I have been improving one of Undying Nephalim's older releases of Hyrule Total War - namely the 3.8 version released at the end of 2014 and the final version with all the old faction rosters. The mod will have custom strat-map cities/agents, custom battle-map settlements, new resources on the map, new factions such as Majora and the Oocca, new units for most older factions and the minor factions especially, new animations, new 2d-art. Majora will use unused reskins for the Zora, Kokiri, Gorons and Hylians made by the Undying Nephalim, while also using new re-skins made by Codeman over at the Hyrule Conquest Discord for the rest of the intended factions that Neph intended for Majora to use - and this submod aims to bring you the most finished Hyrule Total War yet - using the older models because i think some of them were better but not all.

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New Alliances based on Neph's original ideas - and the Hyrule Historia videos, added info-text for those heroes/units that lacked it, new unit_info-portraits for the Great Sea-units, Poe-mercs available as regionals for the Church of Majora, new victory goal for Majora, Linbeck-hero with Pistolmen bodyguard for the Labrynna Regime and more numerous starting forces for Prince Zant, Gold Knuckle Officers for the Bronze/Iron Knuckles, improved Zuna starting economy, Reb Silv Surf Pathfinders fix!

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Just a warning guys - When starting this mod, make sure to play as the Kingdom of Hyrule first for at least one turn, as you will then see if everything works as intended - if the Hylia picture shows then everything is fine with the scripts and you can exit and then start the campaign as anyone of your choice.

- If you start the campaign as another faction it could work, but sometimes like with Majora when i tried to start with them - they would CTD at turn 2 or 3 because the scripts would be in disorder and the Hylia pic etc wouldn't show.

To avoid any CTD-issues at like turn 1 or 2 you'd need to play one turn with the Kingdom of Hyrule in the campaign to set the scripts in order.

Also, if the game is crashing at like turn 41 then that is normal, and you should be able to re-start and continue playing - you can load the autosave/saved game immediately so don't worry about the script. The "Play Hyrule for 1 turn"-thing is only before starting new campaigns.

Download 4GB patch for Warcraft Total War - Mod DB

The 4gb patch found in the Warhammer: BotET-mod - it's required for the Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate to work. I have decided to upload it here so people won't have to download the entire BotET (Beginning of the End Times) submod for Call of Warhammer.

Patch your kingdoms.exe, and only do it once. It will make all heavy mods work and be more stable. Without the patch you may experience alot of crashes. If you have Steam it's the medieavl2.exe you will need to patch - you don't need to use this patch if you've done it for other mods already.

Installation CD:

It's stand-alone, you don't need HTW 4.5/4.6 to play this version - being a submod just means i didn't make the full mod, i continued work on Undying Nephalims older 3.8 version.

- Being a submod doesn't mean that you'd need to copy/paste this on-top of a different version - you do only need the downlod right here to play this version of the mod.

To install the mod using the CD-version, move the mod-folder named "Hyrule" inside of your Medieval II Total War/mods-folder - after first using the latest version of winRAR to extract the folder - by moving it out manually by dragging the folder with your mouse. And start the mod by clicking the .bat-file - for Steam use the ordinary method. Be advised that you must move the entire SEGA game folder out of program files to prevent issues on new computers, also you'd have to deactivate the UAC (User Account Control) as it interfere with mods making them not work. - Read more about disabling the UAC at TWC (Total War Center) or just shut it down totally).

For Steam watch the video of the installation of Warcraft Total War - should be the same for Hyrule but with the Hyrule mod instead of Warcraft:


Download Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate here:

Download Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate - Mod DB

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate

Beware that the mod will crash a lot more if you use the Immersion Mod!

Download Hero-Generals PATCH for STEAM (Immersion Mod required) 2.0! - Mod DB

Hero-Generals PATCH for STEAM (Immersion Mod required) 2.0!

Ooccoo-texture FIX as i'd forgotten to change the lines! (Will also fix rebel silver surfer River Zora in the Mothulus settlement.)

Download Ooccoo-texture FIX as i'd forgotten to change the lines! - Mod DB

Ooccoo-texture FIX as i'd forgotten to change the lines!

Final Version and update of the Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate SUBMOD:

1. New Alliances based on Neph's original ideas - and the Hyrule Historia videos. - I've remade all the Alliances to be more like Neph intended them to be, but with some minor differences compared to in the old version - they have alliances more based on the Hyrule Historia videos in some cases.

2. Added info-text for those heroes/units that lacked it. - I've added the missing information about Fi, Link, Tsume, Ghirahim, the Vagrudanon and the Gold Knuckles.

3. New victory goal for the Church of Majora - I've added the additional condition of holding Seshei (the Oocca Capital) in order for the Church of Majora to win the game.

4. Poe-mercs available as regionals for the Church of Majora - If you conquer the settlement of Meesiam as the Church of Majora, then you can now recruit the Poe mercs/regionals.

5. New unit_info-portraits for the Great Sea-units. - Yep, i've replaced my unit_info-cards with Undying Nephalim's official pics from TWC for the Great Sea: TW units. - Including the Lanayru Mages.

6. Captain Linbeck-hero with Pistolmen bodyguard for the Labrynna Regime. - I've implemented the Labrynnian Hero Captain Linbeck from the Great Sea: Total War demo, and he has a Pistolmen bodyguard.

I did also remove the Rito Ano Fencers Air mercs from the mod, as i disliked how they died in the air. They were originally intended for sea-battles after all. The land-based ones are still in the mod.

7. More numerous starting forces for Prince Zant in the campaign.

8. Gold Knuckle officers for the Bronze/Iron Knuckles. - I've made the Gold Knuckles officers for the Bronze and Iron Knuckles.

9. Improved Zuna starting economy - As i had gotten reports that they had a horrible economy at the start.

10. Rebel Silver Surfer Pathfinders/Pioneers fixed in the campaign!

Medieval II Total War   Kingdom 2

11. I've also updated the "Hero Generals Patch" - Which is an optional patch to be used with the Steam-version of Medieval 2, and the Battle Immersion Mod by Hit&Run - the mod might become unstable in battles, and when returning to the campaign map - if the Battle Immersion Mod is used.

- It works, but the mod is much more stable when it's not used - that's part of the reason why the patch is optional.

I've uploaded a video previewing most of the changes (with the exception of the two latest changes made today, namely the Zuna Economy fix, and the Pathfinders/Pioneers silver surfers for the rebels that i fixed today.) here:

Older Changes:

Features of the original 3.8 mod by Undying Nephalim (Nephy/Neph)

1. All the old Hyrule faction rosters.

2. Mission 19-29 of the Hyrule Historia Missions plus the "Final Mission" against Majora in Majora Prime.

3. Custom Battles with all the old factions.

4. Free-form Campaign using all the old scripts.

5. Community Patches from the year 2014 by Tedster1995 and SirLion that they provided for the official release of HTW before my submod started.

Features of the submod:

1. All the vanilla Medieval 2 strat-map agents replaced with Hyrule ones made by Undying Nephalim.

2. Every strat-map vanilla settlement-model replaced by custom ones made by Undying Nephalim.

3. All the battle-map cities from vanilla Med2 replaced with custom ones made by Undying Nephalim.

4. All the older factions will spawn in the early game and be a challenge in the Free-form campaign, unlike before where some factions never spawned, and others did but never had an impact because they stood no chance against the vastly expanded factions.

5. New units for many factions - borrowed with permission from the recent version of Hyrule (such as mounts, minor faction units and the Oocca units) or from the demo of the Great Sea: Total War expansion project (New Hyrule units). - Also, i've made new units by editing the models taking weapons from the new 4.6 units and merging them with the older models - involved UV-mapping and texture-work.

5. New factions in the Free-form campaign such as the Church of Majora and Oocca factions.

6. Majora will use never-before used or seen reskins for the Kokiri, Gorons, Hylians and the Zora - made by Undying Nephalim many years ago, but coded into the mod for the first time by me now. The Church of Majora will also use re-skins made by Codeman for the rest of the originally intended factions that Neph wanted Majora to use in their roster.

7. Most of the unused units of the old version will be used.

8. Scripts will be improved or finished.

9. New religions imported from the recent version - fixed UI problems for the Lizalfos and the Gerudo in the diplomacy screen.

11. All the animations of the HTW 4.6 version and the Great Sea: Total War demo have been implemented - meaning we can use all their units and every attack.

12. All the 4.6 projectiles/missiles with their textures and model-files have been implemented - they will look like in 4.6.

13. Videos made by Undying Nephalim, the creator of Hyrule Total War - edited for the Freeform Campaign, as in cut to fit the win, defeat, death and intro categories - by me, and i did use as much story as possible to give the cinematics a proper use in the mod now that the Ancient pack and the Twili pack are not working in the recent Hyrule, and the working packs are no longer available.

The videos are available unchanged on Youtube so i downloaded them from there and made them fit the campaign instead.

I've re-worked all the mission videos of the Hyrule Historia from the Ancient Era to the Fallen Sage - ending with the beginning of the Labrynna tale after the victory of Hylia.

You will now have videos playing when you start the campaign, when you win, when you are defeated and when you or the AI kill off other factions as most factions have their own death-movies unique to them.

14. New resources on the map has been properly placed on the old map manually - replacing old models and vanilla models on the map. New resources include much superior models seen in HTW 4.6.

15. I did take the time to implement oldschool captain-cards to all the factions, using the general-cards that were most suitable to use - all in all four files for alive captains and four for dead ones x all the factions.

16. I've replaced the battle-editor map which used a European one, with a Hyrule map - now you will know where you are on the map if creating Historical Battles.

17. Labrynnian lands are using the Lynna City without a tower as their generic settlement. The capital has the tower - i did edit the model to remove the tower and create the alternate version.

18. Heroes used to be simple officers with their own unit entries in the EDU - this meant that they would die just as easily as ordinary soldiers. The generals were not the heroes, but the generic general - causing the text of a dead hero to appear if the generic general died.

I've changed this and now most heroes of human size are the generals. Only heroes of different proportions are still not the generals. Here we have Nabooru as the general. She will take more dmg before dying now, and when she dies the message will show up.

19. I've done lots of smaller fixes, removed bugs, gotten rid of serious CTD-problems, changed all the faction selection screen UI's to get rid of a crash, added new 2d symbols for the Oocca and Zanti factions, changed the starting garrisons of all the rebel areas on the map, added rebels that could spawn to the map for all regions (even though spawns are rare), added regional recruitment units to certain regions, added mercenaries to the old slots etc. The rebels were a pain.

Also, on a final note - Do not forget to download the add-ons for this mod - the Gerudo Wars Mission Pack by Undying Nephalim, and the cinematic packs (videos made entirely by Undying Nephalim) edited by me to fit the campaign instead of historical battles.

Read this older article and watch that video for installation etc:


Try these torrent-files, but they are simply torrent-files from my Google Drive so you'd still need a program like UTORRENT to use them - and then get the files through that program.

The Gerudo Wars Missions with videos:


Cinematics Campaign: Ancient Pack 1:


Cinematics Campaign 2: Twili:


Cinematics Campaign 3: Gerudo Wars:


Cinematics Campaign 4: Ancient Pack 2:


Cinematics Campaign 5: Oocca:


Cinematics Campaign 6: Fallen Sage:


Cinematics Campaign 7: Wizzrobe:


Watch this video for more in-depth details:

Oh, and i do have Undying Nephalim's permission.

Undying Nephalim's original project were based on the "Legend of Zelda" owned by Nintendo. Of course i have been working on an older version that has been out for years - utilizing the resources from all the three different versions of HTW. I know that Nintendo hasn't cared about the mod in the past - and my project is basically finished now. Of course all the rights are Nintendo's for their trademarks and characters,

I haven't earned money on this project, it's a free fan-made project based on the idea to make another fan-made project more complete.

Credits for the mod:

Hyrule Total War - from the first version, and up to Hyrule Total War Version 4.6 - Undying Nephalim (Nephy/Neph) - the sole creator of the mod and all of it's original assets.

SirLion and Tedster1995 - The community Patches and fixes of 2014 that are all included in this sub-mod - fixed many issues in the mod back then.

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate Sub-Mod - Mr_Nygren, been working on improving the dec 2014 HTW 3.8 version alone, after permission from Neph!

Re-skins of most of the Majora regional rosters - Codeman over at the Hyrule Conquest Discord helped me with them, and their banners.

Link-crash and Ooccoo-hero - Warcraft TW modeler Bantu Chieftain helped me fix the Link crash, by moving the sword from the left hand to the right - then he also helped me with removing the Oocca Commandant helmet without it causing the muscles connecting the arms to disappear - so he helped with these two models.

- He did also make an Oocca strat-model out of the Neph battle-model of the Oocca Commandants but unfortunately it crashed and wasn't included, but it is in the files of the mod.

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