!THIS SUBMOD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DEVELOPERS OF STAR WARS CONQUEST! However, its publishment has been approved by them.

Link to the original mod on which this submod is based on: Moddb.com

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So, what is this mod actually?

This mod, is an submod/partial conversion of Star Wars Conquest, changing the Era the mod plays in from Galactic Civil War Era, to Clone Wars Era. This mod started over 2 years ago as my personal submodification, that was supposed to be far smaller in content. Over time, i started liking modding, and started learning more. Slowly, the amount of utterly new content in the mod rose, and quality improved. Other members of the community and in general fans of the project have joined me, assisisting in creation and even going as far as providing new content for it. I can not thank you guys enough for it.

So what is different?

As a newcomer to this mod, you would find the galaxy as much more dangerous place to wander as a new character. Bandit parties are vastly larger, and many of them use speeders to swiftly get around. They can easily overwhelm smaller parties and even defeat faction patrols occasionally. It is unwise to straightforward try and raise an army, for the players first goal would be to raise enough money to be able to keep up this army. Fight in arenas, take bounty missions, trade. To help players to a faster start, they typically start the game with a few merchandise items.

Empire and Rebels are gone, replaced by Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems. Hutt Cartel has changed least of all the factions, but its army has seen some changes.

Armies of Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems are made out of Phase II Clones and Droids instead of humans. Well, clones in practise are humans but... yeah.

Weaponry has been expanded, Most blasters have higher damage.

Both sides have their generals drawn from a mix of Legends and Canon, i understand that some may dislike this, but we cant please everyone anyways.

Mapicons for Imperial and Rebel Spacecrafts have been changed to fit better for the new factions. For Confederates there are such ships as Munificent and Providence, Republic has such as Venator and Acclamator.

Death Star is gone, obviously it was not built yet. It is replaced by Endor Battlestation.

Clones are a playable race, with custom sounds for taking damage and dying, thanks to Blackfalcon501. They replace Tusken race. Sandpepole no longer roam the galaxy, they have been replaced with bandits. Similar grim fate has befallen Jawa parties, theyve been replaced by wandering bandit droid parties.

Some maps have been altered, especially cities have been changed to fit better for sieges. Worthy of noting are changes to Coruscant, Kashyyyk, Sarapin, Mustafar, Felucia, Naboo, Rhen Var (Manaan and Rhen Var were swapped with one another).

This is not all however, worth mentioning would be that there is also

- Music and sound replacers.

- Lightsabers have been visually remade.

- New mercenaries. In some cases troops have been replaced since their slots were needed.

- A lot of new animations, incluiding death, melee, shooting and idle poses and more

- Changes to Sith (now Darksiders) and Jedi.

- In newer versions player can hire troops from both ancient Republic's military, aswell as Sith Empire of old. These troops in question are mostly heavily armored ones, such as Sith Eradicators and troopers, Havoc squad fighters and armored Jedi.

- Some force powers have new meaningful visual and physical effects, that are however limited by the engine and lack of understanding in the usage of Module System.

Now, Kind thanks for the following community members for their assistance during this project

SernisThausten - Helped majorly with the new Phase II troopers, has provided help in various other tasks too

FooledTrooper- Secondary modeler

Blackfalcon501- Provided much of new sounds

Corbul- Provided the storyline texts for 2 new companions of the mod

TapAtoLive- Made much oedits to troops and generals, also provided some sounds

BrettCM06- Released videos of this mod on his Youtube gaming channel in attempt to raise awareness about this mod

And not to forget Swyter , Thanks to him, this mod could exist.

And finally, Credits to those whose resources have been used.

Mod is fully based on Star Wars Conquest mod , which means that their whole dev team deserves credit for their efforts.

Dariels OS Star Wars Resource pack

Bear Force II Developer Artturis shields

Bear Force II Developer Highlanders Magnaguards and Electrostaff

Occasional advice from Bear Force Lead Developer BNS Marko and lead 3d artist Exima

Most of the menu pictures and some other pictures used in the mod i found from internet , and could not locate sources. If you can find something that you made in the mod, come forth to claim your credit.

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Development ceased

News 1 comment

So, i guess this is hello, and goodbye at the same. Truthfully, i shouldve seen the writing on the wall and do this long ago. But i always imagined id go back and update it. Until i no longer wanted to. Over the past 2 years, not much work has been done on this module, in fact im not sure when i even tested anything in it for the last time. It is for all intents and purposes, dead. Development has ceased and doesnt look like there'd be anyone to carry on.

A few reasons as to why this has happened
1. My own, shifted interests. I started working on this submod back in 2016, when i had just begun modding. It was new and exciting then, but that was then, 4 years ago.

2. Issues and inability to solve them. SWC itself was always notorious for just, not quite working for some. This hasnt changed, and certainly not gotten any better with this mod, in fact, the opposite probably. Despite numerous attempts on finding solutions and helping people, more often than not, there was no solution to be found.

3. Outdated and limited engine. People may not always realize how much differences there are between Warband and old MB, sometimes these are small but key differences, that limit what can be done and make things much harder. This has majorly contributed to my uninterest on continuing the project.

4. Limitations of working on a submod. Mount and Blade mods are done with a set of files than contain all the crucial and moddable info concerning parties, troops, items, scenes, etc. These files are then run through a compiler, that converts them into files that the ENGINE can read, but humans cant really, as its utter gibberish to our eyes. As the source code wasnt out when the project started, all our work was based on Compiled files, which can be only limitedly modded. It is too late to change that anymore, and this has severly restricted what we could even do.

Before anyone thinks that im just listing excuses here, dont. These are not THE reasons as to why the project has ceased development. these are CONTRIBUTING reasons to it. To put it plain and simple, no-one wants to continue and thats it.
So, its goodbye then. May the force be with you, for i shall not.

-Mongol out

Please report errors and crashes here...

Please report errors and crashes here...

News 97 comments

...so that the main comments page would not get swarmed by them. Thank you.

Installing guide for this module.

Installing guide for this module.

Installers Tutorial 9 comments

I believe that quite a few people who would play this mod, dont do so because they cannot either get it running or the suffer from continous crashes...

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Turmoil Across the Stars  Non Warband release 1.0

Turmoil Across the Stars Non Warband release 1.0

Full Version 41 comments

This version sure took a while, but i hope the wait has bee worth it. In this version, Hutt Cartel faction's military has seen considerable changes, but...

Clone Wars Conquest Sound Pack

Clone Wars Conquest Sound Pack

Audio Pack 4 comments

A late addition but it replaces most sounds in the mod with newer and suiting sound effects. Please share any feedback you may have

Enhanced edition and LAA edited exe

Enhanced edition and LAA edited exe

Other 13 comments

This is an upload made for those people who are constantly suffering from crashes despite having reasonably good PCs.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 599)
DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

This module has ceased development and is unlikely that it will ever continue. Therefore it was updated to be shown as dead. There will be an article coming later to explain a bit more, but i suppose, this is goodbye.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

it crashes when I start the game any help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

Now that Warband version has kicked on full-steam, it may be that this module will remain without updates for some time.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Oddly enough, the game is playable in the original MnB. I regret many things.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

What the... It specifically says NON WB version!!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

In this submod, I'm I allowed to recruit Jedi or Sith Generals unlike in the original mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator

If you refer to SWC with original mod, you can hire Force sensitive troops by obtaining a minor system (village) and building a temple

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Will it be a warband version ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
DarthMongolTheUnwise Creator
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