A special Source 2013 mod that helps with modding itself. It helps HL2 level designers make better maps and have a more comfortable experience designing them without changing too much of the game itself. Mapbase includes 50+ new entities (not counting filters or engine ports), hundreds of new I/O/KV (Inputs/Outputs/Keyvalues), heavily reworked FGDs, and a few big surprises. Mappers would create their maps based off of this mod and larger mods with their own unique changes would draw from Mapbase's code and assets.

RSS Mapbase v2.1 released

Mapbase's v2.1 update has been released. This update was released in response to a few major issues with v2.0, which is why it was released so quickly and doesn't have as many changes as v1.1. It still has a few interesting changes, despite everything.

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Unlike v1.1, this v2.1 update came out just a few days after the previous version and was released in direct response to issues in v2.0. This might seem like a lot of changes for just a few days, but most of these changes span across a couple of lines and weren't very difficult or time-consuming to apply.



- Fixed parallax corrected cubemaps not working when cubemaps are disabled
- Fixed a crash with some new script_intro code
- Fixed item_health/suitcharger not emptying or using correct animation with keyvalue charge
- Added a new "Always touchable" spawnflag for weapons and items that should disregard obstructions
- Added "OnFoundNPC" output on scripted_sequence for when a NPC starts moving to play the script
- Fixed npc_snipers not working when parented or not working when attacking parented targets
- Changed "ai_nographrebuildmessage" to "ai_norebuildgraphmessage" to reduce confusion and increase visibility (it is assumed nobody was using it before, at least not in a compatibility-breaking way)
- Added damage bit modification to filter_damage_mod
- Added Add/RemoveSolidFlags input to all entities + added "Collide with owner" solid flag from the VDC
- Added custom model support to item_health/suitcharger


- Moved the chapter#.cfg files to the mod templates so mods can properly control their number of chapters
- Added the "GameData" field to gameinfo.txt on all Mapbase mods + the mod templates
- Fixed metrocops not using the unique "Grenade Danger" response
- Fixed a bug with turrets not stopping their alarm correctly


- Added "parallax_obb" to the automatic "Cubemaps" visgroup
- Made item_ammo_crate show the empty model in the FGD and support skin changing

Only the main build and the mod templates have been updated this time.

I also separated the code, files, and FGD changes in this article into separate lists so they're easier to document. I'll be keeping track of them more closely from now on.

There's not much else to talk about in v2.1. You can see the previous update's article for more information on recent changes in v2.0.

Mapbase Release Build

Mapbase Release Build

Mapbase Mod Templates

Mapbase Mod Templates



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