Memories of the Great War is a campaign series that began in 2007 with Rain On Ribos IV and subsequent releases of Hellgate: Ikeya and Light of Antares. Work on the final instalment Vega Must Burn began in 2019, and the old instalments are currently being updated to modern standards.

Get the Omnibus (current version 1.1.0) on Knossos!

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Rain On Ribos IV tells the story of pilots defending Tombaugh Station, where the first Shivan vessel ever to be captured was brought for analysis. What appeared to be a victory at first, will soon turn into a nightmare – the Shivans will not give up their secrets without a fight.

(Status: available no on Knossos)

Hellgate: Ikeya takes place at the same time Shivans invade the Ribos-system. The GTD Galatea is tasked to find out where the Shivans arrived in our space. The Shivan-controlled Ikeya-system may hold the answer but the enemy will be ready for the destroyer and her pilots.

(Status: available now on Knossos)

In Light of Antares the renegades of the Hammer of Light stand in the path of the GTD Myrmidon. These doomsday cultist will not allow the Terrans to reinforce the garrison at Tombaugh Station from Antares. To match the zealots in battle, the Myrmidon’s pilots will have to rely on their quick wits and tactics – or be caught between Shivans and the Hammer of Light.

(Status: available now on Knossos)

Vega Must Burn shines a light on the day the Hammer of Light decimated the vasudan fleet at Vega. As a pilot aboard the PVD Hope, you will participate in the events as they unfound. But who commands your loyalty?

(Status: available in the upcoming Version 1.2)


Based on Conflict: Freespace by Volition Inc.

Uses the Freespace Port

Scenario/Mission Design - Jan ''0rph3u5'' Dombert

LUA Scripting - ''Axem''

English Language Editor (v1.1+) - Iain ''Nomad'' Baker

Beta Testers:

2007 release: "Macfie" & "Trashman"

2009 update candidate: "Rodo" & "Solatar"

2016 update candidate: "Taranis" & "Lykurgos88"

All contributors to the "Let's crowdsource an in-universe comments section!"-topic on HLP:

"Damage", "Kiloku", "Firesteel", "Assasin714", "Cyborg17" & "MitoPL"

The "core"-package also contains:

- GTF Hercules, Recon-variant - by “Galemp”

- GTFg Jupiter aka GTCv Fafnir - by “Black Wolf”

- TCa Saggitarius aka GTCa Ymir - by "Nyctaeus", "Hades", "DahBlount" and "Mjn.Mixael"

- GTM Asklepios - by "Nyctaeus"

- GTI Asteria - by "Axem" and "Oddgrim"

- GTI Endymion - by "Axem" and "Black Wolf"

- GTI Veles - by “Black Wolf”

- PVC Mekhet aka PVC Tatenen - by "Nyctaeus"

- PVCa Ramses aka PVCa Bastet - by “Black Wolf”

- PVCv Pnepheros aka PVCv Kauket - by "Nyctaeus"

- PVFg Cleopatra aka PVM Naunet - by “Axem”, with textures by “Black Wolf”

- PVD Atum - by "Nyctaeus", with textures by “Black Wolf”

- PVM Duat - by "Oddgrim"

- VAC4#VLS - by "Mjn.Mixael" & "Nyctaeus"

- SB Ojas aka SB Barghest - by "Woomeister" and "Rampage"

- Prop Asteroids by ''Shivan Hunter'' & Anonymous

- Additional models by "Axem", "Mjn.Mixael" and others

- Skyboxes models by "Nyctaeus"

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Version 1.1.0 can now be downloaded via Knossos.

It brings back Rain on Ribos IV.

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Due to outside circumstances, it was perferable to release now instead of waiting for an indefinite ammount of time.

For any reports of bugs, please visit:

Memories of the Great War, Version 1.1 preview – Part 1

Memories of the Great War, Version 1.1 preview – Part 1


A preview of the next version of the Memories of the Great Omnibus.

Memories of the Great War featured on IllFatedGamingTV

Memories of the Great War featured on IllFatedGamingTV

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The currently available version of Memories of the Great War was recently featured on the IllFatedGamingTV-YouTube Channel in a livestream hosted by RedMageJoe...

Please check out Series Resurrecta!

Please check out Series Resurrecta!


Check out Series Resurrecta, I am part of their team too.

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