Lost Alpha is a new episode of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series made by dezowave group for free!

"the original you always wanted brought to life"
Mod of the Year 2014 I Player's Choice

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha v1.4007 Developer's Cut download part 6/6

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha v1.4007 DC 6 of 6
czi125 - - 3 comments

I could use some help from anyone willing to supply it. I haven't had any problems in the past downloading previous version of LA but when I follow the instructions the only thing I get from extracting the part 6 "LADC_1.40007_setup_binary" is "setup" and "IsMd5.md5". Am I being stupid or doing something wrong. I've tried extracting with both WinRAR and 7zip, each time I try to run the setup I get hit with "Internal Error: ExtractTemporaryFile: The File "ISMD.5.dll" was not found." Honestly have no idea what i'm doing wrong or how to fix it, I appreciate any help.

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czi125 - - 3 comments

Edit* I couldn't figure it out so I installed the free version of BitTorrent and then installed the packaged torrent version of v1.4007 and got it to work that way so if anyone has problems installing the 6 parts manually, do the torrent client install approach.

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o6655321 - - 7 comments

Having the same issue, only the torrent is no longer being seeded.

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Feli0 - - 2 comments

this mod is standalone. you literally reinstall shadow of chernobyl with this mod.
whoever made this mod is a ******* pyschopath who wants to watch the world burn. he wants to see other humans suffer as much as he possibly can. he is a monster.

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Mazasel - - 1 comments

Hello evrybody.
Im just a noob on all of this modding world, so I do not know where I must post this answer, I am sorry if I get wrong.
One year ago I tried to mod the S.T.A.L.K.E.R Lost Alpha 1.3003 for myself reading a lot of tutorials of how to mod the stalker files, anyways, all modification I did to weapons, outfits and items were right, I mean, the modifications work perfectly, but every time I want to modify the food.ltx the modifications never works, especifically the "eat_satiety = X.X," no matter how many times I try, the ingame valors never change, all food items have the same satiety values.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks and awesome MOD!!

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DakkaDakk - - 4 comments

I need help with the language settings. everything else is English accept the cut scenes and main dialogue? with English being cut over by Russian. WTF HELP!

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bonfim0alex - - 5 comments

Tip for first installation using 7Zip: first extract "LADC_1.40007_setup_binary.zip (setup.exe) in the folder itself with the other binary files (from 1 to 5) and run right there. Then you will see the option to install wherever you want, in English or Russian. Correct, rename the files from setup-1b_2.bin to setup-1b.bin, any other such as setup-2a_2.bin to setup-2a.bin if the installer asks to insert another disk installation because it can't use _. They will look like this:
setup-1a.bin; setup-1b.bin; setup-1c.bin; setup-2a.bin; setup-2b.bin, right.
The installer will ask ok for Microsoft Visual, and 2 more software and you will have the Installation screen finished. Clicking on the SLA shortcut, you will have the launch option screen. Good Stalker campaign!

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bonfim0alex - - 5 comments

Dica para primeira instalação usando 7Zip para nativos do Brasil, Portugal, etc.
extraia primeiro:
"LADC_1.40007_setup_binary.zip ( setup.exe) na própria pasta com os outros
arquivos binary (de 1 a 5) e execute ali mesmo e terá a opção de
instalar onde quiser, em inglês ou russo. Corrija, renomeie se for o caso
os arquivos de setup-1b_2.bin para setup-1b.bin , qualquer outro como por
exemplo setup-2a_2.bin para setup-2a.bin se o instalador pedir para inserir
outro disco de instalação pq ele não consegue usar _ . Ficarão assim:
setup-1a.bin; setup-1b.bin;setup- 1c.bin; setup- 2a.bin; setup-2b.bin, certo.
O instalador pedirá ok para Microsoft Visual, e mais 2 softwares e você
terá a tela de Instalação finalizada. Clicando no atalho do SLA, você terá
a tela da opção de lançamento. Existe uma tradução, pesquise e instale-a. Boa campanha Stalker!

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IhadToMakeAnAccount0 - - 32 comments

Hi, I downloaded from the torrent. I'm getting a launcher error: WARNING! program
state unstable. And I downloaded the updated launcher from the main page then replaced the one in the game directory. It just crashes after a few seconds, everytime I try to run it. If I try to run the .exe in the bin folder, it says: cannot find gamedata\config\system.ltx


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Hésus_the_slav - - 41 comments

I don't think so

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Hexadotz - - 9 comments

Bruh it can't even lunch the setup evreytime it load MD5 and "start" checking the files only to stop at first file at 99.4% then it tells me an Fail after that nothing i downloaded the first file 3 times from 3 different mirrors in ModDB but to no avail
I played this bugmess 6 years ago and it was broken to shreds i didn't think they will break it even more but they really outdone themselves this time
10/10 would recommend playing

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zdenekskyba10 - - 13 comments

have same problem with "IsMd5.md5" if somebody can help

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