A special Source 2013 mod that helps with modding itself. It helps HL2 level designers make better maps and have a more comfortable experience designing them without changing too much of the game itself. Mapbase includes 50+ new entities (not counting filters or engine ports), hundreds of new I/O/KV (Inputs/Outputs/Keyvalues), heavily reworked FGDs, and a few big surprises. Mappers would create their maps based off of this mod and larger mods with their own unique changes would draw from Mapbase's code and assets.

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Mapbase's release build, mod templates, and source code have been released. Read this article for what to expect from the released content and when to expect other releases (model source files, etc.) in the future.

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Build: Moddb.com

Mod templates: Moddb.com

Source code: Github.com

Mapbase has been released on schedule. The mod is still highly experimental and many things still have not been fully tested. We also haven't posted much documentation yet, but we will be creating more in the coming days. For now, you can click on the "Help" button while an entity is selected in Hammer to see the FGD's own help text regarding what an entity and its I/O/KV do.

Post comments here, open issues on GitHub, or reach out to me on Discord to report any bugs or issues. You can find known bugs and other issues on this board: Trello.com

Instructions for setting up Mapbase for Hammer can be found in the second section of this page: Github.com

We have yet to release the following content:

  • Model source files
  • Demo maps (BSPs and VMFs)
  • Mapbase multi-tool for converting shaders and creating shortcuts (an actual mod installer was deemed unnecessary)
  • A release trailer

We will be releasing them in the coming days, but for now we'll mostly be focusing on documentation and feedback.

Thank you for your patience and I hope that Mapbase helps improve the quality of your experience modding Source.


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