im back to developing this mod :)

it will contain modified dinosaur behaviours (some will be edited PMEP behaviours)

it will include new dinos soon.

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Now in this article i talk about the HERBIVORES defenses and etc.

Also credits to guegh for the edmontosaurus, and the camarasaurus.

bandicam 2019 02 12 14 56 56 411

GALLIMIMUS: seriously though we need a mod with a bigger galli... tmd editing only gets you so far..... gallimimus dont really have anything new other than their ability in PMEP to battle eachother in territory, they cant hurt small carnivores, but what they can do is tank quite a few hits, a raptor requires 3-4 pounces to kill one, and let me tell you, the raptors in this mod have really high attack. also want to mention in general, herbivores do require more food now. And unlike carnivores it takes them alot longer to get their thirst under control so they have to be careful. The gallimimus has the foodval of what an accuratly sized gallimimus would have... but like i said, i cant make a giant galli unless i use like... camarasaurus.... which would look dumb

bandicam 2019 02 12 14 57 13 954

HOMALOCEPHALOES: dont really have any new abilities outside of PMEP's however they are more durable and i mean, their cute i guess...

bandicam 2019 02 12 14 57 28 811

LEAYELLANOSAURA: this little fella can battle in interspeices territory like the pachys do, and have huge eyes they can use to scare away predators... like umm.... raptors and dilophos. They also really like to fight for territory.

bandicam 2019 02 12 14 57 46 561

PACHYCEPHALOSAURUS: no really "new" abilities, but their territorial duals have been altered a bit, and they have alot more health and are getting a new model and skin soon

bandicam 2019 02 12 14 58 05 810

STYRACASAURUS: has been upgraded to TClassAUnitToro, they can now knock over predators over size 6.0 and also will battle for territory, their also very durable for small creatures, will receive a new skin soon

bandicam 2019 02 12 14 58 27 901

KENTROSAURUS: super durable now and can knock over medium carnivores with their tails now, their attack radius has been increased, and im trying to see if i can make a recoil function where a carnivore takes damage if they hit kentrosaurus.... not having much luck as whenever i test it the kentros just stand still....

bandicam 2019 02 12 15 00 12 455bandicam 2019 02 12 14 59 39 541

STEGOSAURUS: with his PMEP attacks being buffed and having a higher chance of dualing tarbo and oxalaia, but stegosaurus also has a new ability, remember how he could use his deathdual tail swing to kill opponents in front of him? well i changed that attack with a simalier but also different attack, that attack can also hit targets behind him and also to his right (yes ik its not accurate but it was annoying how he couldnt hit targets to his right in PMEP)

bandicam 2019 02 12 15 01 17 064

ANKYLOSAURUS: super tanky and dealing loads of damage, ankylosaurus has the same new features as stegosaurus, however ankylosaurus is also the only dinosaur who cannot be knocked over!

bandicam 2019 02 12 15 01 37 348bandicam 2019 02 12 15 07 14 402

PARASAUROLOPHUS AND OURANOSAURUS: now charge into small carnivores to run them over, but just like in real life, they had little to no defenses to fight back against large carnivores like spinosaurus and t-rex

bandicam 2019 02 12 15 02 41 354bandicam 2019 02 12 15 06 15 236

TRICERATOPS AND TOROSAURUS: torosaurus has had an update with its territorial duals, and can now fight large carnivores, both triceratops and torosaurus will actually run now, and no longer just.... umm........ waddle faster...... triceratops also deals a absolute LOAD of damage, it uses its deathdual attack to hit carnivores, though carnivores can stop this attack by hitting triceratops before it finishes the animation, if this attack lands, it can nearly kill almost all carnivores in one hit, and if the carnivore is unlucky the hit will cripple them, causing them to be in too much pain to even move!

bandicam 2019 02 12 15 03 38 050bandicam 2019 02 12 15 04 19 797

MAIASAURA: this dino is the only dino that calls on the fsm paraflee, with the TClass as ourano for both adults and babies, however theres a key difference, the parents will rear up and screech at carnivores to try to ward them off and even ram them if nessaccary for a reasonable damage. However babies take one look at any carnivore and run for it, and unlike the baby spino and rex, maiasaura babies will die in one hit to almost everything.

bandicam 2019 02 12 15 04 52 518bandicam 2019 02 12 15 07 54 354bandicam 2019 02 12 15 07 30 203

TITANOSAURUS, BRACHIOSAURUS N CAMARASAURUS: titanosaurus is being moved to a dlc dino :/

Brachiosaurus will rear up to crush carnivores, for balancing reasons its damage is a bit lower than triceratops's, it has a load of health and even exceeds ankylosaurus in durability, it will also for protective circles around its young (when i implement them lol) and rear up and stomp down to ward away carnivores

Camarasaurus can rear up and crush targets too as well as whip carnivores with their tails, yes yes i know your all rolling your eyes like, PMEP already does that. Well actually these camarasaurus use TClassAUnitKentro, not brach so yeah.... this isnt the same as PMEP, camarasaurus will also be able to fight back better this way

Titanosaurus: really oversized in this mod but i dont care lol. They can whip dinosaurs with their tails (which seems to not work even though they do play the animation... hmmm... might need to use a camarasaurus based model instead) and also rear up on their hind legs and stomp down on carnivores with an attack slightly weaker than brachiosaurus's, titanosaurus has alot of health but not as much as brachiosaurus.

bandicam 2019 02 12 15 05 28 206

EDMONTOSAURUS: can rear up on its hind legs to scare off targets and use their tails to knock them over. This is a much more simple version of PMEP's edmont defend, now you might say after getting this mod "they dont work" thats because in order to tail whip they have to complete a stomp without getting knocked down. Oh and their roars are deafening.... yeet. A Larger more powerful version of the edmontosaurus will arrive in a dlc, the shantungasaurus, who will arrive in a dlc alongside titanosaurus, compsagnathus, giganotosaurus, carnotaurus, diplodocus, and corythasaurus

SOME SMALL CARNIVORE UPDATES: - carnivores can get their thirst under control much quicker

- spinosaurus got buffed in health and damage

- oxalaia got buffed in health and damage

- tarbosaurus got buffed in health and damage

- special attacks from spinosaurus and carcha do more damage.

- spinosaurus will be more aggressive around carcharadontosaurus

- Large carnivores even after leaving territorial duals might still charge their weakened opponenet and kill them to eleminate competition

- allosaurus can now also rip chunks of flesh from her prey (yes im soooooo original arent i, in a sarcastic voice)

- spino gets his roar back

- increased spinos chance to use his special attack when hes more desperate

- decreased chance of carnivores charging and attacking spinosaurus while hes displaying his sail as a warning. (they used to always charge spino)

- Oxalaia uses its head to attack more often

- fixed a glitch that prevented dilophosaurus from eating

Dinosaurs Behavioural Updates: Carnivores Only

Dinosaurs Behavioural Updates: Carnivores Only


The new behaviours, attacks, eating styles, even flocking, retaliating listed here.

Meet the Dinosaurs! (remodeled and reskinned addition)

Meet the Dinosaurs! (remodeled and reskinned addition)


New dinosaurs skins and models and stats and etc. Also new behaviours and other stuff.

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Modded Carnivore Fixing Addon!!!

Modded Carnivore Fixing Addon!!!

Animal Model

no one has done this yet so i guess i`ll do it, this small addon fixes mods with carnivores that cant eat!

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KingGhidorahofDeath Creator

Bit of unfortunate news: i did something wrong in the spnohnger fsm and i cant fix it and all carnivores keep using the carcha special attack, i forgot to make a back-up for the latest version, however i still DO have the version where spino still has his special attack, all i have to do is put the updated versions edited dino special attacks in and it should only take me an hour or so, this wont delay the release of the mod

Edit: as of now this has already been fixed :D

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KingGhidorahofDeath Creator

UPDATE: - allosaurus can now jump on prey and camarasaurus can now attack predators from the front!
- Edmontosaurus attacks better
- more balanced hadrosaurs
- new ai for baby variants (they no longer stop eating)
- Miasaura nerfed but has better sight now to spot predators from
farther away
- Acrocanthasaurus New Attack
- Brachiosaurus nerf
- working on a new attack for yanghuasaurus (im not satisfied with the transition attack, (aka the attack for dinosaurs who dont have animations that lines up with the IsAnimLoaded line) what do you guys think this giant carcharadontosauriads special attack should be?)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

How can I change the raptor fsm to make it attack large carnvores? Also, awesome job!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
KingGhidorahofDeath Creator

PMEP, and GEP have managed to do it, but how exactly do you want the raptors to attack large carnivores? pounce on them? knock them over? hunt them activly or fight back when threatened? battle them in territory? the easy way to do this is literally just copy and paste over the spinohnger fsm to the raptorflee or raptorhunt fsm, but thats lazy and not to mention glitchy, other ways are to edit nwt files or change behaviours in fsms. The raptors in this mod do attack large carnivores however, but they will run away first and only attack if they have a large enough flock or are desperate to excape.

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TheTohoSociety Online

I would say, just focus on the AI rather than make new dinosaurs, considering you put AI as the title, people will be more focused on the AI itself rather than the visually unappealing looking dinosaurs

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
KingGhidorahofDeath Creator

i did, but the problem is that i kind of changed TClasses so that nothing used some of the TClasses and i wanted to add dinosaurs to use those specific classes in order to make all the fsms actually usable

example.) no dinosaur used TClassAUnitPara, cory, or ourano. so i decided to add miasaura, and the fsm ParaFlee, became the miasauras protective fsm.

Same applys to the baby dinosaurs, the dilophosaurus uses TClassAUnitRaptor in this mod, (due to irl dilophosaurus didnt shoot venom) so i added baby dinosaurs, due to some theories of baby dinosaurs having mouths full of bacteria which could cause infection on any attackers.

ceratosaurus's fsm made small carnivores more powerful, so i decided to add more carnivores using TClass Alberto to be able to battle large carnivores in territory, and also give more diversity in duals so that not everything is TClass Acro, Carcha, Spino, TRex (with the allo tclass not being able to territorialy battle and with TClasscarcha dinosaurs enraging spinosaurus whenever their near it)

and the biggest thing is, PMEP 2 is going to release eventually, and that will probably have everything this mod has but more and better. So i want to at least add some new looks to my dinosaurs to an existing mod, rather than make some other random mod just to add the skins and models for the dinos

Reply Good karma+1 vote

You can always ask someone to do the models and skins for you instead. As I strongly advise to use the skins from Forgotten with some edits, and try to model in blender. You are wasting only time with hex editor

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
KingGhidorahofDeath Creator

so about the hex editor thing

1.) all models in this mod are either from another mod (i credit any models not my own) or are models i made a long time ago and retouched up, example.) spinosaurus and t-rex are from jurassic paradise (a mod that sadly i will stop updating for the time being as my friends who were helping with the skins because at the time i didnt know too much about modding, told me they would stop helping with development and focus on other things that they had more interests in) and the only other thing i use hex editor to do is change the name in the tmd to change which skin dinos use from the tmls, to edit tmls to add new skins, or change names of animations in the tmds to give dinosaurs different abilities in the fsms. As for skins, it would take more time for me to request skins, someone to make skins, then send them to me, then for me to test the skins, and also for the skins to not well... have inconsistant quality etc, i dont waste much time by making skins either, i usually make these skins in school during lunch time or whenever im feeling bored i`ll occasianally go back and improve some skins, by the time the mod releases v0.3 most dinos should have custom skins. But thanks for the advice, also this mod specifically im open to alternative skins models, new abilities etc etc etc... so if someone doesnt like a skin or model let they could let me know and i`ll make a dlc with a different skin/model

(ps. dont you need a tkl merger even if the model doesnt have new animations?)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Nope, if you didn't do any edits to the animations, the tkl merger is not needed

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
KingGhidorahofDeath Creator

why am i just learning about this now?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Just another advice, to make a model needing to be extract by the tkl merger, when you export it, if you use the export anims option tool, then it will need a tkl merger to be set ingame. To export a model edited in blender and you don't need to edit anims, just export it without enabling anything.

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