BaseMod Plugin
[v1.13.6] Update 2

Supports: Diablo II versions 1.13c, 1.13d, 1.14d & D2SE

- UberQuests & World Event
- Minions for UberQuest & World Event
- AutoGoldPickup with Sound and In Town options
- Custom Red Portals from Cube
- Gamble Refresh
- Merc Mod - Hireling can equip boots, gloves, belt, amulet and one ring
- Options for Rogue Hireling to equip cross bows and Amazon Bows
- Bypass 25 FPS limit for single player
- Ctrl Left Click Item extended to Inventory, Stash, Cube & Ground Drop
- Shift Left Click Beltable Item extended to Stash & Cube
- CPU Fix - with option to disable
- Animated Life/Mana Orbs Support (see docs)
- Animated Inventory Items support
- Option for Linear Magic Find Drop Rates
- Extended Objects - starts at ID#586
- Extended Levels support [255 levels]
- Extended Sounds & Music support
- All Missing SuperUniques can be spawned - not map based
- Nilathek Portal Fix
- Fix for Shadow Master - disappears much less for most maps
- Fix for NecroMancer revives so they don't wander off
- HyperJoin - fast loading for multiplayer
- MultiCopy Enabled
- Enable Ladder Only RuneWords in SP games
- Start game with nopickup console option
- Players X can be specified before startup
- Players 127 patch
- Set Language (requires preinstalled Language files to work)
- Secret Cow level can be entered even if Cow King has been killed
- Allow user to load 3 extra Dlls
- Supports Loading PlugY as an extra Dll
- Ethereal Armor Socket Bug Fix
- Display Item Level and Item Max Sockets
- CustomStringTable for storage and use of UTF8 strings in the game.
- Load a Custom Mpq file if present
- MPQINI Uses MPQ bin file for Ini Options
- Dynamic Health Bar
- Patch for the Treasure Goblin plugin
- CharmZone
- Anya Bug Fix
- Perfect Drops, a Drop Mod feature for item collectors
- Infinite Quest Rewards with Charge Gold from Akara, Charsi, Larzuk and Anya

Plugin can be renamed to yourmodname.dll. For that you'll need to figure out
how to change BaseMod.dll string in Game.exe Loader to yourmodname.dll.
Or use a separate loader to accomplish the same thing.

Should work with PlugY, but don't enable the same features in both plugins at the same time.
Choose one or the other.



Thanks to Kaladann [Casual Nostalgia] for initial testing and suggestions.
Thanks to DarkQuake [Grail] for followup testing and suggestions.
Thanks to Zekken [Content Update Mod] for testing pre-release versions.

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BaseMod v1.13.6 updates


World Event now has the option to add 1-4 extra Uber Diablo's in the World Event as a monster pack. Each can spawn minions, if enabled. Each Uber drops an Annihilus charm when defeated. There are different settings for Single Player and Multi Player games to spawn the extra Ubers. - All coded from scratch, all original.

You can configure settings for Extra Ubers and minion spawning with the new parameters in
[WEMinions] section of BaseMod.ini.

Uber minions now hard coded for the Uber quest. All coded from scratch. Its been requested several times by people who want BaseMod to mirror this online content. I'd rather keep it close to vanilla.

You can adjust the parameters in [UberMinions] for each Uber

- Minion spawn radius
- Number of minions inside spawn radius
- Chance to spawn

BaseMod - Uber Quest with Minions

Extended quest rewards allows NPC vendors to offer Respec, Imbue, Add Sockets and Personalize item, after their quest is completed. This feature extends NPC one time only functions with charge gold, and is coded to integrate with the games quest system. Also works with imported save game character files.

Infinite Respec from Akara - 3000 gold per clvl - (min cost 5000)

Infinite Imbue from Charsi - 500 gold per clvl - (min cost 5000)

Infinite Sockets from Larzuk - Cost 20,000 gold

Infinite Personalize from Anya - Cost 20,000 gold

BaseMod adds a Perfect Drops feature for item collectors


Perfect Drops allows you to modify most of the items generated in the game.

[PerfectDrops] can set the options to:

Make items drop with perfect stats
Drop items already repaired
Drop items identified
Force class specific items to give 9 skill points, except for low quality.
Force all magic items to get a prefix and a suffix.
Force 4 affix rares on jewels & 6 affix rares on weapons/armor - rings/amulets.
Force a minimum of 2 sockets on items, when possible, instead of one socket.
Allow dropping of more than one Unique item in the the same game.

It does not remove all the junk and low quality items, because that makes normal game play less interesting.

BaseMod updates its string table to work from index.

BaseMod.tbl now works the same way as string.tbl, patchstring.tbl, and expansionstring.tbl. You can use this table to store your own strings for in game use.

BaseMod.tbl usable string index from 30050 to 39999 (7562h - 9C3Fh). The first 49 strings are reserved.

This Example replaces the game string "Required Dexterity:" stored in string.tbl with
"Test String:" stored in BaseMod.tbl



Before D2Client.dll EditBefore

After D2Client.dll EditAfter

In Game Display of test string.


RSS Files


Full Version 2 comments

BaseMod is a plugin for Diablo II Mods. It enhances the original game with new code.




BaseMod Mpq Pack plugin for adding Expanded Inventory and Full Equip Merc. Be sure to read the install.txt and WARNING.txt.



Full Version

BaseMod D2SE Install Package for Diablo II Lord of Destruction.

D2SE Mod Manager

D2SE Mod Manager

Installer Tool

D2SE is a Mod Manager, developed by Seltsamuel. D2SE makes it possible to quickly change between mods created for different versions of Diablo II.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 58)

Are those listed changes are the only things that have been changed? Like Fire enchanted bug that you fixed on UVLoD - that's not included in this mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
devurandom96 Creator

I don't remember if Fire Enchant got fixed in the other. I'm thinking it should only get fixed for HC characters anyway. BaseMod is a plugin - not a mod, it doesn't include all the simple code edits.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

If ethereal item socket bug has been fixed, why not the other bugs in the game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
devurandom96 Creator

D2 LoD vanilla code has at least 100 bugs. It would take many thousands of hours to fix them all without source. I think one guy did it, or came close, and he's been at it for 10+ years.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

So I assume you don't want to spend your time fixing the bug in this game?

Please don't try to make any excuse. I just want to see the answer.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
devurandom96 Creator

Seems like you're here to troll, or manipulate people to get your way. You can make a suggestion to fix something, but your comments go on and on and on. Besides all that, the Fire Enchant Bug got nerfed in 1.13c by Blizzard anyway.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I apologize if you felt that way. My intention was to ask if this mod covers the same thing that's been covered in your other mod, and if not, wanted to ask any reason for it.

And yes, you are correct about FE getting fixed, but they only nerfed the damage on hell difficulty. On nightmare, if Lister or Ancients, or even council members gets FE modifier, you can certainly die with max fire res.

FE damage bug is only one of many things I wanted to see it fixed anyway. Can I assume all the other bugs are still present, except that Ethereal armor socket bug that you personally felt it needed fixing?

I'll be honest, eth armor bug is probably the last bug that people wanted to see it getting fixed, so I don't really get why you decided to fix that specific bug out of all the others... No offence, of course. I just want to know why.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
devurandom96 Creator

Ok.. lets see your list the top bugs to fix in D2. CPU bug is by far the worst in the entire game.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

amigo en este mod el drop es vainilla o esta aumentado ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
devurandom96 Creator

hola amigo, hace ambas cosas. Ver opciones para


; Opción para tasas de caída de búsqueda mágica lineal
; Mejora las caídas de objetos únicos, raros y mágicos

Enabled=1 ;1 para habilitar

; DropIdentified: artículos identificados como drop
; RareAffix - Force 4 Affix raras en joyas y 6 Affix raras en armas / armaduras - anillos / amuletos
; MagicAffix - Forzar elementos mágicos para obtener Prefijo y Sufijo
; StaffMods: fuerza 9 puntos de habilidad a elementos específicos de la clase [excepto de baja calidad]
; PerfectItems: TODOS los artículos quedan perfectos [excepto los de calidad normal y baja]
; DropRepaired - TODOS los artículos Drop reparados [excepto normal y de baja calidad]
; RepairNormal - TODOS los artículos normales se reparan por caída
; UniqueNoLimit: omite el límite de artículo único de una gota por juego
; Force2Sockets: los elementos normales> ilvl 25 obtienen 2 enchufes como mínimo en lugar de 1 cuando sea posible.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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