"Happytime Final - HTB (The Ruse of Kings)" is a Chinese mod based on the Medieval 2 Total War engine. In HTB, each playable faction (so don't cheat by playing as the Aztecs, Papal States, or the rebels) has its inherent characteristics, from the value of buildings to the transformation of the entire gameplay. No faction's gameplay is similar, and even within the same faction, the gameplay experience can be vastly different depending on the path chosen. There is no faction whose gameplay is absolutely single, as long as you study it carefully, you will always find new things. For example, in the Catholic religion, the Holy Roman Empire can have several electors competing for the throne, and each elector's characteristics are unique. You can also choose the Bohemian Hussite as the state religion, or establish your own school, and control the country with the emperor as the core, from troops to finance, everything is absolutely different.

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Don't think that the features I'm talking about are just some insignificant features of troops or buildings. No, they are completely different from head to toe.

For example, in France, you can convert type A troops into type B troops through special advanced training functions, and type B troops can also be converted into type C troops. Finally, the last recruit can make a magnificent transformation into a handsome and wealthy person, of course, this requires money.

For example, Poland's noble politics can make Polish players always tense, the stable nobles can make your country rich and peaceful, and will also give you money and troops, but the turbulent nobles will even directly rebel against you.

For example, in the Catholic Holy Roman Empire, you can compete for the position of emperor and duke, and the characteristics of each emperor and duke's family are different. You can also choose the Bohemian Hussite as the state religion, or you can create your own religion, and control the country with the emperor as the core, from troops to finance, they are absolutely different.

Action & Battlefield

Tired of the line-up and hack-and-slash mod? Come try the HTB's cavalry chaos and melee system. You will feel a completely different gaming experience. Precision and order on the battlefield is not something that HTB pursues. You may be used to the original version and other mods, and may not be accustomed to the chaos on the HTB battlefield, but after getting used to it, you will fall in love with it. I promise.


Supply System

Well, this is probably the most criticized system in HTB. Old players think it is a buff, while new players think it is a debuff. There are many opinions, but without exception, all those who think it is a debuff are using the original version and other mod's thinking in HTB. I suggest you put down your previous gaming experience. HTB is not a shallow mod that simply adds new maps, new factions, and new troops. Put down your previous experience and patiently gather supplies for a few rounds, your game will become easy. Also, some troops have self-sufficient and supply transport features. The former eliminates the cost of supplies when the troop is composed entirely of this type of troops. The latter eliminates the cost of supplies and even accelerates the rate at which supplies are gathered when a certain percentage of troops are reached in the army.


Music, Illustration and Video

We have more than a thousand BGMs, which will give your ears a first-class treatment throughout the gaming experience. The illustrations are unique and exquisite, and all new features have their own illustrations. As for videos, all our special events now have their own videos!


Soldier Model & Map & Soldier Card

It's 2023 (2017 at time this post was written in Chinese) now. . . It's not 2007, is it? But we can still proudly declare to everyone that our animations and pictures have always been the best.

1 1

2 1

The Shield Wall and Phalanx

The Shield Wall increases the density of the player's army, effectively increasing unit quality, and allowing for the ability to push back enemies in close combat, making it a secret weapon for street fighting. It can also push back the enemy's tight formations in open combat, allowing for encirclement and annihilation.

The Phalanx in HTB has undergone a complete transformation, in addition to the original version of the close-range, full-member sword and shield garbage. We have many real Phalanx formations, which are usually mixed with spear and halberd, and have no secondary weapons to switch to. They can effectively block the enemy in city gates, bridges, street fights and even open battles. By the way, Phalanx also have the ability to repel horses, so if the cavalry hit it, emmmm, you can experience it yourself.

There are also many tactical skills and strategic skills for various types of troops, such as battlefield assassins and the Hasasins' entry to kill enemy generals, various types of march and ride tactics (can be mixed with cavalry and gain the same mobility as cavalry on the strategic map) and impact horizontal formation (often appearing on medium-high level infantry, can get similar charge effects as cohort). Due to space limitations, we will not describe them in detail. Please download the game and experience it yourself.

Heroes & Spirit System

The medieval era was a time of great heroes, and in honor of these historical figures who left their mark on history, HTB has designed unique historical characters for the majority of factions. These characters often have extraordinary abilities or outstanding personal combat power, or have a huge bonus for the faction, which can make your faction step into heaven. But be careful, not only do you have them, but other factions also have their unique heroes. Be careful of these terrible enemies, one mistake may cause severe damage to your country.

Famous city system

The city system in HTB, many cities have played an important role in the course of history, and for this reason we have designed separate effects for each city that we consider "important".


Region system

HTB's all regions are divided into ten regions, each city belongs to one of them, and the area at the junction of the regions and some special cities will have multiple regions. The division of regions affects various aspects of your troops' production capacity, for example, France is dominant in Western Europe, but in the Middle East it can only be mediocre, your main troops will never be your strongest troops, but the troops that have the best adaptability to the region and the highest production capacity.

Faction leader's features


Building Tree System

The building tree system is a new attempt in the new version of HTB, where all buildings are part of a system and all buildings require the support of previous buildings. The top-level taverns, city halls, and markets can only be selected from three, forming a cultural ancient city, a provincial metropolis or an economic core, each with different functions, such as training civil officials, producing generals, or forming an economic core to radiate surrounding areas and drive the economy. Once formed, it cannot be changed, and the use of this system will make your faction extremely powerful.

Have you seen these strategy cards? These are new content in the King's strategy version, each playable faction has a number of different strategies, covering everything from military cards, internal affairs cards, general cards, special skill cards, and retraining cards, etc., which make up the most playable version and the brand new content. This is the most playable and proud game content we have ever made (it's not easy to steal).

Historical battles

This historical battle is not the same as the other historical battle, but an event triggered actively in the battle, after the choice to start the campaign, it enters the tactical interface to start the campaign, otherwise, it will be treated as a failure. Of course, you can choose not to trigger it, these types of battles are temporarily decided by the player's manual trigger, instead of mandatory choices.



HTB: The King's Strategy (Full Version) includes the original version and has a total download size of 15GB. After unzipping, it is around 23GB. You can unzip it using 7z. Once unzipped, you can start playing the game without having to overwrite anything. For questions on how to unzip the game and use compression software, please refer to other sources as these are basic computer technical questions.

For the second option, HTB: The King's Strategy Patch (for the Pill Version) is a patch that upgrades the Pill Version to The King's Strategy. After downloading and unzipping, place all of the files in the main directory of the Pill Version (the directory where the game files are located) and overwrite the existing files. This patch is not available for other versions such as the Final Version/Kingdom Version or even the 1.5 Original Version. If you're unsure which version you have, it's recommended to download the full version using the first option.

If there are any errors during the unzipping or downloading process, please download the files again instead of risking a poor gaming experience. Also, the full version is 15GB while the patch is 13GB, the game developers would like to remind you to consider this before downloading.

You can find these two files in the file directory, choose one to run. If one of them cannot successfully open the main interface, please use the other one. "htbkingdom152" is the official 1.52 version patch. There is no difference in gameplay between the two versions. "152" can be used on Steam official version or as a backup startup method.

All other startup methods are old versions and are incorrect.

Game Version

After entering the game, the main menu interface becomes a video. In the game options - production team option, you can see the version number of the King's Strategy. If there are any obvious problems, please re-download (most of which are caused by greed or carelessness of covering the patch on the wrong version), the recommended way is to download the full version. HTB is not compatible with any other mods. If you have already installed other mods, please download the full version and put the full version in a separate folder alone, do not overlap each other. This version is tested and produced on the basis of Win10, so do not ask if it supports Win10 or not. If you encounter a report that requires administrator permission or a missing dll file, please Google it yourself (this situation is usually a lack of runtime or dx)

If you have already played the HTB: Pill version and have a comprehensive understanding of the version features, the best of the forum - Additional Introduction has all the King's Strategy development logs, and we strongly recommend reading the log content before starting the game, which will greatly help you get started.


If you just want to know the differences briefly, RTB has:

  • As the core and changing the overall gameplay of the national strategy system, it will completely change the game of Medieval II into another form, you will use the strategy in your hand to fight against AI.
  • Comprehensive, huge and luxurious amount of videos, which will use video to express most important events
  • Battlefield tactics system that is innovative on the Pill version, including melee, changing battlefield balance and tactical AI
  • New and challenging tactical difficulty levels, different tactical difficulty levels will fundamentally change the gameplay (strategy is still recommended to be on the medium difficulty, but each level of tactics are different)
  • New and expanded more than twice the historical campaign
  • Archive campaign, a historical campaign used in strategy, similar to the special mode of War Hammer artifacts (only Byzantine and still under development, please read the instructions carefully, if there are any triggering problems, please keep calm and read the instructions)
  • Newly produced territory maintenance fee and bonus system
  • Unique "artificial" famous city system, by combining and selecting buildings to change the huge city into different types of famous cities, and has unique functions
  • Unique building tree system, upgrading advanced towns will require specific building combinations
  • Religious bonus system, different religions give different bonuses in proportion
  • A large number of new types of troops and troop models
  • New country transformations
  • Byzantine reformation, newly produced country feature "historical sky"
  • More detailed map materials, terrain features, naval models and troop badges
  • More "surprises" and changes

If you are a final version player... please stand with players who have not played the original HTB or other mod players, I don't know how to describe this mod to you...

Who can write an introduction for me to put into the manual...

I can only say that this is a mod with overwhelming functionality.

I can also say that this is a mod for playing with memes.

"This is the worst HTB, but also the best."


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Happytime Final - HTB (The Ruse of Kings) - Part 4

Happytime Final - HTB (The Ruse of Kings) - Part 4

Full Version

Important: Rename the downloaded file to "rename me.7z.004" (a.k.a remove the .7z at the back)

Happytime Final - HTB (The Ruse of Kings) - Part 3

Happytime Final - HTB (The Ruse of Kings) - Part 3

Full Version

Important: Rename the downloaded file to "rename me.7z.003" (a.k.a remove the .7z at the back)

Happytime Final - HTB (The Ruse of Kings) - Part 2

Happytime Final - HTB (The Ruse of Kings) - Part 2

Full Version

Important: Rename the downloaded file to "rename me.7z.002" (a.k.a remove the .7z at the back)

Happytime Final - HTB (The Ruse of Kings) - Part 1

Happytime Final - HTB (The Ruse of Kings) - Part 1

Full Version

Important: Rename the downloaded file to "rename me.7z.001" (a.k.a remove the .7z at the back)

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i cant extract it using 7zip

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