huge monster wad based on random spawners. To make HeXen more fresh, now you can play through all the HeXen levels, or your favourite maps, with new medieval style monsters (From your favourite FPS games and new modified ones! No enemies with guns or cyborg parts, monster sprites will fit Thematically and not based on graphic style, which is an obvious bother to some.) every time you reload!Edit modPlease correct the following to save your mod: The summary field may not contain words greater than 50 characters in length. The description field may not contain words greater than 80 characters in length. If you are no longer developing this mod and have not released it, please contact us with the details so it can be archived. Also note that failure to provide accurate information below will resul

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I love this mod, having so many different mobs from so many games is just awesome, and it's even better with the random spawner !


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