Vanilla Diablo, but I removed the grind, simplified inventory management & horadric cube recipes, and increased the action & difficulty.


  • experience gained only from monsters above player level, starting with the Shamans in the Den of Evil
  • infinite stamina, and infinite quantity of projectile weapons and tomes
  • vendors will pay only 1 gold for items you sell
  • no more potion drops (potions only available from vendors, health & mana potions are now cheaper)
  • no more full rejuvenation potions. rejuvenation potions now 50% life & mana 10 seconds cooldown
  • 3 new potions:
    - cat's potion no° 9: gives 99 hitpoints every 9 seconds 9 times over
    - ras tafari's grass: gives 777 mana over 77 seconds
    - deckard's cocaine: faster movement & attack speed for 1 minute
  • antidote & thawing potions last for 1 minute
  • vendors sell only normal/superior equipment, prices adjusted to match item level
  • no more normal equipment drops, all equipment drops are only magic/rare/set/unique
  • chests drop 10% goods (jewelry/gems), 40% gold, 50% no drop
  • regular monsters drop 5% goods, 15% gold, 80% no drop
  • champions & superuniques drop 5% goods, 15% equipment, 80% gold
  • 10x more champions in all levels
  • bosses have 6 item drops
  • stronger attack & hp of all bosses
  • added weak fodder monsters to all levels
  • increased all monsters group size
  • added rune # to rune names
  • simplified hitpower, blood, caster, & safety horadric crafting recipes (only 1 gem & 1 item required)
  • removed gem bonuses (gems are now used only for the new horadric recipes, see next section below)
  • removed large & grand charm drops (all charm drops are now small)
  • lessened superfluous zeroes- all normal gold drops are base level, all item prices are divided by 10
  • edited characters' initial stats, weapons, and spells
  • edited initial run/walk speed to match the character's personality
  • starting mana regen rate is now 60 seconds
  • no more auto increase of life & mana per level up. every stat point in vitality/energy = 3 life/mana
  • balanced out level 1 weapons' & projectile weapons' damages
  • added class skills to these magic armor & weapons:
    - amazon: bows, arrows, spears, javelins, torso armor
    - sorceress: orbs, staff, circlets, belts
    - necromancer: wands, polearms, voodoo heads, gloves
    - paladin: scepters, swords, auric shields, helms
    - barbarian: axes, throwing axes, maces, hammers, primal helms
    - druid: clubs, knives, crossbows, bolts, pelts
    - assassin: throwing knife, katar, boots
  • clubs, maces, throwing knives, & throwing axes damage is maxed out proportionally to level 85
  • faster projectile weapons, faster monsters
  • changed sound effect of barbarian's bash, stun, concentrate, and berserk
  • changed stats of a few starting spells for survival in blood moor
  • velocity bonus for druid shapeshifts
  • gave blood raven a long bow, and a real "army that will destroy you" so that her taunt makes sense.
  • 10x10 stash, 10x9 inventory
  • included MultiRes, PlugY, and SnakeByte's No Intro & Fixed Font


2 runes -> 1 upgraded rune
1 rune -> 2 downgraded runes

any item -> re-roll at item level

key + socketed item -> unsocket gems (retains gems)

socketing skulls + any equipment -> add sockets (# of skulls in the cube = # of sockets)

diamond sharpening stone + ethereal equipment -> repair ethereal

*for the following recipes, output level = player level

diamond sharpening stone + normal equipment -> make superior
diamond sharpening stone + superior equipment -> upgrade basic>exceptional>elite

gold upgrade stone + normal item -> roll magic item (of the same type)
gold upgrade stone + superior item -> roll rare item (of the same type)
gold upgrade stone + magic item -> roll set item (of the same type)
gold upgrade stone + rare item -> roll unique item (of the same type)

2 amulets -> roll unique amulet
2 rings -> roll unique ring
2 jewels -> roll unique jewel
2 charms -> roll unique charm

sapphire + full helm -> hitpower helm
sapphire + chain boots -> hitpower boots
sapphire + chain gloves -> hitpower gloves
sapphire + heavy belt -> hitpower belt
sapphire + gothic shield -> hitpower shield
sapphire + field plate -> hitpower body
sapphire + amulet -> hitpower amulet
sapphire + ring -> hitpower ring
sapphire + blunt -> hitpower weapon

ruby + helm -> blood helm
ruby + light plated boots -> blood boots
ruby + heavy gloves -> blood gloves
ruby + belt -> blood belt
ruby + spiked shield -> blood shield
ruby + plate mail -> blood body
ruby + amulet -> blood amulet
ruby + ring -> blood ring
ruby + axe -> blood weapon

amethyst + mask -> caster helm
amethyst + boots -> caster boots
amethyst + leather gloves -> caster gloves
amethyst + light belt -> caster belt
amethyst + small shield -> caster shield
amethyst + light plate -> caster body
amethyst + amulet -> caster amulet
amethyst + ring -> caster ring
amethyst + rod -> caster weapon

emerald + crown -> safety helm
emerald + plate boots -> safety boots
emerald + gauntlets -> safety gloves
emerald + sash -> safety belt
emerald + kite shield -> safety shield
emerald + breastplate -> safety body
emerald + amulet -> safety amulet
emerald + ring -> safety ring
emerald + spear -> safety weapon


I originally installed Berserker Mod as a base, so I give big thanks to @mrnorris

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Jaina's Mod v1.0 (for Diablo II 1.13c) (works on Windows 7)

Jaina's Mod v1.0 (for Diablo II 1.13c) (works on Windows 7)

Full Version

Sorry.. I can't figure out how to make PlugY work with Windows 10. :( My mod relies on PlugY to work so... If anyone here can figure out how to make this...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 27)

I'm finding D2MultiRes_113c.dll is the reason it doesn't work in Windows 10. I'm using a Glide wrapper instead, and removed the dll from PlugY.ini, and it runs just fine.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Playing this one windows 10 i did the generic set all permission to xpsp3 and then fired it up got an error - googled the error and it suggested restart pc after restart everything is going fine so .... yea ...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Does this work with windows 10 yet?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
jainasmod Creator

Sorry.. I can't figure out how to make PlugY work with Windows 10. :( my mod relies on PlugY to work so... If anyone here can figure out how to make this work with Windows 10 and send me a Windows 10 fix, I'll be more than willing to upload it. :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This is an interesting take. Only one question about the charms:
What about Gheed's Fortune and Hellfire Torch?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
jainasmod Creator

Oh yeah I kept those there, I replaced only the medium and large charm graphics with small ones, I think. I made this mod early 2018 and I kinda forgot what I did, hehe

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I don't know if it happened just to me, I installed the mod all right but I don't get exp, the exp bar doesn't move

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
jainasmod Creator

You start to get experience with the fallen shamans and bishibosh in the Den of Evil... You get no experience from monsters of the same level, only monsters of a higher level. Makes more challenge :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

psst. cool mod :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
jainasmod Creator

Thanks! I'm really glad you like it! :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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