Hey, my name is Kevin and I'm from Germany, Bavaria, a city called Coburg. I like hanging out with friends and testing different mods based on the Source-Engine from Valve who made Half-Life 2. Nothing to add, have a nice day!

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Greetings everyone!

2 Great mods were released in the last few days.

The first I wanna mention is Overwatch. It's a RTS/FPS-Mod for the Source-Engine, which u get when u bought a Source-Game via Steam, the online-platform made by Valve who created games like Half-Life 2 which contaisn the Engine when u bought it via Steam. Eh.

Overwatch has the same concept like Zombie Master, another mod for the SE. It's a multiplayer-game, and a really nice one I gotta admit. The first teams takes control of the rebels which you already should know from HL2. In the second team there's only one person, but he has the ability to spawn combines, turrets, manhacks or traps on the map and use them like in a RTS-game. The AI is pretty nice, but sometimes if you move a huge group of combines through a door, a few will get stuck. Getting them out afterwards is not a problem, but costs muuuch time if you want to rush your human counterparts. And don't even try to move manhacks. They will bumb all over the place. Literally.

The rebels have to fulfill missions like pressing buttons or reaching positions in a FP-View. It's a lot of fun, but can be hard if you're alone on a server or have only a few people. Crushing you with a big army of combines is way too easy.

In conclusion, the mod is definetly worth a try, and 2 years of development have ended in a great game every RTS- or FPS-Player could possibly like. Check it out: Moddb.com

Now to the other mod. Oh god. I waited for like 4 years for that. And that's the time this mod was in development. 4 full years. Epic.

The mod I'm talking about is Nightmare House 2. The first part was a nice mappack which entertained me for like half an hour when I suddenly saw the end.

Story of the first one was pretty simple: You crashed your car in a tree, and now you go through a little forest just to see an old house you may find help in it. Of course it's midnight, and of course the house is full of people. Dead people.

Pretty cool shock moments, a few puzzles and mediocre models summed up to a short but great mod which was re-made like a year ago, and this re-make is part of NH2, too. 2 games for the load of 1.

Now to the second part: You start in a padded cell which is not locked like it should be. Why are you in here? What did you do? But the most important question is: What happened? Outside you see blood spilled everywhere, the prison-like building is in a pretty bad shape, lights are flickering and the typical atmosphere is instantley back. A voice speaks through speakers on the wall, you should go to the kitchen and get a weapon if you wanna escape alive. While you are going there you have visions of the strange girl from the part before. At the kitchen there is a chef, but he's not alive anymore, judging from the axe in his stomach. You take it, turn around and try to go outside again. But the door is locked. You hear something behind you. Slowly (at a standard mouse-speed of 6.00) you turn around... and the dead chef attacks you! Omg was this scene f**ked up! You kill him with your axe, blodd everywhere, his (now hopefully) dead body drops down. But that was only the beginning...

Nice graphics, great sounds and music, epic voiceacting and a creepy atmosphere will help you to love the mod. Really, try it out, the staff of WeCreateStuff made their best, and Main-Producer Hen Mazolski, developer of the Portal Flash Version, released the best horror-mod ever. Go get it! Now! Moddb.com

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