons and projectiles;
  • Custom models (if viable, at least for first-person);
  • More custom moves: air dash, double jump, and others, varying from each class;
  • Skill with cooldown (which would also differ for each class);

(you'd better read to get an understanding of each weapon, since they're much more complex than most weapons around)

  1. Plasma Buster: the only weapon that you start out with ammo, regens 3 ammo each 5 seconds. Fires a medium-speed projectile normaly. Has a 1 sec charge projectile which travels much faster, and the 2+ sec charge is a fully loaded plasma blast which does area damage.
  2. Fire Buster: primary fire is flamethrower type, a continuous stream of fire. Charged shot launches a fire grenade that when colliding on ground starts a stream of vertical fire that moves forward.
  3. Ice Buster: primary fire is a crystalline medium-speed projectile that gives direct damage or shatters into smaller pieces when hitting wall/ground. Charged shot works like a shotgun, firing various pieces being deadly on close-quarters.
  4. Earth Buster: primary fire lobs an earth ball that rolls on ground and bounces on walls. Can hit yourself after hitting a surface. Charged shot is an earth explosion around you that damages nearby enemies and heals allied units. Very useful when low on health.
  5. Air Buster: primary shot is a delayed stream of air, that has a great knockback effect, but is hard to aim. Charged shot can only hit walls/floor, moves faster and deals area damage plus knockback effect.
  6. Water Buster: primary fire launches a few bubbles that have particular physics, but can't hit far away. Charged shot fires a huge bubble that can go through enemies hitting them, and deals area damage when bounces on walls. Excellent for narrow passages.
  7. Shock Buster: primary fire launches slow-moving shock balls that gives area damage when landing. Charged shot fires multidirectional shock waves that can hit enemies caught on its ways, working nicely when surrounded by enemies.
  8. Nature Buster: primary fire releases a laser-like projectile that splits in three shots after firing. Charged shot releases an energy ball that fires randomly the primary fire, attaching itself on walls/floor on in mid-air.
  9. Junk Buster: primary fire launches boomerangs, that can hit a target twice, once when going forth and once when going back to your direction. Don't worry, they won't hit you! Charged shot fires a seeking rocket that will follow the nearest detected target and deal some nice area damage.

  1. Plasma Cannon: as with Gamma, it's the only weapon that you start out with ammo, regens 3 ammo each 5 seconds. Works pretty much the same, but the projectiles are faster, and the charge times are different: 1.5 seconds for a "Half-charge", and 2,5 seconds for a Full-charged blast.
  2. Fire Cannon: primary fire launches two projectiles that moves in a wave movement vertically, each dishing some splash damage. Charged shot enguls Omega in fire, making you charge forward, dealing large area damage.
  3. Ice Cannon: primary fire lobs a cold crystalline projectile that falls, and upon colliding deals continuous area damage while consuming itself. Charged shot fires a slow-moving projectile that doesn't collide with players, but deals area damage around it all the time.
  4. Earth Cannon: primary fire starts a small burst of rocks that are spread cross the area in front of you. Charged fire lobs a falling rock that deals area damage and shatters into smaller rocks too.
  5. Air Cannon: primary fire releases two discs that bounces off walls and tend to go up on air, making them harder to aim. Charged shot will spawn various discs on the location you're aiming at, being a bit delayed.
  6. Water Cannon: primary fire lobs a bubble that shatters into 3 smaller pieces. Charged shot releases a bigger bubble, that deals area damage and shatters into 4 primary bubbles as well.
  7. Shock Cannon: primary fire launches an electric beam that goes straight an go throught enemies. Charged fire overcharges you, dealing area damage around yourself that ticks thrice.
  8. Nature Cannon: primary fire launches a delayed wheel that deals damage when colliding, walking on surfaces. Charged shot works like a shotgun, firing plenty energy pieces that deal area damage.
  9. Junk Cannon: primary fire launches two discs that go forward and then change direction after a while. Charged shot fires a guideable exploding disc.

The following chart shows how the elemental weakness/strength works:

I'm aware that in Mega Man series it doesn't work like that, but I decided to keep it that way to disencourage people changing weapons to "beat" the enemies' weapon (like in rock/paper/scissor). If you want to bring the enemy down quickly, or you're convinced you can have a technical advantage on him while using his opposite element, then you should do it.

Otherwise, you might end up giving the upper hand to your enemy, since he'll give bonus damage to you as well! I wanted to add it as an additional feature, not to be a major system on the mod. Also it'll be handled according to the player style (offensive/suicidal players might enjoy using the weakness system as much as possible).

Also, there's a Strength system: when using an element weapon (all except Plasma, for this purpose), you'll receive only half the damage from attacks from that same element.

Version 1.0 has been released. If I get feedback of bugs, I'll solve them and release patched version (1.1, 1.2, etc). Other minor fix might be included in thes releases as well, such as making the mod more compatible with other mutators and gametypes.

If you'd like to host a server and such for the mod, feel free to contact me and I'll advertise it as much as possible.

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Development Log #3

News 4 comments

After the v1.0 release, I've done a few more cosmetic changes to the mod, and started making it more "mod-friendly" with other gametypes and custom content:


  • Improved the CheckReplacement function to replace more kinds of items properly;
  • Tweaked Death particles effect to prevent it from happening from NPCs/monsters on mods;
  • Tweaked Carcass replacements to only apply on player and bot carcasses;
  • Added proper support for LastManStanding gametype, starting off with armor.


  • Started basic support for the third class;
  • Optimized sound files organization;
  • Fixed a small bug where on online teammatches, players would see TWICE the amount of death particles;
  • Changed weapon sizes for classes (since they use the same model and skin, this might work for now);
  • Started basic support for custom songs to be played in-game, replacing default map songs.


  • Improved code for Gamma's non-charged Earth projectile (although it should be further improved);
  • Added support for dropping random items on death;
  • Improved ammo absorption LocalMessage: now it says the correct amount of stolen ammo, and is colored;
  • Added custom LocalMessage for class selection, instead of relying on standard (ugly) clientmessages;
  • Reduced collision size for Gamma's non-charged Air projectile.


  • Many balance changes on projectiles and weapon fire rates;
  • Started basic support for random item spawner.
Custom localized message: ammo absorption Custom localized message: class selection

I've found myself in a hard situation, since the focus on the mod development is divided: I should favor either polishing things as much as possible, for non-milestone releases (v1.1, v1.2...), or add more content to it and release a third class or maybe even additional gametypes or heavy custom content (custom models) and make a full milestone release (v2.0) .

But... right now the production has been a little delayed, since I focused on polishing the mod instead of adding newer content, and due to the lack of feedback I'm not very confident about the mod's future, since I depend on it to polish things, through bug reports and general suggestions.

Meanwhile, I'll try to acquire more experience with Uscript, while creating smaller projects, like the Shared Life mutator and others that are expected to be created soon.

But I'd like to ensure that I won't stop this project "for nothing", as I've got many ideas already for a third class and I definitely enjoy playing this one.

If you've played the mod, having liked it or not, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it so I can make it as good as possible, and find enough motivation to keep up with the initial production rhythm I had when I began it.

Maverick Hunters v1.0 released

Maverick Hunters v1.0 released


The first official release of the mod, bringing a few characteristics of the Megaman X series to Unreal Tournament while keeping its original gameflow.

Development Log #2

Development Log #2


Lastest development log, prior to the first official release.

Development Log #1

Development Log #1


Announcing changes made during the week, and revealing the custom HUD that's being worked on.

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Maverick Hunters v1.0

Maverick Hunters v1.0

Full Version

The first official release, with great improvements over the Open Test release. Check the mod profile for more information.

(OUTDATED) Maverick Hunters - Open Test Release

(OUTDATED) Maverick Hunters - Open Test Release


A release to test out the developed features and encourage bug testing and suggestions. Feel free to try it out. To install, just extract its content...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 20)
OmegaMod - - 3 comments

honestly i can not for the life of me figure out how to get it to run...any help would be greatly appreciated

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Darkness Creator
Darkness - - 912 comments

1- Extract the files inside the System folder of your Unreal Tournament. Be aware to NOT create a new folder inside... the files MUST BE at the System folder.
2- Start your Unreal Tournament normally.
3- Begin a Practice Session, open the Mutator list, and add the +|\/|averick |-|unters + mutator to the "Mutators Used" list.
4- Begin the Practice Session.

If you can't find the mutator on the mutator list, you've probably installed the files in a wrong way.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
RTSFromHell - - 12 comments

there's a way to changue the biosludge color from gray to blue? (or custom)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Shadow_Micha - - 3,865 comments

Aw wall jumping? id never heard before.
Bcoz i just played original game without mod, but this mod looks promising. I'd try it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Nemesisurvivorleon - - 259 comments

this is the sort of thing I'd want to do. Megaman X is one of my favorite games of all time and among your other brilliant mutators this is just awesome!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Darkness Creator
Darkness - - 912 comments

That's why they're listed as "planned features". I can't model myself, and until now I've worked on it alone. All I can do is scripting, and some crappy 2D sprites, and some really basic skinning. And sound ripping, if that counts at all.

But have you played? Besides the custom models, what do you think?

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Dan911 - - 333 comments

wheres custom models? :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jam3s007 - - 1,217 comments

Awesome idea, megaman plus UT = Genius!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jam3s007 - - 1,217 comments

downloaded and played, no wall slide/jump in 1.0? Awesome mod though, loved it so far.
looking forward to future releases!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Darkness Creator
Darkness - - 912 comments

Wall jumping/sliding is working fine. Just jump right near a wall, and in mid-air press and use the Crouch/Down(Duck) key (C by Default, I guess). Holding it will make you slide, and release while sliding will make you jump.

You may want to type TAB and enter Behindview 1 (behindview 0 disables it) to see how it works... it takes some time to get used to it.

And of course, thanks for the kind words.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Jam3s007 - - 1,217 comments

ahh, ok i'll have to try that then and of course.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jam3s007 - - 1,217 comments

(double post)

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