This mod for Freedom Force v The Third Reich, the greatest superhero game of all time, features a massive roster of both heroes and villains, including most characters you can imagine that were around by the end of the Bronze Age. This mod has everyone from the most famous, like Spider-Man, to the deservedly obscure, like Stilt-Man (yes, I'm serious!). It also features multiple universe-spanning adventures, full campaigns that you can play with different teams of heroes.

Not only that, but you can play as literally anyone included in the mod in the game's incredible sandbox mode! Have you always wondered who would win in a fight between the Hulk and the Juggernaut, well wonder no longer! You can throw both of those massive musclemen into the arena, taking the controls yourself, or watching as a spectator! Curious if the X-Men could take the Avengers? Well, put the question to the test!


  • 10 widely different, original campaigns packed full of adventure!
  • So many characters that I've literally lost count around 300!
  • Maps for some of Marvel's famous locations!
  • Take control of teams of four (or more!) heroes or villains!
  • Use unique powers and abilities!
  • Face off with enemies and friends in the Rumble Room!
  • Smash entire cities in your battles!
  • Use your destructible environment as a weapon!
  • Add your own stories and adventures!


If you have questions or issues, you can get help from me and the rest of the community at:

Version 2.2 Changelog
-Fixed problems with several campaigns, including Iron Man, X-Men 1, Avengers, Thor, and others
-Fixed a ton of graphical glitches
-Replaced some of the .exes to fix some errors
-Fixed numerous typos and missing dialog
-Fixed balance and AI issues
-Included save files for each campaign to allow players to skip around and so they don't have to play back through everything to see the fixes

:Known Issues:
Here are some possible issues you may run into.
-Some anti-virus programs will find false positives on the .exes of this mod. These are nothing but batch files I compiled myself, but because they copy and replace the campaign files in the background in order to switch campaigns out, AV programs tend to freak out about them. If this makes you uncomfortable, feel free to use the included shortcut instead and switch the campaigns manually as outlined below.
-Saves during missions will load, but the mission will not work properly once loaded. This is the nature of EZScript, and I'm afraid I can't do anything about it.
-You won't see balance and other fixes unless you start new campaigns. That's just the nature of FF's saves; they carry a snapshot of everything, so no changes will show up in old campaigns unless you restart them. That's why I'm including saves.
-If you've got certain video card and driver combinations, certain characters, like Iron Man, may have helmets/hats/hair that bob up and down on their heads when you have full video settings. Just turn off character shadows and that will stop.
-The game suffers rare CTDs in Windows 8 and 10. I have no idea what's causing these, and they aren't reliably recreatable. They don't seem to harm anything, but be aware.
-The dreaded pink texture issue seems to have reared its head again. This is when character textures show up bright pink. It is apparently being caused by the number of similar meshes/skins that the mod contains. With the help of Cyber Burn, I've fixed some of the biggest offenders, but this may still occur. Restarting the game or your computer tends to help for a time. Extended play sessions tend to be the culprit. This should be much less common now.
-The last mission in the Iron Man campaign is bugged and won't end properly. I can't figure out the issue, but as it is the last mission, you can still play the entire campaign.



Then, simply run the installer and point it to the proper directory, where FFvTTR is installed. The default data path points to the Steam installation of the game, so you'll need to change it if you have it installed in a different location. This is the default directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich\MA

Note the "MA" at the end. That is the mod folder. Don't forget to add that if you change the directory! Do NOT install the mod directly into your FF directory, as it won't work and it will likely mess up your game installation.

This is not your average mod. It has a total of 10 campaigns, 7 full length and 3 mini-campaigns (which might get expanded in the future)! Playing them used to be a bit complicated, but thanks to Abenavides, it's now just a matter of clicking on the appropriately named .exe included in the mod folder. Each of these launches the game with the appropriate campaign loaded. The rest of the game is the same, so you can play in the RR with the full cast of characters with any and all of the game modes. This just changes the campaign missions available to you.

If for some reasons the .exes don't work for you, you can still access all of the campaigns manually.

Simply choose the campaign you want out of the 'Campaigns' folder, copy it, rename the copy to campdef, and drop it in your main MA folder, rewriting the exiting one. Don't forget to copy these, or you'll lose campaigns!

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Howdy folks! Those of us in the FF community have decided to try and contact the former members of Irrational Games in the hopes that they might be willing and able to release the source code for the Freedom Force games to their fans, who are still loving and creating for their games 15 years after their release. We have found that much of the old team have created a new company, and I think we've got a method of contacting them. We'll see.

I don't know how realistic this dream is, but it occurred to me that such things have happened in the past. In order to demonstrate that there are still folks out there who care about these games, We've also created a petition to gather support. Please take a moment, check it out and sign it. Please give me some feedback about how I can improve the petition if anything occurs to you!

We could finally fix some of the problems with FFvTTR if we had the sourcecode, and we could make modifications to the games themselves, which would be amazing. I hope you'll hope with me, and maybe something great will come out of this wild idea.

Marvel Adventures 2.2 Update

Marvel Adventures 2.2 Update


I've just finished a new update for my Marvel Adventures mod that fixes a ton of problems and provides a lot of tweaks and improvements. Download it now!

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Marvel Adventures 2 2 Installer

Marvel Adventures 2 2 Installer

Full Version 2 comments

Howdy folks! I've been hard at work, and here are the first fruits of those efforts. I'm releasing a new update for my Marvel Adventures mod that fixes...

MarvelAdventuresInstaller 2.1

MarvelAdventuresInstaller 2.1

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This is the updated full version of Marvel Adventures vols. 1 and 2. It includes a massive number of characters, both heroes and villains, from Marvel...



Full Version

This is the full version of Marvel Adventures vols. 1 and 2. It includes a massive number of characters, both heroes and villains, from Marvel Comics...


So I installed the mod. I have the GOG version of FFVTTR And yet. I cannot start the mods based off what I select and what I do. I read the readme files. And still, Nothing.
All Exes come up with a window. Saying its normal thing. I hit yes. Another pop up appears. And yet. The game will not launch at all. If there was something I could fix. Please tell me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BentonGrey Creator

Howdy Rickydupon, I'm sorry you're having trouble. You pointed it to your GOG directory for FF2? Can you launch it with the shortcut? If you like you can come to,, and the community can help us troubleshoot your issue.

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Appears to be crawling with viruses. All the .exe files are contaminated except the uninstall one.

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BentonGrey Creator

Howdy, I was getting some false-positives on virus scanners, but I'm fairly certain that's all they were. I think it has something to do with the fact that they copy and replace the campaign files. Nonetheless, I replaced the .exes and reuploaded the mod. It SHOULD be clear now. Of course, if you're nervous about the exes, you can always use the shortcut option instead and manually transfer the campaigns when you want.

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BentonGrey Creator

I have double and triple checked, this is indeed just a false positive caused by the nature of the batch files, which copy and replace the campdef.dat (the campaign file) in order to switch between campaigns. There's nothing to worry about in the mod.

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These Mods is sooooo awesome it is the actual thing that has gotten me re excited about Freedom Force! Thanks a million BG!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
BentonGrey Creator

Thanks Style! This means a lot to me!

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