This mod introduces more diversity into Iron Harvest. Many feel that the infantry and common air units all feel very similar. This mod addresses this. All common units have had their stats slightly changed for each faction, changing how they play. The mod also introduces an airfield structure. Each faction also has 1 unique air unit and 1 specialist skybike, making the airfield structure worth to go for.

I felt that the endgame was a bit stale with only 1 type of superheavy, so I also introduced 2 more superheavy variants for all factions.

To further diversify the game, the weapon systems are distributed differently in Barracks and Advanced Barracks for each faction. I have also created a new special infantry unit for each faction, a "elite" unit that cannot pick up nor drop weapons.

Lastly, it is possible to recruit special factions by building their special structure via the pioneer. These minor factions have special units which can greatly affect the battle.

Changelog/Patch Notes:


  • Engineers: Engineers can build Airfield and the Anti-aircraft turret.
  • Airlift: Gains rallying cry.
  • Gunship now costs 3 coins to choose from reserves.
  • Medic veterancy threshold increased.
  • Structures now give experience to the unit that built it.
  • Bunker costs greatly reduced.
  • Sandbags are free and build time decreased greatly.
  • Barbed Wire build time greatly decreased.
  • All Superheavies now can use Rallying Cry
  • Engineer health increased to 125
  • Flamethrower splash increased to 2, and Flamethrower health increased to 125.


Infantry Changes

Mortar and Field Cannon

  • Polania can now build mortar from barracks, field cannon has been moved to Advanced Barracks.

New Structure: Automine

  • Produces 1 iron per tick.

New Infantry Unit Commandos:

  • Commandos are elite troops of Polania. They are armed with close ranged shotguns and have a passive stealth ability, allowing them to ambush unsuspecting troops. Commandos benefit more from cover than normal troops.

Polanian Riflemen:

  • Health reduced to 95.
  • Smaller in cover.

Polanian Gunner rework: Snipers:

  • Polanian Gunners are armed with long range, anti-mech rifles. They have long range and are highly accurate, but have a longer reload time. Their rifles are effective against Infantry but fall off against Heavy armour.
  • Health reduced to 85

Polanian Grenadier rework

  • Polanian Grenadiers are harder to knock down and are slightly faster. Grenadiers have a smaller hitbox while in cover.

Polanian Medic

  • Polania can now build medics.

Mech Changes


  • Health increased to 225.
  • Can hit air.

Straznik Mech:

  • Increased Suppression
  • Can hit air

Smialy Mech:

  • Reduced damage to light and medium and splash radius

Mocny Mech:

  • Increased range and decreased deploy time
  • Mg suppression increased.

Lowca Mech:

  • Speed increased
  • Can hit air

Polanian Tur Variants:

  • Standard Tur: Increased splash, Can hit air.
  • Rapid-Fire Tur: This variant fires much faster, but deals less damage. Can hit air.
  • Anti-Armour Tur: This variant fires an armour piercing shell. It deals lots of damage against armour and very accurate. Can hit air.

Polanian Skybike:

  • Normal skybike but faster. Can hit air.

Polanian Gunship:

  • The Gunship is armed with a powerful cannon. High damage but cannot hit air.

New Unit: Polanian Winged Hussars:

  • The Winged Hussars of Polania now take to the skies aboard their new model skybikes. They are armed with powerful anti-mech guns and fast
  • Can hit air.

New Unit: Polanian Eagle Frigate:

  • The Polanian Eagle Frigate is armed with a light cannon and can stealth.
  • Low hp and moderate damage.
  • Can hit air.

Oil Pump

  • Upgrade cost reduced to 250 iron, 10 oil


  • Cost reduced to 200 iron, 125 oil, and 42 seconds.
  • Upgrade cost reduced to 450 iron, 225 oil, and 55 seconds.

Michal Sikorski

  • Reduced reinforcement cost
  • Can hit air.

Anna Kos

  • Increased unarmoured damage
  • Can hit air


Infantry Changes

Medical Tent can now be built by engineers.

New Infantry Unit: Sturmpioneers

  • Sturmpioneers are the elite troops of Saxony.
  • Sturmpioneers are armed with Panzerfaust rpgs, and can build bunkers, barbed wire, and sandbags. They can also repair mechs.

Saxony Stormtroopers:

  • Health increased to 105.
  • Increased suppression

Saxonian Gunner Rework: Panzerschreck Truppen

  • Panzerschrecks are highly accurate and have longer range. However, they have a much longer reload time and are more expensive.
  • Can hit air.

Saxonian Grenadier:

  • Health increased to 125.
  • Increased suppression

Saxonian Medics:

  • Removed as an option from barracks.

Saxonian Flamethrowers:

  • Add as an option in Barracks.
  • Health increased to 150.

Mech Changes

Eisenhans Exosuit:

  • New Veteran Ability: Shrapnel Mortars: The Eisenhans makes an attack with its Shrapnel Mortars. Effective to infantry.
  • Eisenhans mortars also have decreased air time.

Grimbart Mech:

  • Health Reduced to 1000.
  • Increased suppression.
  • Can hit air.


  • Cannon Burst increased to 5.

Stiefmutter Mech:

  • New Veteran Ability: Grenade Rain: The Stiefmutter fires a massive burst of mini grenades aroound itself.


  • Can hit air.

Kaiser variants:

  • Standard Kaiser: Increased suppression on mgs, gains rallying cry.
    • Can hit air
  • Howitizer Kaiser: This variant is armed with a long range, high splash cannon.
    • Increased suppression on mgs, gains rallying cry.
    • Can hit air
  • Devastator Kaiser: Weaker main gun and armed with side cannons instead of side mgs.
    • Gains rallying cry.
    • Can hit air

Saxonian Skybike

  • The Skybike is armed with bombs, which are very effective against Infantry.
  • Removed AA mgs.

Saxonian Gunship:

  • Reduced medium and heavy armour damage.
  • Increased splash.
  • Removed AA mgs.

New Unit: Wyvern

  • The Wyvern is an alternate model of the skybike that is armed with a grenade launcher. It is very effective against infantry, able to knock them down with the kinetic force of grenades.
  • Can hit air

New Unit: Drachen Crusier

  • The Pride of Saxony's air fleet is the Drachen Cruiser. Armed with cannons and swarms of machine guns, it is a sight to behold. The fearsome sight of a Drachen brings fear to enemies and raises the morale of allies.
  • Heavy armour, 1250 health.
  • Slow

Iron Mine

  • Upgrade cost decreased to 20 iron, 50 oil.


  • Cost increased to 215 iron, 75 oil, and 30 seconds.


  • Cost increased to 195 iron, 150 oil, and 30 seconds.
  • Upgrade cost increased to 435 iron, 175 oil, and 45 seconds.


  • Reduce transition time from stand to attack and attack to stand.
  • Can hit air


  • Can hit air


  • Can hit air


New Structure: Forward Factory

  • Can train and heal Ognivos and Kolokols
  • Can train engineers
  • Can heal Nakovalnyas

Infantry Changes:


  • HMG moved to Barracks.

New Infantry Unit: Conscripts

  • Conscripts are weaker than their standard counterparts, the Vanguards. However, they are much cheaper, and upon reaching veteran and elite their stats increase dramatically.
  • Health decreased to 80.
  • Reinforce cost decreased to 10 iron.

Rusviet Gunner Rework: Rocketeers

  • Rocketeers fire guided rockets. They can occasionally pierce through armour and deal critical damage. Rocketeers also move faster.
  • Health decreased to 100.
  • Can hit air

Rusviet Engineer:

  • Model count increased to 6.
  • Reinforce cost decreased to 10 iron.

Rusviet Vanguards:

  • Reinforce cost decreased to 10 iron.
  • Model count increased to 6.
  • Damage slightly decreased.

Rusviet Grenadier

  • Rusviet Grenadiers move faster.
  • Higher starting damage.
  • Model count increased to 6.
  • Reinforce cost decreased to 10 iron.

Rusviet Flamer

  • Model count increased to 6.
  • Removed as an option from barracks.
  • Reinforce cost decreased to 10 iron.

Rusviet LMG

  • Rusviet can now build lmgs. Their lmgs are faster and have a smaller hitbox while in cover. LMGs have reduced burst and damage and are trainable from Barracks.
  • Model count increased to 6.
  • Reinforce cost decreased to 10 iron.

Mech Changes

Groza Exosuit:

  • Jump ability range increased.
  • Health increased to 200.

Kolokol Mech:

  • New Veteran Ability: Axial: The Kolokol's attack has increased range.
  • Kolokol grenade launcher attack damage slightly decreased.
  • Can hit air

Nakovalnya Mech:

  • Can hit air while in Sentry mode.

Serp Mech:

  • The Serp now has resistance against attacks coming from the front.
  • Serp now has dual heavy anti air mgs.
  • Damage increased
  • Buffed Rallying Cry

Gulyay Variants:

  • Standard Gulyay: Can hit air, gains Rallying Cry.
  • Breacher Gulyay: This variant fires an autocannon. It has a shield on the left side which reduces incoming fire.
    • Can hit air, gains Rallying Cry.
  • Bombard Gulyay: This variant fires a Devastator Missile as a main attack. It takes a long time to reload.
    • Gains Rallying Cry.

Air Changes

Rusviet Skybike:

  • The Skybike is armed with guided rockets, which are effective against all armour types.
  • Can hit air.

Rusviet Gunship:

  • The Gunship fires a powerful missile. Can hit air.
  • Removed AA mgs.

New Unit: Ognemet

  • A standard skybike armed with a close range shotgun instead of an anti-ground mg. It is very weak but also very cheap.
  • Can hit air.

New Unit: Ural

The Ural is the pride of Rusviet. A tough mech bristling with bomb launchers, it lays waste to all in its path. However, it cannot attack air units.

Iron Mine:

  • Upgrade cost decreased to 30 iron, 50 oil, and 39 seconds.

Oil Pump:

  • Upgrade cost decreased to 200 iron, 30 oil, and 40 seconds.


  • Cost increased to 225 iron, 75 oil, and 55 seconds.
  • Upgrade cost increased to 400 iron, 110 oil, and 65 seconds.


  • Cost increased to 300 iron, 140 oil, and 55 seconds.
  • Upgrade cost increased to 575 iron, 170 oil, and 65 seconds.


  • Cost increased to 250 iron, 160 oil, and 55 seconds.
  • Upgrade cost increased to 525 iron, 200 oil, and 65 seconds.

New Hero: Tsar Nicolaus (Replaces Viktor Popov):

The leader of Rusviet has joined the battle! Armed with a devastating Gatling Revolver and a Rocket Launcher, Nicolaus is a dangerous reserve 1 hero. He is extremely cheap to build and can be reinforced for free, however, Nicolaus cannot be rebuilt nor revived! Nicolaus also unsuppresses nearby infantry.

  • Can hit air.

Lev Zubov

  • Reduce transition times from jump to attack and time between attacks
  • Increased jump range.
  • Shoulder Cannons can hit air.

Olga Morozova

  • SMG can hit air.


New Infantry Unit: Rangers

  • They are very expensive but build very fast and move quite fast. Rangers are armed with SMGs.
  • Can use grenade storm when vet.


  • Model count decreased to 4.
  • Fires a clip of 5 instead of 4.
  • Damage increased to make up for smaller model count.


  • Cannoneers fire a 4 burst cannon. They deal less damage than conventional gunners and are less inaccurate.
  • Model count decreased to 4.
  • Can hit air.


  • Paratroopers have higher stats than normal Volunteers and can stealth.
  • Multi-shot rifles replaced with anti-armour recoilless rifles.


  • Model count decreased to 4.
  • Fires a clip of 5 instead of 4.
  • Damage increased to make up for smaller model count.
  • 125 hp


  • Model count decreased to 4.


  • Model count decreased to 4.
  • Removed from barracks.


  • Reduced damage on mgs, increased cost.
  • Veteran ability damage greatly reduced.
  • High suppression, unsuppresses nearby allies.
  • Can hit air.


  • Reduced inner splash radius.
  • Increased outer splash radius
  • less health.


  • Reduced damage
  • Reduced burst on rockets
  • Light cannons fire faster
  • Can hit air.


  • Increased health
  • gains heavy armour
  • Gains rallying cry

New Unit: Monroe:

  • Launches 3 bomber drones.
  • Can deploy rangers


  • Anti-armour airship
  • Cannot hit air.


  • Airship armed with a light cannon
  • Can hit air.

New Unit: Crocket:

  • The Crocket is a tougher and stronger skybike. It has more range and can fire a swarm of rockets.
  • Can hit air.

Revere Albacore:

  • Can hit air.

New Unit: Woodhull:

  • Armed rockets.
  • Can hit air.


  • Gains rallying cry
  • Can deploy cannoneers
  • Can hit air.

New Unit: John Paul Jones:

  • Aerial battleship armed machine guns and heavy cannon batteries.
  • Heavy Armour, but has only 1000 health.
  • Fast
  • Gains rallying cry
  • Can deploy rangers.
  • Can hit air.

Oil Pump

  • Cost reduced to 200 iron, 20 oil, and 30 seconds.

Iron Mine

  • Cost increased to 30 iron, 65 oil, and 45 seconds.


  • Cost decreased to 250 iron, 115 oil, and 25 seconds.
  • Upgrade cost decreased to 475 iron, 140 oil, and 40 seconds.


  • Cost decreased to 225 iron, 130 oil, and 30 seconds.
  • Upgrade cost decreased to 520 iron, 160 oil, and 45 seconds.


  • Can deploy paratroopers

Bunker (level 2)

  • Can deploy rangers
  • Armed with mg.

Bunker (level 3)

  • Can deploy gunners
  • Armed with mg.

Flame Bunker

  • No longer can be upgraded to
  • built seperately


William Mason:

  • William Mason was exceptionally powerful so now his turret deals costs more resources to repair.
  • Also William's handgun's damage has also been reduced.
  • Can hit air.

New Hero: Randolph Wells:

He may not be fearless warrior, but Randolph Wells is a foe to be feared. Armed with a powerful pistol, Randolph can deal with Infantry very easily. Randolph is very cheap, and only costs 1 coin.

  • Can hit air.

George Mason:

  • Can hit air.

New Engineer Unit: Pioneer:

The pioneer can produce all bunkers, production structures, and once vetted, can produce the AA turret and the special "mini-faction" structures.


Mini-factions are unlocked by producing their corresponding structure. Upon unlocking them, you gain access to 3 unique troops.


Guerillas: A 4 man squad of stealthed snipers, the Guerillas are highly effective against infantry. They fire 2 shot rifles.

Battle Camels: A trio of Camels with LMGs on their backs.

Anti-Armour Battle Camels: A trio of Camels with 2 burst anti-armour cannons on their backs.

Civilian Militia:

Militia: A squad of cheap riflemen ready to defend their homes.

Transport: A repurposed bus that can transport allies. It moves quite fast.

Woodcutter: A weak melee mech.


Sluga: A 7 squad group of robots. They have a weak melee weapon but are adept at repairing damaged mechs.

Setac: A trio of exosuits. They are armed with a powerful anti-armour tesla cannon and can charge it up to shock enemy infantry.

Cuvar: A heavily armoured mech hunter. It is armed with a powerful railgun and can bunker up to be nearly invulnerable. Can also deploy shock traps and fire rockets.


Revolutionary Band: A 10 man squad of weak rebels armed with rifles. They have relatively high health.

Shockers: A trio of crude exosuits armed with tesla guns. They have little health and can be easily killed.

Annhilator: The ultimate doomsday mech. It is armed with a powerful lightning cannon and can use a large variety of powerful abilities.

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Rusviet Air Units

Feature 1 comment

Hey guys,
this feature will showcase the first changes so far in the Diversity Mod. I have made each Rusviet air unit different from the base ones, and they are all producible from the new structure, the Rusviet airfield. Files for these changes will be forthcoming once all factions gain the Airfield and unique aircraft.


When Usonia attacked Rusviet forces in Alaska, the Rusviets were able to capture many downed Skybikes from both sides. The poor performance of the Rusviet skybikes against Usonian Airships like the Revere prompted them to redesign their existing mod. The end product is the present skybike.

Armed with guided rockets, the Rusviet skybike is effective against both air and ground, and outrange the standard skybike. Furthermore, the explosive power of the rockets create crowd control, something the original mgs could not do.

Developed in a secret base in the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Tsarist forces have been able to keep this model of skybikes from Revolutionary hands.

Skybike launching rockets at targets.


Health: 600

Armour: Light

Move Speed: 3.6

Cost: 300 Iron, 60 Oil, 3 population

Repair Cost: 5 Iron per 50 Health

Reserve: Reserve 1, 1 coin, 210 Iron, 40 Oil

Rocket Weapon Stats:

Damage Against Unarmoured: 20

Damage Against Light: 30

Damage Against Medium: 25

Damage Against Heavy: 10

Damage Against Structure: 5

Burst: 4

Reload Time: 4.5 Seconds

Range: 45


The original Airlift was far too basic and slow for modern mechanized combat, so a new model was developed. The new Airlift is faster and can unleash a rallying cry, healing and removing suppression for allies, while suppressing enemies.

The sight of an Airlift raises the morale of troops on the field, while enemies are demoralized.

Rusviet Airlift supports a vanguard squad to breach an enemy position.


Health: 1300

Armour: Medium

Move Speed: 4

Cost: 300 Iron, 30 Oil, 3 population

Repair Cost: 5 Iron per 100 Health

Reserve: Reserve 1, 2 coin, 180 Iron, 20 Oil

MG Weapon Stats:

Damage Against Unarmoured: 3

Damage Against Light: 3

Damage Against Medium: 3

Damage Against Heavy: 3

Damage Against Structure: 3

Burst: 16

Reload Time: 4 Seconds

Range: 16

Suppression Removal Range: 15


The Usonian Gunships used by Rusviet had a special ammunition that Rusviet could not constantly buy, so the Rusviet military built its own weapon for its gunships. Its design is very similar to the Nagan's: high burst, medium damage, and low accuracy. However, the Gunship's ammunition is much more explosive.

The Rusviet Gunship can also use a variety of special abilities to support units on the ground. These are a sweep of bullets to suppress enemy infantry and a powerful rocket that deals a lot of single target damage.

Gunships bombarding enemy structures.


Health: 800

Armour: Medium

Move Speed: 2.2

Cost: 550 Iron, 120 Oil, 5 population

Repair Cost: 5 Iron, 2 Oil per 50 Health

Reserve: Reserve 2, 2 coin, 440 Iron, 95 Oil

Gunships Volley Cannon Stats:

Damage Against Unarmoured: 60

Damage Against Light: 35

Damage Against Medium: 25

Damage Against Heavy: 20

Damage Against Structure: 10

Burst: 4

Reload Time: 6 Seconds

Range: 40

Rusviet Airfield

Rusviet Airfield can build air units.

This structure is still being worked on, but it is now the productions structure for air units. Rusviet air units have since been removed from barracks and workshop. Note that although it uses the headquarters model, the Airfield is a separate structure.

Rusviet Airfield upgrade in progress

Rusviet Airfield being upgraded.

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Great War Mod 1.02

Great War Mod 1.02

Patch 5 comments

Compatibility patch for new update. Mod can now be played in campaign and the world map mode. Includes a few small balance changes.

Great War Mod 1.01

Great War Mod 1.01

Patch 4 comments

Balance changes, added new content, you know, the usual.

Great War Mod 1.001 [OUTDATED]

Great War Mod 1.001 [OUTDATED]

Patch 2 comments

New patch. Replaces Polanian Commando with Cavalry and a Knox rework.

Great War Mod [OUTDATED]

Great War Mod [OUTDATED]

Patch 6 comments

Increased resource production and population for larger armies. Also included some balance changes.

Diversity Mod 3.01 [OUTDATED]

Diversity Mod 3.01 [OUTDATED]


A Compatibility patch for the latest patch and some balance changes. Sorry but I could not figure out how to add Extreme Resources to the game options.

Diversity Mod 3.0 [OUTDATED]

Diversity Mod 3.0 [OUTDATED]

Full Version 6 comments

This patch does a major rework of the mod by changing costs of units, balancing many units, removing a bunch of abilities, and completely reworking Usonia...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 28)

dead mod??

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Steel_Legionnaire Creator

Yeah its sort of dead since there's not much more that can be added to the game since Iron Harvest has limited modding capability. Perhaps I might fiddle around with the campaign in the future.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Idk if I'm doing something wrong but the new AA mechs for all factions seem to be broken they do not work they won't spawn if you attempt to produce them. I have tried with all factions and none of them will spawn.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Steel_Legionnaire Creator

Does it not work for all skirmish maps?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Wow, excellent work, really adds a lot of fun to the game. Here's hoping one day the devs allow for the unit images and titles to be changed and maybe even new models introduced. Not sure why but with the new units and balance changes game feels like the way it should be as opposed to whatever vanilla is.

The only tricky part is the new air units seem to murder end game units but that's more to do with the AI unfortunately not defending them. Excellent stuff all round!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

разработчик мода ты осел верни все как было баланс портит мод как и игру!! не будьте раками без баланса играйте и все улучшайте а не на оборот

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Steel_Legionnaire Creator

? I don't have enough data to fix what is broken. Can u tell me which units are op? Also this is a mod. U don't need to play it if u don't like it lel.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

hi, I wanted to ask how to install the mod in question. I hope you can help me out. Kind regards from me

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Steel_Legionnaire Creator
Steel_Legionnaire Join the IH modding server and I can help u there.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Latest update broke the description of almost every troop, I don't care, this **** slaps astronomically. Your mod is the only reason I didn't refund, even the AI spamming engineers for the 5743289563489th time is of no matter, they just walk into machine gun fire regardless, turning their wives into widows and me into a smiling man.

Thanks for making a game with a WW1 theme more defensive, much love

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Steel_Legionnaire Creator

That's great to hear. What do you mean about breaking the description of every troop? What units have this bug? That should not have happened but if that's the case I should fix that.
Also I'll try to see if I can stop the AI from spamming engineers so much lol. However, the devs are the one that chooses the AI build order so idk if I can fix that.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Didn't read the file description first and thought the white picture was a bug, and some new units got missing descriptions (always shows their file name instead of a description i. e LOC_sax_aircraft_wyvern_desc). Arabic troops from battle tents don't have this bug, maybe it only applies to custom-made units?

Found another one in the final mission of the game btw. Once you kill a certain spiderbot right at the beginning (part of an enemy troop on the lower left from your spawnpoint) his corpse spawns an infinite amount of other spiderbot-corpses, eventually bricking your PC and CPU if you aren't fast enough to force-close the game.
Had to go throught the unimaginale suffering of deleting and reinstalling the mod before and after the mission, which took about 20 seconds. There were no differences betwen the modded mission compared to the normal one, so I can't really tell what caused it.

Got the GOG version and usually run the game directly over the exe. file, no idea if this plays a role or not.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Steel_Legionnaire Creator

Yep that only applies to New units.

As for the spiderbot bug, I've tried to fix it countless times, but it always seems to reoccur. I'll do my best to try to fix it.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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