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"the original you always wanted brought to life"
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RSS Lost Alpha Developer's Cut release trailer
***Geroj*** - - 2,161 comments

It looks fantastic!

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[PhantomStranger] - - 280 comments


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Sn4rk - - 529 comments

This seriously looks very promising. Can't wait to try it out!

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chs94 - - 422 comments


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NeoTheLizard - - 41 comments

Looks really nice.

After the huge negative backlash against the flaws in the currently released version, I hope this will at least somewhat "redeem" the mod. It deserves to be good, especially considering how much work you guys have put into it by now.

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dezodor Author
dezodor - - 3,643 comments

There were some sites/forums where it wasn't much anticipated, but the overall feedback wasn't that bad as you described. Indeed there were weaker spots of the game, which we checked, discussed and altered in the DC version. There are many communities, many regions and everyone is different, everyone thinks different. Also there were certain groups and individuals creating shitstorm on certain pages, but that can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

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NeoTheLizard - - 41 comments

I'm glad to hear it wasn't as bad as I thought.

I remember checking the comments on the file pages quite a bit before the patches which fixed the most critical bugs were released, and that's where I got the impression that things weren't looking so good.
I also were very frustrated myself by the backtrack through the Darkscape(?) and the persistent feeling that some areas were devoid of A-life, which along with those game-breaking bugs led to me to abandoning my playthrough at some point, even despite how much I respected the mod for its ambition and the sheer amount of dedication put into it.

I'm definitely ready to give the new version a try, though, especially since, like you mentioned, it looks like you guys have been busy fixing exactly those aforementioned problems and adding some honestly really neat features. I don't think I've seen detector upgrading before at all, and driving physics looks like they've been improved a lot. It's looking very promising.

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dezodor Author
dezodor - - 3,643 comments

Youtube link for the trailer: Youtube.com

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TheRenegadist - - 2,088 comments

Damn, better call in sick tomorrow!

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dezodor Author
dezodor - - 3,643 comments

Same here, but for a different reason, as I've only slept 2.5hours last night :D

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JjForcebreaker - - 925 comments

Amazing, can't wait to test it out!

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wmn955 - - 120 comments

Yeah, Polka!

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Guest - - 696,680 comments

Right there in the trailer - a Zombie takes 2 direct hits in the face at point-blank range FROM A TOZ and keeps on coming. How is this a thing in a game where resources are supposed to be limited.

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Kardue - - 225 comments

Are things supposed to be limited in the vanilla? ...cause I'm playing a vanilla version (only graphics and textures mods applied, with a few bug fixes) on Master, also my very first time playing, and I have oodles of ammo. Of course, I scavenge everything like my life depended on it. I have some pretty decent armor and weapons but I still take the time to collect 9x18 fmj ammo and PM handguns to sell.

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ZygisWB - - 45 comments

I can truly say, this is the best mod I've ever seen in my life. Keep up the good work guys, and definetely downloading and tracking this !

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huesaturation - - 9 comments

Can you use it together with Autumn Aurora 2.1?

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zdenekskyba10 - - 13 comments

hello is there somebody who can help me....have some problems with game...i have good laptom but game for me laging so hard and droping many times + before the launch in small windows comes error witch says game is not stable can work but not properly but i instal it right from youtube videos and for them its not doing lagint or something else. Trying to fix at settings game but its not helping i have rtx 3060 and amd ryzen 5 5600H with 16gb ram and i have 30-60 fps, so idk where is problem can somebody help to fix it? can come at discord/ts

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It was a long run, but we are finally here! We hope you will like the Developer's Cut as much as we loved making it. Big thanks to KazakHD for the nice trailer, as always. We will have youtube links later today, the DC patch is also on the way to the ModDB servers, so do not worry, and be patient a bit. Cheers!

Youtube: Youtube.com