This mod is trying to make combat fell more live and strategic than vanilla. In vanilla HOMM V, 90% of the time you already know, how the battle will end, but now you have much more opportunities to engage or defend yourself againts superior force of enemies. There was lots of units in every faction, that were so boring and useless in all kinds of battles and in general everyone was using just 3 types of units to win the battle. Now its not so important to have 1 overpowered unit but more units with good positioning, but that doesnt mean that you are not capable of dealing high damage with single unit. Now you have two options during buying units in castle, both second and alternative upgrade now offers you choice between high damage per one shot/hit or high survivability and very good "team" skills.

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For now, only few factions had been reworked yet, but its planned to have every faction slightly reworked. Read for more information...

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As mentioned in main description, our goal is to bring more live and variability to HoMM V ToE gameplay. Boring and useless units were reworked and now they are much more important and useful, some faction skills were slightly reworked as well, and finally came balancing of underpowered factions.

List of reworked factions:

  1. Necropolis - Faction skill,mechanics and buff of some low tier units as well as adding and replacing some units
  2. Haven - Units (bigger difference between upgraded and alternative), combat mechanics and price balancing
  3. Dungeon - Units (bigger difference between UPG and ALT), more combos in battles with units and more units for hiring
  4. Academy - Units (bigger difference between UPG and ALT), testing of special ability on tier 1 unit
  5. Sylvan - Units (bigger difference between UPG and ALT)
  6. Fortress - Units (bigger difference between UPG and ALT), better missiles options
  7. Neutral - More and better options to influence battlefield (2 units yet)

More changes coming next week! We will be glad for your feedback to help us with balancing, especially Haven and Necropolis factions.

HoMM V: ToE - Units and Combat Overhaul 0.8

HoMM V: ToE - Units and Combat Overhaul 0.8

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