Author's note:
A long time ago I fell in love with Oblivion Lost 2.2 and I gradually modded it to my liking starting from 2015 I think (or almost).
In this way it became a relatively elaborate mod, but I was short on time, there were exams and then I started working.
I also went through a period of discouragement.
So much so that my little project had stalled again in 2018 with a hasty and broken publication.

In 2020, with covid, I had resumed the mod for a few months and then abandoned it again.
After a few years, with summer 2023 I decided to take and finish my personal mod once and for all.

There are more advanced mods than this such as Anomaly, Gamma or, if we want to stay on SoC, Radiophobia.
But that's a personal matter.
And so here it is.


Based on Oblivion Lost 2.2 / Oblivion Lost 3.1

This mod is based on Oblivion Lost by Kanyhalos and incorporates various modifications originally made for myself, but I decided to make it available for others as well.
There are a lot of gameplay ribilanciations in everything: npcs, mutants, items, weapons and so on.
Added some outfits and a lot of weapons.

- Cut X-Ray Projects included (die in first person, collision with dead bodies, round curson, fixed the camera from third person with right aim, display of arms when driving car)
- Rulix's AI Additions included (in addition to xStream's AIPack):
.NPCs can attack addons to their weapon
.NPCs can avoid friendly fire
.NPCs can utilize attached grenade launcher
.NPCs can engage melee combat if close enough
.NPCs can reload after battle and not just during
.NPCs can visibly apply bandages and medkits if urgent, and they will take cover to cure themselves
.NPCs can choose and change weapons based on their attributes and situations
- Reworked mutants hitbox. Now melee with them or escpae is "dark souls" like (within limits)
- Implemented "ESCAPE FROM TARKOV FOOTSTEPS AND TINNITUS REPLACER" addon of Apathy_Knight for Stalker Anomaly, for actor and npcs
- Bullet collision sounds from Radiophobia
- Arena Expansion v0.3.1
- Photo realistic zone
- Nature look from Autumn Aurora 2.1
- S.W.O. v3.1
- Complete mod shaders
- HD models for stalkers (Ninja_Nub[NOR])
- Detector mod
- Rust protection
- Medicine RC ver1_1 by ColR_iT, so each item (food, medical kits, bandages, etc.) give their effect within a 5-10 seconds.
And you can't wield weapons for a few seconds.
- RespawnPopulationManagement_1.0
- Random stashes v1.2 for ol 2.2 version. (included a self version in ol 3.1 version)
- Special stalker are strong (my modification)
- Modified traders commerce to allow a possible trading deal: lower prices and few earnings. Every trafficker is different.
- Added a lot of guns from Autumn Aurora, Legendary, Amnesia, RadioPhobia
- OWR 3
- Various gun animations from Lurk, Autumn Aurora, Legendary, Amnesia
- Stealth:
- Knife and other critical sounds such as death cries, falling dead bodies, hit noise, grass and every weapon noises (reload and, click so on) have been edited with SAVandT to reduce their sound radius.
A stealth approach now is really possible! you can sneak up through bushes without npcs allarms with a letal knife...
- Now npc can not hear the bullet hitting a body. Edited sand01, sand02 and sand03 into sounds\material\bullet\collide.
So you can do stealth kill with silenced guns.
-Hiding in the bushes makes you almost invisible and makes no noise.
-Stalker vision modified to make stealth a real and viable option without blinding them or nullifying the assault approach.
Even disappearing from their sight by fleeing strategically is more than possible.
-Remember to move the corpses. You never know what the patrols might do (just a suggestion. I don't mean that I changed the AI for patrols).
-Bleeding is a more important factor. It is best to provide bandages or appropriate artifacts to stop the bleeding.
They are not essential, but you will have to be much more careful during the fights.
REMEMBER: As long as the bleeding is not stopped, your health will not regenerate!
- Added Bullet lighter
It can be used to illuminate a room in an effuse way. You can buy it from traders. (from Oblivion Freeplay 4.9)
NB: don't "unload" the lighter because you would no longer be able to reinsert the charge (a bug).
You will have 1000 "clicks" available, after which you will have to buy another one. I advise you to sell that exhaust anyway, in this way you will have a sort of discount.
Note that you will see the environment illuminated only in the first person and not in the third.
- You can PLAY Guitar, Harmonica, listen to a portable Radio and Smoke (piknik_gdr mod)
All purchasable from any vendor.
- Now you start without flashlight, binoculars and sleeping bag.
You can buy them later
- You can leave binoc and knife pressing the correct key on the keyboard
- HOW TO USE FLASHLIGHT now: put it in Sidearm slot OR after done this, put it in Belt slot (no directly from inventory to belt because not work), so you will be able to use a pistol but at the sacrifice of an artifact slot
NB: if you reload game and torchlight is in belt, you need to repeat process (put into sidearm slot first and THEN in belt slot)
(engine limit)
- Female surprise! Added some women to the Zone.
Not many for realism, but now at least the Zone will be a little less sad environment
(Used some models and sounds from "Girly SoC (Female Zone)"
- Adjusted the high of camera at different position: more kneeling, normal kneeling and standing.
- Real speed of actors for movements (or nearly so)
- You can't sprint into bushes
- Stamina is punitive. It wears out quickly, but is also easy to recover.
- New weight limit 37-81kg. In this way you will be able to carry a "realistic" maximum weight, while feeling consistently your knees and back hurt.
- Now, when you aim with metal sight, there is a slight zoom.
- M134 and MG3 also use also normal 7.62x51 ammo.
- Shotguns have a much narrower and therefore more precise range on the long shot (it might remind you of Ground Branch or Escape from Tarkov)
- Revised weapons' damage and ballistics.
- Eatable mutant parts (inspiredby Offlife mod): for boar, flesh, pseudodog, dog, cat and tushkano.
- Mutants body part from LA 1.4007: Cat head, Giants' eye, Izloms' arm, rat meat for tushkano, Chimera hand and Controller foot
- Replaced mouse corps of tushkano with a real tushkano body.
- Added food and drinks from pribori story. The adrenaline too.
- All food and medkit have features descriptions.
- Added a lot of radio music.
- No more "Take all" button.
(no more) - Pda no longer shows stalkers ranking, actor statistics and sorroundings stalkers.
- Enemy precision is more letal. Your skill will be challenged.
Fire dispersion params in m_stalker are 14 now. Vanilla is like 8, 4, 6..., so in my mod npc are theoretically less accurate than vanilla.
But I "disabled" hit_probability_max_dist param (in weapons.ltx) with 1000 value.
That is, now the npc will really use the parameters of dispersion and not probability ones
- New death sounds (Red Orchestra).
-Controller zombification disabled for gameplay balancing.
Go to "gamedata/config/creatures/monsters/m_controller.ltx and change "Max_Controlled_Count= " value in order to allow zombification. Now is set to 0.
(but existing controllers will not be affected; only on new ones)

1) copy and paste "gamedata" into directory.
Part 1 and 2
2) Select an Oblivion Lost version: "ol 2.2" (Recommended) or "3.1".
And copy/paste gamedata into directory.
3) Install Compatibility Patch 1.0004 if you use it. Patch 1.0005-6 is by default
4) Copy/paste into directory correct "Bin" folder (important!)
5) Copy and overwrite "User" file into: "\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl\appdata" or if game is not on Steam: "\documents\SHOc file\".
6) Into "fsgame" (in game directory) change in order to have:
$game_data$ = true|true|
7) Follow "OL_tweak_guide.pdf" instructions for better visual.
8) Use "4GB_exe_patcher".
It serves to make better use of RAM.
9) To see grass at greater distance, go to "6- Optionals\Grass Draw Distance" and install it if you use 1.0004 or 1.0005. Grass Draw Distance (1.0006) for who use 1.0006 patch. (OPTIONAL)
I recommend choosing a maximum of 200m.
10) If you use "Static Light" install "gamedata" from "5- Render\Static light"
11) You can choose a different weather type into "7- Weathers Options".
To change weather type, delete-rename: scripts/level_weathers.script, textures/sky, config/weathers and then copy and paste gamedata of weather you choosed. (OPTIONAL)
12) Enjoy

"Ran out of memory" error is a random problem, especially in the Bar area for Engine limits (32 bits).
For other types of bugs and problems, report them.

I have done many tests, but something may have escaped me.
And there may also have been errors during preparation of mod for for publication.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Tips
-You don't have binocular, the sleepingbag, detector and the torch at the beginning.
You need to buy them.
-But the radiation detector first.
-To use the torch, put it first in the pistol compartment and then move it to the belt (it will occupy two slots)
You will have to repeat to use it if save and reload.
Or leave it in the pistol compartment directly
-To have the detector signal for radiation and anomalies, you will have to equip one in belt.
-In belt you have only 5 slots to put artifacts, detector or torch. The artifacts have advantages and disadvantages. Then it organizes the space expertly by putting and removing to the occloreness.
-You can go to the third person by clicking F2 or F3 and return to First with F1.
Useful for contemplating the beauty of one's own equipment
-Save often. Not only are there mutants, bandits, soldiers, radiation, anomalies ... but also the crash of the game, there are also anomalies! The name of this anomaly is "Ran out of memory"
Very Dangerous at Bar for engine limits.
-Do not underestimate human enemies, they are skilled, well -armed and quite resistant.
Each gunfight will be demanding. So use the environment in your favor and be faster than your enemy.
-Humans maybe will be easy enough to kill, but all mutants are very hard.
Better to avoid them stealthily and run away, unless you are in company and well armed.
-The mutants are almost all against the various breeds. So if you are in danger, you can try to put them on one species against the other by running. (Dogs and Pseudodogs are allies)
-Remember that mutants have 100% drop. You can sell their part for money, or even eat.
-You can use special backpacks to create stash. You can buy them.
Careful!: they will not be able to remove
-For some traders, the sold material has a random spawn of 40% (to lighten the RAM request). So you will have to leave/enter the game or save/reload to refresh the inventory.
-Avoid physical contact with enemies in alert, they will surely fill you with beating.
And be careful that your rifle could sometimes fall after be beated.
-Bolt action rifles have a low fire rate, but in return they are very lethal.
One shot one kill
-If you feel depressed, try playing a guitar, a harmonic or a radio.
Music is good for the spirit
-The radio has many songs, but you cannot choose you manual.
You will have to rely on chance. Lay down and resume the radio to change music.
-Another way to relax is the cigarette. It hurts to health but lowers radiation and helps to face the Psonic damage.
Buy one and then equip it. Watching a sunset with a cigarette in the mouth has a certain taste ...
-If a controller has damaged the psyche, use the special drug or smoke.
-Do all the two secondary missions of the wolf. They give interesting gifts.
-When you prepare for an expedition, especially in a "dungeon", you bring many ammunition, even more than 300-400 rounds for the main weapon.
-Stealth is a valid option. Take advantage of the areas with greater shadow, use the bushes, Lean from the corners and prefer night operations. But be careful of night mutants.
-For furtive operations, use the knife. Always aims in the throat for a lethal effect.
It also contemplates the use of a crossbow or silencers. The noise of shot, if you hit the target, will not be heard.
-Headshot is possible.
For very strong mutants or human enemies, shooting in the head is the real strategy.
-Do not use companions during furtive operations.
-The torch, a friend in the darkness, but it can betray you easily making you visible.
-It is no coincidence that if the enemies are in alarm they will turn off their torch.
-Always save before starting a furtive operation, when you are still far from the enemies. Otherwise the IA bugs in the save/reload and some go into alert without reason.
-You are in the Zone and everything you find will be worn and standing by miracle. This means that your torch will sometimes be unstable. This will be a challenge in darkness.
-Another way to illuminate the dark is with a lighter. In the Zone, those made by hand using a cartridge case are fashionable. Traders sell them. Equip it to use, but you will not be able to use weapons at the same time.
-If you are very skilled you can go hunting for mutants with the knife.
You will have to learn how to dodge them and when to attack (there are no invincibility frames)
-Anomalies are not very visible. You have to observe well to see distortions in space and pay attention to the sounds.
-Artifacts do not move and do not light up. So they will be more difficult to be spotted.
-GPS markers are useful for marking areas visited. You can use them to remember a safe path or a good hiding place to rest. You can find them on the corpses rarely or simply buy them
-The suits all have different characteristics.
The "scientific ecolog" suits with the helmet will protect you better from environmental damage as radiation and also from electrical shock, but in return they will not be useful in fighting or against mutants.
-No suit is really effective against impact damage, except for the exoskeletons.
-You can transport up to a maximum of 81 kg, but already after the first 37kg you will hear much higher fatigue.
So choose well what to carry you behind in your raids
-Since this is a mod, you have some descriptive texts in English even if you set other languages. So you will have a "null" text
-If you have to kill someone but you don't want to make enemies, use a "bomb pipe".
They are cans with an innocent appearance. Put one next to the target, move away and then hit it with a bullet.
It will make an explosion, someone will die, but you will be considered innocent ...
-Bes, Fox, Fanatic, Mole, Guide, Master, Oleg, killer informator, Crazy, and other special characters are very strong to kill, but not immortal
-Military commanders are strong
-Bar guards are immortal
-Borov is just a little more resistant. In this way you can kill him stealthily with a stroke well settled in the head.
-Driveable vehicles are indestructible, but if you hit them with the knife they will explode (engine error/limit)
-Increasing your rank is useful for recruit frindly stalker of superior rank and to receive more discounts for repairs.
-Sidorovich is the trader with repairs at the lowest price (multiplier X1.0).
This as a small favor for the works you do.
-Sell the artifacts and parts of mutant to scientists (Professor Sakharov at Lake Yantar). They will pay more for these.
-Sidorovich is the best dealer in general for weapons, armor and ammunition. You sell these things to him.
-If you have to sleep, make sure you do it with a full belly.
Also do not leave artifacts that emit radiation into the belt.
-Falling on the ground makes much less badly falling on the cement. Remember it when you have to make some dangerous jumps.
-Se devi inclinarti per vedere le guardie o per un combattiemnto, fallo da inpiedi perchè la viduale avrà maggior raggio che da inginocchiati.
If you need to lean to see guards or to fight, do it standing because the camera will have more inclination that remaining kneeling. (but your real body have same exposition and hitbox)

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S T A L K E R  OL M97 v1.07

S T A L K E R OL M97 v1.07

Full Version

This is a simple link to current downlaod on Nexus Mods. Download from there.

Compatibility Patch

Compatibility Patch


This is a compatibility patch for 1.0004 and 1.0005-6 game version.

Patch 1 05_a

Patch 1 05_a


Corrections for megafon music and Rostok crash when blowout occurs.

Patch 1.05

Patch 1.05

Patch 4 comments

Patch 1.05 A new big patch for Oblivion Lost M97! Corrections, many adjustments, new radio music and new weapons!

Provisional patch

Provisional patch

Patch 11 comments

Provisional patch -Fix Bar map crash owing to Barkeeper selling of missing AK -Fix a megafon music crashing game Others small improvements are in sight...




Render file for Oblivion Lost M97. Choose static render if you use it.

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It's a very nice pack. Thnaks a lot, i really appreciate all the extras you've included.

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Marchiato97 Creator

Hi to everyone.

I haven't passed through these parts for a long time and it's nice to see you all.

I have a good news.

I spent a good part of my August (2023) holidays to take back my mod after years and finally reached a stable and final stage.

Only yesterday I published it on Nexus mod.

I don't know if I will republish it here too, I'll see it.

So go all, for now, at this link:

See you in the Zone Stalkers

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I m having a problem when i get trough to limansk. I m there but there is no where to go, just the past to another region.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi there.
How can i do to change the way marked one moves one side to another when he walks? less bumping assides. Really anoying. What must i edit?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Absolutely loved Kanyhalos version of the mod.This is the same but even better.Definitive vanilla+ version of SoC.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I don't know why but the mod constantly crashes with out of memory messange. I definitely have enough memory to run maxed out Anomaly in 4k so I don't know what's the issue.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

when i enter to rostoc to give the papers to the barman the game crashes and i can't see what cause this problem...

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Marchiato97 Creator

Probably it is an "out of memory" crash.
did you see log file what say?

However, i advise you to wait the new patch and do a new run.
(old savedgames will not be compatible)

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