Last Alliance: TW is overhaul mod to Shogun 2. This mod base on stories from Tolkien's books, concretely on war Dunedains and Elves against Sauron. This still WIP and don't have release date.

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Preview of first units for Lindon faction (and probably also for other elves factions).

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Mae govannen!

Finally, I created first units for this mod. It's not end of working with them - I will be fix currently models and I want make more variants for armors, but I decided to make small preview with information about future plans.

This is basic units and they can be recruited when you'll play as Lindon (Lothlorien and Wood Elves pobably will have this units). Even if this is low tier units, they are still elves - so this units will be better than levy soldiers from other factions ;)

Quendi City Guards

Quendi Hunters

Quendi Watchman

About future plans, I'm still will be working on models for elves units and I started work on new animations (although that I have small problem with this... :"D ). Additionally, my friend want help me with this mod, and she want make orcs weapons and armor - so probably soon you can see models for evil factions ;)

If you want support this project, check my Patreon ;)

Maer gwai!

- Elves armor and weapons models by Sara Temer (base on lotr books, films and other sources)
- Head and hands models are from Rome II
- Round shield and cloak are from Thrones of Britannia (retexture by Sara Temer)


Look at that! This is really good progress, keep up the great work!

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Really good job ! keep it up ! :) you have our support !

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Every lotr fan would be proud :)

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Looks fantastic! I had literally just finished watching the Hobbit trilogy when I stumbled upon this. Godspeed!

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Looking good, just one problem however, you should curl the fingers on your models so that it looks like they are actually holding the weapons. It can be difficult to do correctly the first time, my advice is to select the vertexes above the knuckles and rotate them downward, and move them further inward if needed.

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She can do it by Zbrush posing option easily.

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Sara_Temer Author

AugustusNocturnis On this screenshots I didn't add fingers bones to hands model, currently Izzi prepared fixed hands, so on next screenshots this will working good ;)

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