To enhance the models and textures of the The Temple of Elemental Evil, Temple Plus and Circle of Eight modpack version 8.1.0 New Content


o The Temple of Elemental Evil patched with 1.0 and 2.0 updates
o Circle of Eight Modification Pack version 8.1.0 New Content (ONLY)
o Temple + 1.0.79 and above


  • Enhanced Track UI and other User Interface folders
  • Enhanced Radial menu sliders
  • Enhanced Red inventory exit button
  • Enhanced charUI main_window_0_0.tga
  • Removed blue hover outline boxes on attributes
  • Restored vanilla Portraits and applied slight brightness
  • Re-colored co8 interface


  • Added ambient wind sound to all exterior maps
  • Changed Improved invisibility spell to Invisibility spell sound
  • Restored Main menu music
  • Restored Haste spell sound by mixing two vanilla .wav files


  • Made rivers and swamps texture semi-transparent
  • Realistic water scenery



  • Added a new hair skeletal model for elf wizard and fighter portrait
  • Added missing spike gauntlet texture entries
  • Added missing female wild elf entry on protos.tab file (Temple Plus)
  • Added missing female black dress entries
  • Added the correct texture path for red and green mystic garb for eastern texture race
  • Adjustments on skeletal model of female dwarf clothing
  • Adjustments on skeletal model of great helm
  • Adjustments on worg and polar bear textures
  • Brand new hair styles and color selection to best match vanilla portraits
  • Brand new portrait for lacedon
  • Changed hair swatch pink to blue (retained-a-pink-hair-for-lydia)
  • Changed half-elf texture race to elf texture race
  • (NEW KHAOS UPDATE !) Dwarf male can now wear chain helmet without losing their beards. Swappable chain helmet if the game detects it is worn by a different race (only drawback is removed hood for Dwarf male for all types of hoodies – but looking forward to fix it soon)
  • Familiar models (revised-to-work-with-temple-plus)
  • Fixed male black dress entries (new races)
  • (NEW KHAOS UPDATE !) Fixed human male and female overflowing hair in Wizard Hats
  • Improved race textures and skeletal models
  • Improved documentation format and style
  • Improved existing race textures and given a brand new race textures for new races (Temple Plus)
  • Improved hair textures
  • Improved skeletal model for Rannos Davl and hextor priest (LE-Vignette)
  • Improved texture and skeletal model of Stone giant troop
  • Improved texture and skeletal model of Scorpp


  • Improved texture and skeletal model of mephit summons


  • Improved texture and skeletal model of lamellar armor


  • Improved texture of chain helm, gloves and boots


  • Restored all races male sorcerer garb


  • Restored generic dwarf race texture

dwarforiginal dwarficycustom

  • Restored the skeletal models of sniverfblin, tall fellow, strongheart and ghost wise (Temple Plus)
    • Improved skeletal model of sniverfblin male (Temple Plus)
    • Adjustments on Halfling male and female skull structure including its sub races based on the 3.5 players' handbook

sniverfblin new model

hafling top human bottomx

  • Restored the skeletal models of fragarach and scather


  • Restored the textures of quarterstaff



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Icy Demon Khaos

Icy Demon Khaos

Full Version

Please check Readme.docx for installation details!


Very well done. The water is too transparent but everything else is great.

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