im back to developing this mod :)

it will contain modified dinosaur behaviours (some will be edited PMEP behaviours, others will be my own edited normal JPOG behaviours)

the 40 dinos limit has been broken!

NOTE: this is NOT A MOD BASED FOR REALISM i dont know why people think its supposed to be realistic, i never said anything about making the mod realistic at all, i've only said i was going to add some realistic behaviours, that has nothing to do with everything being realistic.

it will include new dinos soon.


i will not always post every update here (videos because of how hard it is and stuff), but i upload videos daily on updates to this mod, you can check my channel for the latest updates, if the update isnt a major one, i wont post it here. Channel Link:

Sizes CarnivoresCarnivores size comparison (no "dlc" dinosaurs) (OUTDATED)

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Small update coming soon


Small update coming soon to the mod, because with the whole situation going on i actually kinda have time to work on this mod again

bandicam 2019 06 26 10 57 10 859

Old Spinosaurus

bandicam 2020 05 04 19 58 32 578

New Spinosaurus

Also got an updated unique roar sound

Irritator getting demoted to a bonus dinosaur, torvosaurus promoted to one of the main 40 dinosaurs, as well as recieving its new skin, also making it the first dinosaur in this mod with a compeletely custom skin by me, yep, this one isnt a copy paste of pictures from google over a UV map. well i mean technically if you want to be exact the scales texture's are but whatever.

bandicam 2020 05 05 11 53 16 339

Torvosaurus unique mechanic is its pack mechanic, simalier to allosaurus, raptor, alberto, etc. However the difference is its a LARGE carnivore, on acro TClass, not an alberto or cerato or raptor.

Herbivore sweating intensifies

bandicam 2020 01 29 18 11 09 486

New gigantoraptor (model by yutythetitan)

Gigantoraptor still is basically the same, other than its new model and skin. It is still an omnivore (though its classified as a carnivore and gets lured the same as a carnivore and the feeders consider it a carnivore (though thats more based on where a dino is in the hatchery)) Though now gigantoraptor is far more aggressive and far more deadly. Omnivores also have their bug fixed where they could eat living dinos and get their hunger down instantly

UPDATE: 5/12/20

- Dinosaurs will get knocked down and stay down longer, making trex and spinosaurus's pin attacks more useful since they wont take the same time as it takes for the enemy to get back up. Also when knocked down the carnivore will not just stand there or run away, they will repeatly beat the downed dinosaur mercilessly. Getting knocked off your feet is especially crippling now to the smaller dinosaurs as the larger ones dont get knocked over as easily, this should guarantee the larger carnivores beat the smaller ones even if they have simalier stats

- Some dinosaurs deal more damage to dinosaurs knocked down. Examples are the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th hit from acrocanthosaurus the 3,5,7,8 hit from allosaurus/postasuchus and ETC

- Fixed ceratopsians

- Fixed camarasaurus's stomp attack timing and brachiosaurus attack timing. And some new models (credits to brach10!)

- Nerfed ouranosaurus health and attack. Increased spinosaurus speed, fixed the turn radius on all dinosaurs. Herbivores territorial battles are a bit more common now around different species

- Remember how in PMEP herbivores would run to drink water and eat when scared but their needs were high? Well i have done that to carnivores.... albeit they don't work as well. But they do run to water to drink when they need to even if their scared (though due to how carnivores work this would actually probably be most noticeable with the vanilla nwt files. Though rugops and ceratosaurus should work fine!) They will also run to corpses and grab a quick snacc before fleeing again (they will not KILL prey when scared, they will only RARELY seek dead bodies, and not dead bodies NEAR the thing they are scared of)

- Removed the action StopAllUserAnimations() from the carnivores idle bite, roar, and headbutting, as well as adding a transformation locator to the trex and spino idle

- Added more roaring, speed and action to the carnivores territorial battles, they will feel less like a pokemon battle and more like an actual territorial dispute, the carnivores will no longer get up in eachothers faces to fight and can even engage in a territorial duel from far away kinda like how it can sometimes happen because of glitches, DIFFERENCE being now its not a glitch and it is intentional! Also spinosaurus has had a slight change in territorial duel behaviour and eating FSM. Carcharadontosaurus, Trex, Tarbosaurus territory duel attacks are much faster now and dont take as much time so its not as annoying. Remember how the carnivores in territorial duels get hit and then bite back and roar but they didnt actually hit back? well now they do! not alot of damage but a bit. Also acrocanthosaurus's attack can now miss!


- Oxalaia and Trex's special attacks are now two different states in the FSM. Meaning they are timed much better! Same with Camarasaurus and Stegosaurus as well as Torosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Styracosaurus, and Triceratops

- removed baby brachiosaurus and irritator for torvosaurus

- Megalosaurus ACTUALLY properly can eat small things it grabs whole now without the whole glitching thing with the aesthetics.

- Removed all the useless random animations in the raptor hunting, also dilophosaurus kind of does like a proper sneaky run thingy now. Yay?


- Scrapped plateosaurus, it doesnt even get to be a bonus dinosaur, its just taking up valuable space! It will be replaced by something actually worth keeping! say goodbye to this ugly creature while you still can!

bandicam 2019 05 16 21 10 34 977

- V2.0 will release with not all 40 species in base game filled. Suchomimus has a high chance of making it in though!

- Indominus behaviours fixed, should no longer run away from fights if it loses.


- changed how megalosaurus slowly chews its prey, more realistic.

- Gigantoraptor AI changed, despite being technically an herbivore. Smaller herbivores will flee from it now, larger herbivores will be wary but not scared of it. Small carnivores no longer target it immensly (no more raptors running up to it and trying to latche onto it when they should be trying to pounce at it either) Also large carnivores shouldnt see it as prey items as much. Gigantoraptor is much more defensive. Now fights back with some serious intensity sometimes. Also is a pretty vicious fighter.

- Added the increased damage on knocked over targets to smaller carnivores too!

- disabled swimming on spinosaurs, it looked stupid anyways



- Some balancing so that gallimimus can defend itself by itself, can attack carnivores knocked over. Raptors updated, raptor and galli should be pretty even in terms of combat now

- Fixed galli being scared of laeyellenasaura

- added new trex/tarbo interaction (WIP only with own species)

- new brachiosaurus model and skin (credits to brach10 for model and skin!)

- new maiasaura (adult) model (credits to brach10)

- removed unnecessary stuff from raptor FSMS

- brachiosaurus Ai changed again, favors stomps over tail swipes and tail swipes only behind it. the tail swipe now has a wind up animation where it lowers its head so that it doesnt come suddenly.


- added BACK spino swimming (spino only, the other spinos dont do it yet) because i got it to a point where it can swim in shallow water and still look decent!! see below GIF!

^^^ Spino new swimming!!!!


- Spino now has the code in its hunting FSM for fishing, how it would work is it stands in water, staring down at it (simalier to BBC's planet dinosaur) and then it would randomly bite and then eat something. However despite this being in the code the dinosaur doesnt do it in game, nor does it break the behaviours.... strange... usually if it doesnt work it DOES break the behaviours.... more testing will be needed

- more polish to brachiosaurus behaviours.

- Brachiosaurus Small nerf

- Yangchuanosaurus replaced by saurophaganax.

- Torvo and Sauro use albertosaurus nwt file now

- Trex, Spino, Oxalaia can now use their deathduel animations to fight back. Carnivores repeatly bite down on targets now rather than twice. Can also use more animations. I have not given oxalaia its own state syet so its not exactly synced well and sometimes it stands there and just uses the force to knock things over. that will be changed in the future

- Added a GEP simalier interaction between trex's (simalier to a deathduel) (WIP)

- made it so other carnivores can beat spino in a territorial duel and those will now last longer. (spino still has a higher chance of winning though with its intimidation) THIS IS A TERRITORIAL DUEL, NOT A DEATH DUEL

- Fixed triceratops's black square on its tail

- Nerfed triceratops's speed

- fixing triceratops knock over animation


- Polishing up the herbivore territory stuff, making animations better changed triceratops's animation, changed the pachy and toro sync animation. Made herbivores instantly face each other in territory to prevent things where one herbivore stands behind the other. Fixed maiasaura adults killing maiasaura babies in territorial duels.

- Changed timing on triceratops special attack.

- Made pachycephalosaurus and torosaurus's special deathduel attacks seperate from triceratops's, which means no more moonwalking when using them and the attacks have better timing. As such, a shit ton of useless and massive messy code have been removed for a cleaner experience.

- Adult maiasaura are more wary around shantungosaurus now

- HOPEFULLY finally ACTUALLY fixed laeyellenasaura being attacked by gallimimus.

- fixed baby maiasaura glitching out and standing still permanently and to a point where other carnivores dont act like it exists and it slowly starves to death glitch when panicking and theres no adult maiasaura near by for it to run to safety to.

6/9/20 (noice hehehe)

- Soon


- considering removing non-feathered trex variant (which was basically a bigger tarbo) and making the base game trex scaley.

- fixed arms for spino distorting


- new trex skin and model (non-feathered)

- modified kentro model a bit

- maiasaura will be getting animations for her attacks now (adult)

- raptors will target baby maias over the adults

- Changes to maiasaura AI (baby) now uses same NWT file as gallimimus


- new trex and tarbo stomp attack

- spino can use the claw swipe to defend itself outside of hunting

- fixed carnivores rampaging and falling into comas constantly

- maiasaura adults have proper attacks now

- baby maiasaura hp buff but now has negative defense


- Triceratops Torosaurus Styracosaurus Nodosaurus Maiasaura (adult) Can Now Miss Using Their Attacks

- attempting to fix spinos arms for when it falls over because it looks really weird

- Baryonyx can now use its deathduel animation when hunting (something it always shouldve done)


- Fixed postasuchus trying to grab enemies while in a muster state

- Acrocanthosaurus animations renamed so that its behaviours wont conflict with megalosaurus in the FSMS that they have to share

- massive decrease to raptors and dilophosaurus damage when they are latched to targets

- raptors and dilophos will stay latched on to a target for 1-20 seconds now

- raptors and dilophosaurus have their own unique attacks for targets either sleeping or targets they cant pounce on. While dilopho retains its bite attack, raptor now has a sort of "makeshift pounce" They will jump up and start ripping at their enemies ankles for around 6 seconds dealing 0.1x damage to their target every 0.5 seconds. Once a certain distance away though the raptors will undo their latch attack.

- Baby Maia now has galli's nwt file. testing to see if this encourages better herd behaviours

- Spinosaurus arms fixed

- fixed a triceratops animation that caused it to have a weird falling animation

- fixed torosaurus and pachycephalosaurus ramming attacks off sync (well toro at least... might need to somehow create a fifth special attack just for pachy)

- Shantungosaurus new headbutt attack for taking out raptors, and a specific stomp for taking them out after they are knocked over.

- Fixed allosaurus being unable to attack gigantoraptor and brachiosaurus and ankylosaurus

- decreased styracosaurus attack damage

- Stegosaurus Ankylosaurus, Kentrosaurus, and Camarasaurus when in a herd can now do something simalier to the ceratopsians and pachy and maia, except they will face their tails at the enemy and present a wall of thagomizers (except for camara, who just has a tail)

- still trying to figure out why stego and anky dont do damage in territorial duels

- if carnivores rest more often then their need to sleep will be less

- fixed triceratops's absolutely OP damage from its special attack


- Shantungosaurus has better raptor defense now, has a one shot stomp on them

- dilophosaurus will only bite, they will no longer pounce like raptors on their prey despite being the same TClass

- Working on a preening attack for hadrosaurs (where they try to scratch raptors off of them rather than just shaking wildly, kind of like the trike, except for like para/cory since they scratch their head it will be for raptors latched to the head, for maiasaura, ouranosaurus, shantungosaurus, edmontosaurus who scratch their sides they will only preen raptors off from their sides)

- Working on trying to fix small carnivores targetting adult maiasaura over babies and sometimes not even attacking the babies!

- decreased raptor damage, okay i was not aware of how much damage they were doing holy ****

- fixed postasuchus being unable to attack things it couldnt pounce on and either just stand there (kind of like if it were trying to grab something but failing) or just running around in circles around it

- slowly working on adding all the special attacks abilities ETC of carnivores into their rampage mode (they share rampage mode FSM with triceratops so i will need to add some code to seperate trex tarbo oxalaia and triceratops's stuff

- Tried making albertosaurus TClass dinosaurs attack cerato TClass dinosaurs when hungry... not working, only vice versa seems to be working so far....

- changed trex Attack in territory to just be a bite... for now...

- adjusted pachycephalosaurus and ETC territory distancing

- cant fix anky and stegos territory attacks.... they now use the same one as kentro just like they originally did in PMEP


- Changed Mod Logo and Icon

- Added more particles to the spinosaurus swimming animation

- added preening attack for shantungoasaurus

- fixed raptors floating sideways


- Changed spinosaurus's hatchery animation

- Changed Baby Maiasaura INI to hopefully make raptors attack it

- Baby Maia is now 0 stars

- New carcharadontosaurus model (credits to peenut2k17) new skin will be added for it soon

- V2.5 release date will be around next month i think


- Changed resting behaviours for carnivores. They will no longer roar repeatly, carnivores can rest longer now and also for less time now. They will look around or scratch themselves when laying down

- Carcharadontosaurus new skin

- Adult maiasaura new skin (babies not yet)

- Raptor Eating FSM Changes, hopefully they work i havent tested them yet. Hopefully this makes them avoiding carcasses if their not hungry work

- Spinosaurus can now fish when idle. Has same chance to try to fish as it does to swim. When fishing the spinosaurus will face the water before lowering its snout into the water and holding it there for between 15-70 seconds. It has a 1/10 chance to "catch a fish" which will be noticeable by it striking the water and then thrashing its head around before swallowing, as if it were devouring a fish (there is no actual fish though and hunger does not decrease yet). Spinosaurs should now stick around water sources and stay in the water alot more.

- Shantungosaurus VS Small Carnivores Behaviours Updated. Can now ram raptors near its head area simalier to trikes or stomp them down.

- Ouranosarus Damage Buff from 20 --> 30

- Ouranosaurus Armor Buff from 0.77 ---> 0.5

- Raptor Damage Nerfs

- Baby Maiasaura will now get attacked by raptors. Though raptors will still prioritize latchale targets (the f**k why though)

- Pachycephalosaurus Territorial Duel animations are adjusted so that they arent phasing through eachother.

- Torosaurus Territorial Duel animations are adjusted so that they arent phasing through eachother.

- Rugops buffed

- Fixed stegos one shotting everything

- New Carcharadontosaurus Behaviour, Very aggressive, will sometimes randomly attack things when not even hungry and attack fences. WIP havent tested if it works yet.

- Removed sniffing carcasses for large carnivores before eating and fixed them trying to eat from like 80 feet away and just getting stuck staring at the food.

- Decreased spinos defensive deathduel and claw attack damages

- Hopefully fixed shantungosaurus falling into comas when scared.

- increased the forest decoration's hitbox from 1 1 to 2 2, means "false" forests are less dense now.

- Raptors now run towards corpses rather than speed walking like idiots and removed unnessacary random animations when they are hungry. Invisible raptors should no longer be an issue.

- Postasuchus should no longer try to pick up humans in any circumstance. Also still trying to fix large carnivores ramapage mode being comatose and comatose being comatose (what the frick did i do?)

- Carnivores no longer look into the floor when sleeping. And they also no longer look around wildly when drinking

- Dinosaurs should no longer slide around briefly before slowing down to a halt after being shot with a tranquilizer.

- changed omnivores again



Spinosaurus: Wanders around and swims, occasionally just lies down to sunbath. May also occasionally speed walk around on "four" legs. Also will try to "fish". By far the most passive of the "3" main large carnivores from JPOG

Carcharadontosaurus/Giga/Torvo: Even when not hungry and just idle it may try to attack ANYTHING in its vicinity for no reason. Knocking them over with a guaranteed knockdown and then biting down on them once for a total of 1.8x damage from the attack before stepping back and roaring twice, May also roar while charging at them. Only kind of things it wont try to attack are its own species, Helicopters, The Jeeps. And Balloons.

Trex/Tarbo/Daspleto: Does not like being caged up, will attempt to break out very often while not even in rampage. Just an idle thing. When theres two of the same species theres a chance they will deathduel eachother. Resulting in either one of the dinosaurs being heavily damaged or even being killed instantly. Do not keep multiple trex/tarbo/daspleto in the same enclosure.

- Omnivores eating grass uses the same eating values as meat because they have no chewing animation so their barely getting hunger back

- gallimimus now small herbivore again, therby fixing behaviours



- Spino can now react to attacks in territory and can attack as well.

- Fixed spino looping recoiling and just ending up killing itself when in territory unless distracted out of it. (I think its fixed at least)

- Nerfed carcharadontosaurus's damage through the roof on its passive attack

- Omnivores can now kill cleaners


- figured out how to rename animations to custom named ones. Testing to see if they work if it does work behaviours will get more unique, more interactions between specific species. Raptors will prioritize attacking babies. Brachio deathduel with all carnivores. Carnivores will attack stegos from the front and trikes from the back. Spinos will swim after prey when in deeper water and get speed boost while everything else slows down a bit. Saurophaganax and Allo will be chill. Maybe make raptors ride on rugops without damaging them? Lol idk about the last part.


Will put more updates here soon


- carnivores who kill opponents in a territorial duel will roar victoriously like they did in PMEP and it WILL count as a kill

- more unique behavioural interactions between same species of carnivore simalier to GEP's raptor behaviour

- more unique behavioural interactions between same species of herbivore, not just gallimimus's flocking and hadrosaur crowding round shant and pachy/toro dueling

Pre-Release Current State

Pre-Release Current State


the current state of the mod before release. Will be updated up until release

Dinosaur reskins and Remodels

Dinosaur reskins and Remodels


even though this is a mod based on behaviours, i realized a few of the skins in my mod i made for fun do not appeal to the majority of people, so i decided...




So, if you all havent realized yet, i sometimes use different dinosaurs as references for my skins, example.) the tarbosaurus skin is based off a trex...

How to Break the 40 dinosaur species limit

How to Break the 40 dinosaur species limit

Other Tutorial 16 comments

A tutorial on something i literally just found out about, it may be a bit confusing and i dont know the full potential for it but heres a tutorial...

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AI Plus Mod V2.5

AI Plus Mod V2.5

Full Version 1 comment

Possible the final update to the mod, even though theres not 40 main dinos and the baby maia doesnt have a new skin... Basically fixes alot of things...

Postasuchus Rampage Fix

Postasuchus Rampage Fix

Patch 5 comments

IMPORTANT: REQUIRES AI PLUS MOD V2.0 TO FUNCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AI Plus Mod V2 0

AI Plus Mod V2 0

Full Version 20 comments

Version 2 of AI Plus Mod, with most bugs fixed and new behaviours added. As well as new skins and ETC!

Functioning Omnivores FSM

Functioning Omnivores FSM

Demo 1 comment

turns your dilophosaurus into omnivores, their behaviour will be listed below

Realistic Dinosaur Eating and Drinking Behaviours

Realistic Dinosaur Eating and Drinking Behaviours


the following things have been added/ changed in this demo_______________

All current fsms *fsms only*

All current fsms *fsms only*


contains all current fsms that are "finished" also includes the ini and models required to make the fsms work in game and no skins arent included and...

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 687,512 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Believer_Marxist - - 181 comments

The AIs of this mod can be compatible with another mods?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
darthquell - - 47 comments

Hello. I'm planning to make an un-canon hybrid mod just for fun, but one of my ideas requires herbivore animations for a carnivore (in this case, styracosaurus). Is it possible to make a unit that behaves like it but eats meat to survive?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
darthquell - - 47 comments

I also wanted to know if it's possible to make brand new animations and add them. If so, how would you do that? Can I do that on Blender?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
KingGhidorahofDeath Creator
KingGhidorahofDeath - - 636 comments

yes and yes

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 687,512 comments

Since you have a skill in making new ai, do you think you can make a mod or add-on that improves guest ai? It'd be appreciated

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
KingGhidorahofDeath Creator
KingGhidorahofDeath - - 636 comments

guests dont use fsms. I have zero idea where their ai is located.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Question: you metnioned once about making omnivores, correct? If that's the case, have you figured out how to do it? Because I was thinking of starting to mod this game, but I have no idea where to start. I already have my list and stuff. Any info you can give me will be appreciated

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
KingGhidorahofDeath Creator
KingGhidorahofDeath - - 636 comments

already have omnivores in the mod since it first released

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