After a long pause, this mod is currently being tested and refined within some big mod. I'll keep you informed.

The initial version simply was a merge of two well-known blowout mods:
- Dexxx Blowout Mod (from OGSM)
- Dezowave Psyzone (from Priboi Story)

The initial goal was to have primarily the blowout system from Priboi Story, and incorporate the NPC hiding scheme from OGSM (i.e. computer players hide in shelters during blowouts).

The new goal is to provide extended features, such as different, customizable types of blowout with
- different indications (during pre-blow phase)
- different surge effects (radiation, psy/brain damage, thermal waves, shock waves, explosions etc.)
- different effects on environment, the player, NPCs, and mutants.

- Dexxx for his great OGSM Blowout Mod
- Dezowave Team (Dezodor et al.) for their great Priboi Story Blowout Mod
- CrommCruac for this awesome AtmosFear mods whose Skies we are using partially
- HugePanda for raising the idea of merging two great mods, and for adding various improvements
- LoboTheMan for providing additional coordinates for hideplaces and spawn positions
- ERForman for doing some tests on my initial version
- All members of the MODDB and GSC forums who provided help and useful hints for doing this mod.

Further details will follow with proceeding development :-)

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Dexxx Blowout & Dezowave Psyzone Merge (1.0)

Dexxx Blowout & Dezowave Psyzone Merge (1.0)

Full Version

This is the initial version, just a merge without any additions.

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Krashnikov - - 78 comments

I see there are answers up to 2018 so might as well shoot my shot, is there a console command to make a blowout happen for testing? and was this made for 1.05? because it would seem in 1.06 some features like the spawning zombies don't work

edit: to get this working you'll want to change debug mode to false in blowout.script and you'll want to set spawn_mutants to false in the blowout.ltx config file, the mutants don't spawn anyway and caused CTD on some maps

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Jsaac4000 - - 5 comments

So does this work with CoC 1.4.12 ? If yes that would be awesome.

If the game there would be more blowouts, then there should be more artifacts spawning, right ? I am asking because I am not sure how it works in CoC.

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Meltac Creator
Meltac - - 1,138 comments

Have it never tested, sorry.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 695,086 comments

HI and sorry for necroposting.. but is this mod work on 1.006 and is there a way to fast test is mod in correclty applied or is only necessary to wait for blowout??

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war1ox - - 80 comments

I wish they would try to fix the radiation storms

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Bambacha - - 87 comments

Whenever I have a blowout the timer is only 5 seconds instead of 1:30 and the blowout lasts about 20 seconds.
Somewhere in the files it is suggested that the above criteria (short timer and short blowout phase) are ON when the debug mode is on.

So how do I disable the debug mode and have the mod work normally?

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Meltac Creator
Meltac - - 1,138 comments

In file gamedata/scripts/blowout.script change line

local debug_mode = true


local debug_mode = false

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Dignitias - - 33 comments

I wish to know, does this work with Stalker complete?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
The_Scout - - 28 comments

No most mods are mutually exclusive also don't play complete its bad.

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Meltac Creator
Meltac - - 1,138 comments

It will work but requires manual mod merging.

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