Lordbound is a massive story-focused expansion for Skyrim with 60+ hours of original content, adding 40+ new quests, 50+ dungeons and a new landmass to explore!

Visit the valley of Druadach and embark on an epic quest to bring peace to this war-torn region. Lordbound adds a new region, three faction questlines, non-linear quests, dungeons, new weapons/armor and more!

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  • The land of Druadach, a dense new region larger than Solstheim, filled with quests, dungeons, events and activities, for you to enjoy.
  • About 60+ hours worth of content through main questlines and side content.
  • Over 40 quests, found through our many new settlements and exploring the world.
  • Over 50 new dungeons, featuring the most epic spaces you've ever explored!
  • The biggest main quest you've ever played in Skyrim, with choices and consequences that change the state of the valley.
    • Join Lord Haelan on a quest to uncover the truth behind his family’s past.
    • Assist the Imperial Legion in reclaiming the trade route to Jehanna.
    • Support the Orcs of Garshakur, as they defend their new home against the Legion.
  • Loot that you’ll want to carry over to your future adventures. New weapons, armor, spells, and surprising consumables.
  • Fully-voiced NPCs and an original soundtrack!

Story Synopsis

The drums of war are beating inside the Druadach Valley. After two hundred years of isolation the valley has restored its severed connections to the provinces of Skyrim and High Rock, exposing its withered remains to the rest of Tamriel. Chief Gorek of Garshakur refuses to surrender his mountain fortress to the Imperial Legion, denying them control of the highly-valued trade route between the cities of Jehanna and Solitude.

As the war wages on, the people of Druadach are forced to seek protection within the walls of Highreach, home of the young Lord Haelan - but even the last bastion of Druadach is threatening to fall at the hands of a mysterious knight of unknown origin, leaving only death in its wake. Whatever the choices are in the end, the fate of the valley rests in the hands of champions; both new and old.

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Hi everyone! Mr. Cosmogone here to tell you more about Lordbound.
Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at Highreach Hold, seat of power of the local Breton lords.

Take a look at the map to see where we are:

Druadach map   Highreach

Highreach is an independent fortified city of respectable size that rules over most of the surrounding lands. While it once ruled over the entire valley, political changes have seen Gardale become independent, and the Orcs of Garshakur settling the west.

20230410203109 1

Lord Haelan, Highreach’s current ruler, is a just and welcoming leader. The valley is bountiful enough to sustain multiple cities, and he has long disavowed the imperialist conquests of his ancestors. He relies chiefly on diplomacy to solve conflicts, but anyone who would judge him weak for it would be sorely mistaken.

Should words fail, magic is sure to succeed, as Highreach is home to the famed Lordbound. These mage-knights are loyal to Lord Haelan, and grateful for the autonomy he grants them in regards to magical research and tutoring.

20230410203034 1

To the north lies a small Orcish outpost connected to Mor Khazgur, watching over one of the tunnels leading across the Druadach Mountains to connect the valley to Skyrim. A long time ago, this tunnel played a vital part in the valley’s economy as it allowed caravans laden with goods to flow through the valley and onward to High Rock, an alternative many preferred over risky boat trips through the Sea of Ghosts. Recently, the outpost’s Orcs have managed to reopen the tunnel and make a junction with their kin from the other side. High volume trade has yet to resume, but if Orcish labor can restore the way, Haelan is willing to lease them a commission on the passage once built by his ancestors.

20230410202840 1

To the east lies the derelict mining town of Orefell. After the discovery of a rich mineral seam, many sought to make a new life for themselves in Orefell, and what was previously a ramshackle camp then grew into a flourishing settlement, extracting precious ore from the earth and carving out the stones that served to build many of the valley’s imposing keeps. However, once the seam ran dry, the town was abandoned and smugglers moved in. After the collapse of the tunnel to Skyrim, the valley needed to find new sources of foreign goods. While some turned to magic, others turned to the smugglers. They were happy to oblige… at a premium.

20230410155501 1

The southern part of Highreach Hold is both more remote and more hostile than the rest of the region, and travelers would do well to watch their back. Malicious Reachmen prowl the woods, taking shelter in ruins of old…

Let’s look at some of the major dungeons located in the area:

20230410155559 1

The lone tower of Horvutdaan is said to stand atop of an ancient crypt housing the remains of Nordic warlords.

20230410155617 1

The Orehold Garrison was once Orefell’s premier line of defense against the frequent Reachman raids, but was abandoned alongside the town after the mines were closed. Today, adventurers will find the ruins fraught with danger and would be ill-advised to take shelter there for the night.

20230410155650 1

Ysgramor’s Folly is an ancient Nordic tomb where Nord raiders tried to take shelter after their defeat in the swamps to the west.

20230410155854 1

There, they met a fate worse than death.

20230410160042 1

Angavaar is nested at the border with Gardale’s territory and was once a major stronghold of the ancient Nords in the valley.

20230410160453 1

Shrouded in mystery, it is whispered within scholarly circles that it houses powerful artifacts once used to drive the Dragon Cult out of the valley. Its sprawling underground complex is well guarded by Draugr, skeletons and devious traps.

20230410160635 1

In the wilds, the Spriggans of the valley have found a safe haven in the Glowing Ceiling, a network of caves where nature thrives.

20230410160727 1

There, Spriggan spirits can quite literally return to their roots and be born anew.

That’s all we have for today folks!

I hope you liked this look at Highreach Hold.
Next time, we’ll venture in the heart of the Valley and explore Gardale and its surroundings. Dwemer enthusiasts won’t want to miss it!

We are always open for recruitment, and would love to hear from you.

We are specifically looking for people with relevant experience for the following roles:

  • Video Editor
  • Visual Artist
  • World Designer
  • Quest Designer
  • Living World Designer (City interactions)

For more information check the Lordbound Discord and contact Mr. Cosmogone#8050 or Neshkor#6497

-Mr. Cosmogone

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There have been a whole slew of updates on 20/06 in our #progress_updates channel! Very much alive :)

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