Mostly known as a "Quake III On Doom" mod, Hunter's Moon is a mod for Zandronum and GZDoom that consists in bring the Player versus Environment and Cooperative experiences that Quake III Arena never had.

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Sheer_Cold says

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Quake 3 and Quake 4 weapons, plus some others along with Doom 3 style monsters! You can't go wrong!
The gameplay is quite challenging and that's what makes this mod shine for me. About half of the weapons have a special alternative fire which simply dominate and can change the course of combat in a blink of an eye!
Very well done!
That BFG secondary though, lol. Just damn!

Thought Quake 3 was missing something? This mod fixes that, and damn it's good.

Brief Summary: Hunter's Moon is a truly unique WAD that is best enjoyed with friends but suffers a lot by a number of issues that can overall damper your experience.

+ Gorgeous visual design, mixing Quake 3 assets in a Doom engine makes a unique experience to enjoy
+ Challenging and Fun Arena-Type Gameplay reminiscent of the Serious Sam series
+ Good amount of interesting "Jumping Puzzles" to mix-up the gameplay, such as using Rocket Jump on one area or dodging incoming lasers in a oddly familiar way
+ While most assets are ripped straight up from other games, they are used in a good way to make things feel fresh
+ EPIC Boss Fights!
+ Good usage of custom music and good sound quality of the weapons and monsters
+ New power-ups and the ability to use a powerful Secondary attack on some weapons
+ Weapons/Monsters are nicely designed

+/- Some bugs/glitches can happen (such as one-hit killing bosses with the Dark Matter Gun), but will most likely be fixed in the upcoming patches
+/- The Main Campaign is still in development as of 2.9.1 so suffers from a lot of issues and bad "difficulty spikes" at certain areas but shows a lot of promise if completed and can be a blast to play
+/- Performance issues, if you are playing the main campaign, "Toaster PCs" will suffer a lot (to the point of being unplayable), especially during Boss Fights but it runs great in other campaigns (such as Doom II's or any custom WAD (tested on Community Chest 1 and Memento Mori))

- Horrible Weapon balancing, this is probably the main issue I personally have with the WAD, some weapons are either overpowered or completely I'll just sum up quickly how I feel about them:
All weapons have way too much ammo to begin with, even on the hardest difficulty, the only cases where this was properly balanced was during the Boss fights where you need everything to kill them.
Some weapons are severely weak such as the Trakion Cannon which suffers from low damage and overall is less useful then most weapons. While others are way too powerful for their own good, such as the Shotgun (which deals massive damage, ammo is plentiful and is a better alternative to the Rocket in most cases) and Chaingun (which is almost better then all other weapons)
I understand that some of them are more useful against certain enemies but they can be lacking overall: why use the BFG or DMG when the Chaingun and Nailgun can be more powerful against bosses?
- Playing Hunter's Moon on other vanilla MegaWads is possible and can be a fun time but most of the bigger monsters (such as Hellknights and Barons) will end up stock in small areas and unable to move due to their size (and your own player character is a bit too tall for it's own good, which forces you to crouch a lot)
- No Tutorials to understand some mechanisms anywhere in the WAD itself or in the notepads included, it took me a while to realize that the Secondary Fire of some weapons can only be activated by killing enemies first and a puzzle in particular (which you will get completely stock if didn't know this) will take you a lot of deaths before you realize that you need to rocket jump to proceed
Did you know that you can summon Allys to your cause? Not explained!!!
- With the lack of Help/Tips, this is not a WAD made for Casuals, even on the easiest difficulty some enemies can be downright annoying to fight and swarming you with a ton of enemies at once (lag included on some parts) is indeed reminiscent of Serious Sam but executed badly in many instances
- Playing Coop is highly recommended on higher difficulties since the Main Campaign was clearly NOT designed to be played solo due to the issues mentioned above, it is still playable in a challenging way solo but can be very annoying at times
- Falling Damage exists in this mod...and it's awfully designed, in a shooter where dodging, jumping and moving around fast to dodge can take falling damage from even the most pathetic jumps (at one point I was forced to cheat since I was otherwise stock in a higher position with very little HP left, either restarting the entire Boss Fight or dying by trying to get off the platform surrounding the arena)

Personal Recommendations: The WAD is still in development as off now (so the main campaign has yet to be completed) and many of the issues mentioned above will most likely be fixed in the near future but it is still impossible for me to give it a 10/10, if the gameplay was tweaked a little more and some tips/help were given it would have been better in many aspects. If arena-type shooters aren't your thing, don't bother with this mod.

Conclusion: As of now, it's a good 8/10. Overall a fun experience that any Quake 3/Doom fans can enjoy but until more is released, it won't get any better then an 8. The mod shows some great promise and this is why it's not a lower score such as a 6 or 7. You have my support for future releases and keep up the good work!

It really brings the Quake feel in DooM, it is awesome, gory as fu*k, amazing 3D models (especially on The Tamer of Dark). This is Hunter's Moon in a nutshell.


Quake 3 with cooperative versus Doom 3 mobs! Just perfect!


HonzaBalak says

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Sorry, not mine. For me the changed models feel halfbaked and dont really hit the doom-feeling in this environment.there is to much color at the HUD too...


Cool Mod (10 / 10)


This brings a new dimension to Doom as well as envisioning the single player version of Quake III that John Carmack denied us all.


Shawny says

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