That is literally the night came up with new modes, and it will not be abandoned as "full Killz mod" and will evolve, models is no, therefore screenshots is no.
That's what I thought until:
Races - Human Empire,Orks
Requisition transform to Gold.
Power transform to Population.
Human Empire units:
Human Builder - 100 hp,5 armor,tp_human_normal_armor,50 gold,1 population.
Swordsmen- 100 hp,100 armor,tp_human_normal_Armor(upgraded),175 gold,10 population.Weapon - Light one-handed swords(upgraded).
Heavy swordsmen - 100 hp,105 armor,tp_human_normal_Armor(upgraded),225 gold,7 population.Weapon - Light two-handed swords(upgraded).
Archer - 100 hp,55 armor,tp_human_normal_armor(upgraded),200 gold,5 population.Weapon - Wooden bow(upgraded) with standart wooden arrow(upgraded).
King Warriors - 100 hp,110 armor,tp_human_heavy_armor,325 gold,5 population.Weapon - Heavy one-handed swordsa&Steel shields.
Shieldmans - 100 hp,110 armor,tp_human_normal_armor(upgraded),250 gold,7 population.Weapons - Light one-handed swords(upgraded)&Light wooden shield(upgraded).
Inquisition Warriors - 100 hp,120 armor,tp_human_inqwarriors_armor,425 gold,3 population.Weapons - Wich Sword&Flame bomb
Inquisition Warriors Halberd - 100 hp,120 armor,tp_human_inqwarriors_armor,455 gold,3 population.Weapons - Wich Halberd&Flame bomb
Inquisitor - 200 hp,120 armor,tp_human_inquisitor_armor,750 gold,1 population.Weapons - Saint Sword&Wich Sword&Flame bomb
King - 200 hp,110 armor,tp_human_king_armor,0 gold(start unit,kill the king and you win),0 population.Weapons - Light one-handed sword(dont upgrade)
Knights - 100 hp,115 armor,tp_human_knight_armor,375 gold,5 population.Weapon - Medium one-handed\two-handed\halberd (upgraded)
Heavy Archer - 100 hp,75 armor,tp_human_normal_armor(upgraded),275 gold,5 population.Weapons - Wooden crossbow(upgraded) with standart wooden bolt(upgraded).
Balista - 500 hp,100 armor,tp_human_balista_armor,650 gold,2 population.Weapons - balista with standart balista arrow(Upgraded).
Catapult - 750 hp,110 armor,tp_human_catapult_armor,1250 gold,4 population.Weapons - Catapult with standart stones(upgraded).

Human buildings:

Fortress - 1000 hp lvl1,1250 hp lvl2,1375 hp lvl3,200 armor,tp_fortress_armor,0 gold(this building not to construction).

House - 350 hp,100 armor,tp_building_armor,125 gold.This building as building resource for Gold(dues) and Population(birth rate)

Wooden wall - 100 hp,100 armor,tp_building_armor,75 gold.Upgrade to Stone wall - 450 hp,110 armor,tp_building_armor,230 gold.Upgrade to Steel wall - 850 hp,130 armor,tp_building_armor,650 gold.

Wooden tower - 75 hp,100 armor,tp_building_armor,75 gold,Upgrade to Steel tower -250 hp,110 armor,245 gold,Upgrade to Steel tower - 765 hp,130 armor,705 gold.Weapons - archer units

Forge - 200 hp,100 armor,345 gold.In this building all upgrades to armor\weapons.

Inquisition Bastion - 650 hp,110 armor,425 gold.In this building all Inquisition units.

Monastery - 150 hp,100 armor,230 gold.This building boost morale and brith rate.

Factory - 120 hp,100 armor,300 gold.This buildint a create "vehicles" - balista,catapult

Militant campgroud - 100 hp,100 armor,200 gold.This building a create all (not inquisition) infantry units.


Goblin builder - 50 hp,5 armor,50 gold,1 population.

Wild boys - 120 hp,50 armor,tp_ork_normal_armor(upgraded),150 gold,10 population.Weapons - ork fists
Boys - 120 hp,100 armor,tp_ork_normal_armor(upgraded),220 gold,10 population.Weapons - ork light one-handed swords(upgraded).
Hard boys - 120 hp,105 armor,tp_ork_normal_armor(upgraded),274 gold,10 population.Weapons - ork light two-handed swords(upgraded),

ork very big boy - 200 hp,110 armor.tp_ork_medium_armor,375 gold,1 population.Weapons - ork big wooden truncheon.

ork boss - 225 hp,110 armor,tp_ork_boss_armor,0 gold(start unit,kill the king and you win),0 population.Weapons - Ork stone axe

ork balista (watch human balista) 600 gold.

ork catapult (watch human catapult) 1200 gold

goblins - 50 hp,10 armor,tp_ork_normal_armor,75 gold,15 population.Weapons - Goblin knifes

Ogre - 250 hp,120 armor,tp_ork_heavy_armor,400 gold,1 population.Weapons - Ogre Sword or Ogre truncheon.

Orc archer - 120 hp,100 armor,tp_orc_normal_armor(upgraded),245 gold,5 population.Weapon - orc Wooden bow(upgraded) with standart wooden arrow(upgraded).

Weapons:Light one-handed swords - 23 damage,3 morale damage,penentrating:tp_human_normal_armor - 75,tp_human_medium_armor - 50,tp_human_heavy_armor - 25,tp_human_knight_armor - 20,tp_human_inquisitor_armor - 10,tp_human_king_armor - 15,tp_human_inqwarriors_armor - 15,tp_ork_normal_armor - 80,tp_ork_medium_armor - 67,tp_ork_heavy_armor - 45,tp_ork_boss_armor - 13,tp_ork_catapult - 10,tp_ork_balista - 15,tp_human_catapult - 10,tp_human_balista - 15

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Changes in Game Engine



New path to start loadscreen: Engine\data\art\ui\textures\ldscr_history_of_dark_age_

New path to skirmish maps: \Data\scenarios\HM\ (HM - hoda maps)

New path to loadscreens: \Data\Scenarios\L_pictr\

New path to loadmusic: \Data\Sound\L_playMusicL\

New path to models: \Data\ModelsPK

Comments  (0 - 10 of 12)
Ziani_FromSpess - - 558 comments

Great idea! I also tried to do the same 2 years ago, but never had the time to finish...
I really hope you DON'T give up on this. Fantasy-Medieval mod for DOW1 would be really unique and very interesting. Good luck!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Search - - 42 comments

I know this is meant to be a total conversion and all but I would love to be able to mix these with the existing factions. Fantasy Orcs vs 40K Orks!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ultimate_Yaro_Gander Creator
Ultimate_Yaro_Gander - - 511 comments

I plan add Asian Empire and Vikings Empire,and rename rename human empire rename to Knights Empire

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Ultimate_Yaro_Gander Creator
Ultimate_Yaro_Gander - - 511 comments

no,human empire not to knights empire rename,rename to Royal Empire

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,136 comments

so is it ready to play on

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
lonewolfjxp - - 241 comments

Can you be a bit more specific about what exactly this mod is? All you have is a list of units and their stats..

What's the back story? When/where is it set in?


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
moddlord1 - - 11,188 comments

Good Luck with the Mod! Yes show us your Fantasy!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sierra_Quake - - 82 comments

Damm this look interesting is how the warcraft 1, i cant wait see medieval on future combat game. i wish the Emperor stand with you

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
thudo - - 985 comments

Stand alone using DoW1 game engine?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Ultimate_Yaro_Gander Creator
Ultimate_Yaro_Gander - - 511 comments

yes,dow1 engine

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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