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Kontroll is an action-adventure game, wich plays in the underground. Similar to other find-y-way-out games, but its a little bit difference
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End of the line

News 24 comments

And later, I had a choice to present my idea for a gamedev company which have U3 license. They didn't show any intrest. What then? - may you ask. Well, it's a pity, that nobody interested in great ideas in my country.

But in another point of view this game theme is still a profitable concept, that's why Metro 2033 released in 2010, and that's why it got a sequel now as seen on's debut trailers site:

It's a bit ironic.

Back, when we started to create this mod, I was a newbie in the HL2 modding scene, but with friends, I had the opportunity to learn the trick and tools step by step. By they help, We, the Team was able to create a feeling, what you can see on the screenshots. Furthermore, even if the team looked me as their leader, I never feeled this "leader" title my own.

In the project's ~2 year, I met, and talked a lot of famous and less famous modders and journalists in the scene. I also find motivated modders with fantastic ideas but zero knowledge, and the opposit, smart modders with zero ideas. Realizing this was sad. However, Moddb also changed a lot since then. They started their steam like indie/mod game service know as Desura, and also they started IndieDB, as a community page for independent developers (or unsuccesfull modders). I'm not saying that, I was never think about creating an indie game, but what I saw here it wasn't very promising. Most indie games looks like an abandoned homeworks. I guess the ideology behind the "developers" are bad. Independent game development, today is a business. So the rules are similar as well as if you were a AAA developer.

I don't say that, every indie dev are stupid, but I see a lot of unfinished, unpolished, half done games. I just say, even if you are a good, talented, and you're smart enoug to make a "Cryis 3" like engine, you also should learn the business half of the gaming industry. Creating a good game, with appropriate tools is just one half of your success. Without marketing and well organized advertising your game will be just one star in the galaxy.
Nothing more.

Retuning to my mod. It reached the end of the line. Why?

Often other modders say, "there was a lot of small problems with the mod and/or the members". It's bullshit. In Kontroll, simply the idea was bigger than the human resources, for developing this mod.
That's all, that's why this good-looking mod ended up like this. Thanks to this small reason not only Kmod, but other mods fail.

I'm not sad. Not at all. I learnt a lot. About modding. For science...

PS: I thank you, all of you guys, who liked and followed this mod's progress.
End of line passengers, please leave the train!

Another map, another feeling

Another map, another feeling

News 15 comments

Another map, another feeling.. Here is some fresh shots about the latest map :)

Thumb up and Like!

Thumb up and Like!

News 7 comments

Our Facebook page started with a lot of early alpha shots!



News 5 comments

It's been a while from the latest update. Maybe I guess most of you thinks this mod is dead. O' Really?

Working Inventory presentation and we featured again !

Working Inventory presentation and we featured again !

News 11 comments

Video presentation about our inventory system, wich one is really WORKS and USEABLE :)

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ALIENwoods Creator
ALIENwoods - - 187 comments

watch out_

Reply Good karma+1 vote - - 1,090 comments

Sad to hear you stopped working on this Mod, though i think most
Modders here are doing a better job in finishing and making, totally new games than most AAA developers with new engines, are doing nowadays.

But that one engine has reached its limits is normal, i just hope
you will finish this game on another engine or perhaps make one yourself.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZPower - - 180 comments

Its a sad sad day for science.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Cremat0r - - 6,885 comments

Wow.. damn.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Hannibal0 - - 186 comments

I just can't accept that, this day turns out worse than I thought it could ever do. Screw this, give me back my time wasting with reading such a sad update, I don't wanna start a day like this, instead, I should just go back to bed now, this day is ruined anyway.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ALIENwoods Creator
ALIENwoods - - 187 comments

Sorry for fckin' up your day by this sadly news, but it's better to tell these than keep them in secret.
Don't be sad, tomorrow will be more fun!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
MrSaturdayKnight - - 349 comments

So you guys are pretty much done? The mod is finished? Like dead? :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ALIENwoods Creator
ALIENwoods - - 187 comments

I don't want to lie you but I don't work on it since a few months. But I don't say that I never will continue it ;).
Maybe another engine, could give us a new, better opportunities. But what I can say now, Source is not enough modern against todays, also free engines.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
tutituti87 - - 129 comments

Mikor várható valami tesztelhető változat?Kíváncsian várom.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote - - 23 comments

várjuk szeretettel

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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