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Hello, This mod is for all versions of Lost alpha DC, this mod makes prices better for the buying and selling for those that are finding that the hostile economy is too hostile. I don't consider this a cheat as Prices were better with 1.3 versions of the game. You will only pay a little bit more than the actual price of the item instead of 3 times the amount etc.

Better Prices for traders in Lost Alpha DC
phobos2077 Creator

Just curious, how far did you make it into the game when you came to the conclusion that prices are "hostile"?

In my experience with recent version, prices of most items were almost a perfect match for the income streams that the player has. Just try playing the way it was intended, exploring and completing side quests.

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LT1956 Author

Oh your the creator of the mod, Please don't take offense, You based your mod off a experienced players and feedback from them. For newer players your mod can be a little hostile. I found out the difference watching someone on Youtube playing the 1.3 version. When I went to play your DC I was blown away at the difficulty level added to the mod. I think that is a GOOD thing, I Just felt a small mod for some of us that don't play these games all the time was needed.

I have adjusted this mod for myself to only allow sellback at 1 and adjusted the buying to about 2, and 3.5 instead of the 3 & 4.5 you had.

I have played about to Yantar, and with the lack of sellable weapons available because of damage and hardly any visible artifacts, Money was really tight.

Also some balance issues. The Side quest to kill the Zombies in Garbage, whats the point of doing this mission, as in the Vanilla game the cost of the ammo to kill them and antirads outweighs what they pay you.

But I want to let you know something upfront, I LOVE YOUR MOD, It feels like a NEW game, and I thank you for all your work and not abandoning it. Please don't feel the need to change anything, as little addons can always be added.

P.S. I cannot play your 1.7 version as it wont work on my Winxp 32bit system, but I was able to play your 1,6 version, though I wished I could have played the 1.7, I am just thankful the 1.6 works for me as I have problems with the 4.1 (CTD) also but not the 4.5.

So my experience is with your earlier version and it looks like you made some changes already, but as I said I cannot play it with my OS

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If someone has played v1.3003, that economic "Wtf, I'm just as poor as before" moment comes right after clearing the bandit factory in Cordon.

Iirc it was normal behavior in v1.3 that common stalkers paid better prices than traders.

In unmodded DC, even compared to other numbers in traders_common_buy.ltx, some are a little bit out of whack (e.g. buy_weapons_cheap 0.08, 0.02).

You need something like this mod and additionally "Traders buy crap durability", otherwise killing and looting baddies is just too frustrating.

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LT1956 Author

I think your Lost Alpha is great and FEELS like the real Stalker to me. just wanted to post that. :-)

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Thanks! Good job! Agree that the game is obviously oriented against the player after v1.4002, and it kills the fun completely. I've used all my skill points (5 so far) on Barter... and still the trading balance is off completely, no matter who you are trading with! You're selling a product to a certain amount of money and if you buy it back the next second, it costs 5 times more! And viceversa. It's ridiculous!

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Not directly related to this addone...

Perhaps the trade balancing of LA would be better possible if weapons don't suddenly degrade in condition when they get dropped as loot. Using them right away is more fun, it wouldn't matter if traders buy crap durability or not, repairs cost less and so on.

Loot could sell for cheap (justified because the Zone is killing people faster than guns) but then owning a car is mandatory for hauling all that heavy stuff, and I think this is what dez0wave tried to avoid.

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So im not sure what happened but, I installed this (the only new addition to my playthrough) and now when I load a save, go to Sid, game CTDs. Same if I load a save NEAR Sid. And it also CTDs when I try to start a new game. How do I fix this or revert this without a fresh install?

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Always i install this the game crash nearby any trade...

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