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i like it although the whole Mcdonalds thing doesn't really belong i think i'ts a little stupid.why not make a massive uprising of heretics that tore down the human race and lead to the flee to another part of the galaxy that would be a cool twist.

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tyranid_hivemind Creator

This mod takes place in the dark future of the 40k universe, but there's a twist! This is an Opposite Dimension where things have taken a completely different path! There are still all the same races as in Dawn of War DC plus others. Descriptions of the factions can be seen below.

Burger Marines:
These are the Imperium of Man's finest warriors. They stand 7 feet tall and are very much superhuman due to the amount of genetic modification and rigorous training they undergo. When the military fell back in the normal 40k universe, religion took over hence the reference to faith and the god Emperor. In this dimension the McDonalds Corporation grew richer and richer over the passing millennia and built up enough money to buy the military and essentially the empire of mankind! This led to the Imperium becoming based on fast food and burgers instead of faith and prayer. The god Emperor was replaced by the head of the McDonalds Corporation known only as the Burgeror!

Salad Marines:
These are considered heretics to the empire of man as they have broken away from the burger, fatty food culture and followed the route of the Health Critics which obtained god-like status through their diet of salad, fruit and meditation and assumed new titles as the Salad Gods. There were four such gods of the vegetarians, all of which wanted war against the greedy inhabitants of the food consuming empire of man! Each had a different way to wage this war so the Salad Marines divided into different cults as the Chaos Space Marines did in the normal 40k universe. These cults launched attacks at different parts of the galaxy separate from each other. Each following a different god. Some followed Quorn the Spicy god, Celerith the Sour god, Tomactos the Fruitful god or Leticior the Fresh god!

Hellish Eldar:
In the normal 40k universe the Eldar drove out the allies and the servants of the malicious Dark Eldar from their empire. But in this dimension it did not go so well. Years of infighting and civil war tore the shining Eldar Empire apart, driving them into madness and hatred. Two massive armies rose up. One from the remaining Eldar Empire and another from the massing Hellish Eldar race. A climatic battle raged across the stars. In this dimension the fragile Eldar race could not stand up to the force of their evil counterparts and fell. So a new empire grew from the ashes, the empire of the Hellish Eldar where hatred and pain were all that inhabitants knew. They started to plunder the planets nearest them, torturing and killing all the inhabitants that did not agree to join their armies. Now they have a substantial empire sustained and are on the move for better hunting grounds in their massive, planet sized ships known as Hellspheres!

Ork Race:
In the normal 40k universe the Orks are a barbaric race that thrives on war and devastation. In this dimension however they are more organised and have learned how to build higher technologies and weapons. The urge to fight is just as strong but now they have the intelligence to form an actual empire with coordinating armies rather than squabbling war clans. The Council of Warbosses lead the Ork Empire which controls more space in the galaxy than even the Imperium of Man. The Ork race is a far larger threat to the races of this galaxy than ever before as they strike quickly with large armies armed with heavy shootas and massive squiggoths ready to squash the enemy!

The United Races Rebellion (URR):
The Imperium of Man is ruled by the Burger Marines and their Burgeror but unlike in the normal 40k universe, not all of the empire is united. Billions of people broke off from the Imperium when the McDonalds Corporation took control. Not influenced by any military leaders they formed a society of explorers, a peace loving people that supposedly lived under the Imperium’s rule. But this was just a disguise to stay protected by the Imperium’s warriors from the more violent species in the galaxy. These new people posed no apparent threat to the Imperium and so were not monitored nearly as closely as they should have been. This allowed the explorers of this new Rebellion to scout the galaxy and find the young Tau Race long before they emerged in the normal 40k universe. This meant that they were not nearly as advanced, although they did have lots of the weaponry and technology that they do in the normal 40k universe they had not yet managed long distance space travel. The Rebellion offered the Tau a choice, they told them of their narrow minded masters and of how they would slaughter the Tau race is they were ever discovered by the Marines of the Imperium. The only solution was if the Tau and the Rebellion joined forces and built up in secret until they were powerful enough to take on the mighty Imperium. Over the millennia this was achieved until now in the year 40,000 the Rebellion is ready for all out war!

The Tyranids:
As in the normal 40k universe the Tyranids came out of an uncharted section of galactic space. These massive hive fleets containing billions upon billions of creatures, came in the form that was perfect for killing the inhabitants of the previous galaxy they had invaded. In the normal 40k universe this was a form of bio manipulation and waves upon waves of living gaunts and creatures. However in the Opposite Dimension the previous galaxy had been homed to a race that used special chemical weapons to melt down and destroy organic matter and living tissues. So the Tyranids developed a way of using the atoms of Iron, Aluminium and even Titanium as well as other elements not found in our galaxy from the planets they defeated, to evolve a metal skin over their bodies so that the enemy’s chemical weapons had no effect on their now shining metal hides. This led to the downfall of the ancient race and the destruction of the galaxy. Now with a whole galaxy’s worth of recourses and knowledge at their disposal and the massive hive fleet used to conquer that galaxy waiting on the edge of Imperial space, the races of the Opposite Dimension will feel the full force of the Hivemind’s metal skinned Tyranids as they plough through the systems with unrelenting ferocity!

The Necrontyr:
In the normal 40k universe this species was around long before recorded time. First they started on a world where their life spans were no more than a few decades. They then discovered the almighty star gods known as The C’tan. These new gods promised eternal life to the desperate Necrontyr. They accepted and were then turned into the skeletal Necrons, and in doing so they surrendered all their abilities to think, evolve and expand their technologies, they could only wage war under the rule of the C’tan. The Necrons then did battle with another ancient race known as the Old Ones. This war almost drove both races to extinction until the Old Ones fled and the Necrons went into stasis for 40 million years. The same set of events happened in the Opposite Dimension up until the point when the Necrontyr discovered the C’tan. They already had all the gause technology for warfare and were on their way to finding a cure for their short lives when the star gods were found. The Necrontyr did build metal bodies for the C’tan as in the normal 40k universe, but these bodies were not made of the living metal called Necrodermis, the were instead made of a type of controlling metal called Tyerdermis. This meant that when the C’tan fused with them they did not become gods like with the Necrons, they became trapped, entombed forever in a controlling body bound to serve the Necrontyr. Because of this the Necrontyr did not become the Necrons and were never dulled by the curse. They carried on the war with the Old Ones and were victorious but the toll had almost been extinction. The Necrontyr defended their home planets known as Tomb Worlds with stealth weapons and phase shields to hide their presence on the surface from space. Recuperating from the galactic war took millennia and by the time the Necrontyr’s forces were strong again there were other races thriving in their absence. The Necrontyr were the most advanced and powerful race in the galaxy with ships that could break any speed due to their inertia defying technology. The Necrontyr decided that it was time to take back the galaxy that was rightfully theirs!

The Hivemind Has Spoken! :D :garg:

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