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Story Synopsis

The drums of war are beating inside the Druadach Valley. After two hundred years of isolation the valley has restored its severed connections to the provinces of Skyrim and High Rock, exposing its withered remains to the rest of Tamriel. Chief Gorek of Garshakur refuses to surrender his mountain fortress to the Imperial Legion, denying them control of the highly-valued trade route between the cities of Jehanna and Solitude.

As the war wages on, the people of Druadach are forced to seek protection within the walls of Highreach, home of the young Lord Haelan - but even the last bastion of Druadach is threatening to fall at the hands of a mysterious knight of unknown origin, leaving only death in its wake. Whatever the choices are in the end, the fate of the valley rests in the hands of champions; both new and old.



  • A dense new region roughly 3 km² in size, filled with quests, dungeons, events and activities, for you to enjoy.
  • About 30+ hours worth of content through main questlines and side content.
  • Three non-linear faction storylines, providing the player with choices and consequences that resonate between the three storylines and alter the state of the valley as you progress.
    • Join Lord Haelan on a quest to uncover the truth behind his family’s past.
    • Assist the Imperial Legion in reclaiming the trade route to Jehanna.
    • Support the Orcs of Garshakur, as they defend their new home against the Legion.
  • Loot that you’ll want to carry over to your future adventures. New weapons, armor, spells, and surprising consumables.
  • Fully-voiced NPCs!
  • An original soundtrack!

About the Team

We are a passionate and dedicated team of game dev students, industry professionals, and modders who worked on video game and other modding projects such as Undeath. We’re looking for the people that share the same passion for modding and the Elder Scrolls, for this project. We’ve already invested a considerable amount of time in Lordbound, and are aiming for a 2018 release. Think you can help out?

Our goals are:
- To deliver a level of quality and polish consistent with Skyrim.
- To provide non-linear gameplay and story experiences where the player’s choice matters.
- To hone and expand our skills in our respective fields of game development.

We’re looking for people with Creation Kit experience who’d like work on an awesome project with awesome people! What are we looking for? Well, all kinds of people, really.

Send a private message through ModDB or lordboundmod@gmail.com to apply for the following roles:


Book/Dialogue Writers
Got a passion for narrative in games? Capable of writing character dialogue, interactions, journal entries and short quests? Then we're looking for you! Applying with a sample of your work is a must.


Level Designers
We’re looking for people who are experienced in using the Creation Kit and its tools to design, build, populate and optimise additional content for our world. If you have a passion for creating interesting interior dungeon spaces and locations with the know-how to make the technology work in your favour, get in touch!

Quest Designers
Are you experienced in quest design and able to write and build compelling quests using the Creation Kit? Then we could use your help! We're looking for people to fill our world with sidequests, random encounters, and interesting activities for the player to enjoy.


We’re looking for people who can assist in the creation of new assets for our mod! Think you can make an area more interesting with custom architecture? Kit-bash existing assets into unique-looking pieces of gear, or create new models from scratch

Environment Dressers
Environment dressers to help us improve on our mountains, swamps and rivers, as level designers are limited to the amount of time they can devote to visually improving an area. The job involves researching rivers and mountains, matching our requirements to Skyrim with inspiration from real world geography and settings to craft (in)credible vistas and make the world more convincing for the player as they move through it.


We're looking for talented composers to bring beauty and music to our world! Think you can compose some ambient tracks that will fit our setting? Contact us and we'll talk :)

Voice Actors
Lordbound features a large cast of characters comprised of all races will need their own unique voice. Think your voice is silky-smooth enough? Or can you do a gruff Orc or Dunmer? Then we could use your talent! If interested, please PM me a voice reel, so that we may find a role suitable to your voice.

What we require from you:

  • Be able to work independently and cooperate with others.
  • Keep the team involved and informed of your progress.
  • Work with constructive feedback given by other members of the team
  • Be awesome (this is the hardest part)


Q. When is the mod's release?
A. We'll release the mod when it's ready.

Q. Will this be released on SSE?
A. Lordbound was initially built for the original Skyrim. We'll be focusing on a normal release before focusing on a potential SSE (console) port.

Q. Will the mod be released on Xbox One?
A. We'll announce more at a later date.

Q. Do I need other mods in order to play Lordbound?
A. You only need the base edition of Skyrim. No additional mods are required.

Q. How long have you been working on this?
A. It started in the summer of 2014, but we had a bit of a hiatus while our core team members were off on their internships. We resumed progress in April 2015, and have been going hard ever since.

Q. How big is this new expansion mod?
A. The size of the main questlines surpasses that of the official DLCs. We have a lot of content waiting to be implemented, and we need to find the right people to help us do it.

Q. Where does the mod take place?
A. The mod takes place in Druadach Valley, located in the Druadach Mountains between the provinces of High Rock and Skyrim.

Q. Is this lore-friendly?
A. Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: We've taken great pains to ensure that the content of the mod makes sense; from the new factions, locations, and characters; to the valley’s ties to the rest of Tamriel and events in the lore. The mod alters nothing what is considered to be 'canon' for The Elder Scrolls, and we believe that we will offer an interesting setting for players to explore as an extension of their main adventure in Skyrim.

Q. What if I sided with the Stormcloaks and took over Skyrim? Will it still be possible to assist the Imperials?
A. Yes. Why and how? That's for you to find out.

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RSS Articles

Hi folks,

This month has been a little different from others as we’ve been mostly focused on solving technical issues and revisiting older content. We hit the maximum load that the Creation Kit could carry, we hadn't even expected it to have that! Because of this, a portion of our team devoted itself to updating our tools while most of the team was revisiting older content and making things even better.

Today we don't have as much new content to show you as usual, but what we do have is this:

  • Better compatibility with other Skyrim mods!
  • Easier ways to merge content ( = Happier developers!)
  • Shinier tools ( = Even happier developers!)

Add to the above some extra workforce that recently joined our team. A brand new writer will be creating wonderful new books on the history, mythology, and novels of the valley for you to find and read. An additional sound designer will be helping implement all that wonderful voice-acting that’s been making its way to our engine, at the highest quality! Their talents will also be utilized in our music department, so you can expect some extra tunes. To top this all, two new artists have agreed to make extra weapons, armors and architecture, to drive home the unique cultures and give you some awesome loot to take home.

This month’s screenshots fit our theme of tools and technology. Here are some snaps from the mechanical innards of these new Dwemer Sites:

20180504003936 1

20180504000251 1

20180504000447 1

20180504000622 1

So, what did you guys think of this update? Got any favorite screenshots already? Let us know in the comment section below! :)

Enjoy your weekend,

El / Your Lordbound Team

Lordbound - State of the Mod - April 2018

Lordbound - State of the Mod - April 2018

News 4 comments

New month, new update! In March we spent a considerable amount of time expanding the world of Lordbound. As the main quests are nearing completion, the...

Lordbound - State of the Mod - March 2018

Lordbound - State of the Mod - March 2018

News 6 comments

This time around we're taking you behind the scenes of our mod, presenting it to you in a light you've never seen before! Expect the unexpected and something...

Lordbound - Environment Showcase

Lordbound - Environment Showcase

News 3 comments

The January update for Lordbound, with the long-promised environmental showcase video!

Lordbound - State of the Mod - December 2017

Lordbound - State of the Mod - December 2017

News 8 comments

The December update on Lordbound, detailing our progress, our future and the time of our release.

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will there be Orc recruiters whom ask you for your alligence if you are an Orc?
(or anything alike for that matter)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Arcky Creator

The Orcs will certainly want you on their side ;)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Back to compatibility ...

I looked at the Druadach Valley map on Elder Scrolls Mods Wiki. It looks like your valley might be wholly south of the parts of Farrun and Jehanna which are going to be part of Three Kingdoms. Is that correct?
I don't expect Three Kingdoms until early 2020 anyway, and Illiac Bay for a few years after that.
So it seems that Lordbound will nicely expand the map for years to come.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

i think 2020 is a little too far fetched, i think we will see it earlier for sure. That's what i hope for anyway, same with Roscrea, Atmora and the Morrowind teaser. I pray to Malacath everyday i tell you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I chatted with one of the Roscrea developers and she thought they might have a beta by the end of 2018, or maybe early 2019, so I'm hoping for a mid to late 2019 release. The Atmora team mentioned in the newsletter that they hoped for a late 2018 release, but they haven't recruited voice actors yet and even with fewer voiced characters there's a limit on how fast you can cycle the acting. So I'm looking for a 2019 release for them as well. Three Kingdoms is running 6-12 months behind Roscrea, so early 2020.
There is a difference between a teaser trailer, which is designed to show progress and recruit developers, and a release trailer for a teaser release. Commercial products don't do teaser trailers, they use money to hire people. Volunteer projects need to show concrete progress to recruit volunteer developers, and that happens a couple of years before they finish.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So Lordbound, Apotheosis this year, Atmora, Roscrea the next and perhaps the Iliac Bay and Morrowind Pre-releases in 2020 not too shappy tbh

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

That's roughly what I'm thinking as well. The good news for me is that I can't play them much faster than that.
I just finished up a play through I started last June, it had over 350 hours of play time. I'm a couple of weeks into the new play through. It could go on through the end of the year, and maybe I'll be able to include Lordbound and Apotheosis.
One full play through per year is about all I have time for these days. Can I add another 50-80 hours of content each time from community mods? Yes, please.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Brumas first teaser trailer came out three years before its release and went through several revamps over the following years, not just straightforward development.
Three Kingdoms is doing two provinces in the same release and will probably get the same if not more rigorous testing and tuning.

With that in consideration id say 2021 actually seems like the best time to expect a release.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

That was a long time ago and not really and accurate representation of what we can expect today. in my mind atleast

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

You expect a mod of that size to just be released in just two years, when they haven't even finished all the assets, as well as the aformentioned testing and tweaking?

You do understand how development works?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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