This is the page for the Expanded Galaxy Project consisting of the Exiles Expanded Galaxy and Revans Eternal Empire a follow up mod to the mod I am currently working on the Exiles Expanded Galaxy for K2 which is a similar mod to this in that it ports all of the maps and modules from one game to the other.

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This is an announcement for the release of the Resource Pack for the Total Map Conversion for all maps from K1 & K2 to both games.

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I have just uploaded the first release v0_2_5 of both mods to this page, I will make a separate page for both mods at some point, I have also added the modders resource for anybody who wishes to reconstruct the .module files for the level.

The readmes are on the page for each file on ModDB, the 7z file requires 7zip to extract and can be extracted and then pasted to the relevant directory.

Please reference me for credit if you ever use these files, I will update them to include the resources / files and a readme with more information at some point in the future.

The galaxy is now wide open, all I have to do is add all the relevant planets to both galaxy maps in both games and remove any maps or areas I am not using, this may take some time, but for now I have a permanent backup to use and a nice little modders resource release for the community.

As mentioned before I will be noting down as much as possible about the game in general and releasing small packs of files to go with the NWN Model Viewer that will help streamline the process of module creation, map recreation, item / character / enemy placement and on the whole streamline the process of making levels for both KotOR games.


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