I'm used to modding Doom (G/ZDoom) and I'm only just getting into modding Half-Life.
Although I can program in C and C-styled languages, it would be great to have a few
helping hands.

Below is the storyline for the Half-Life Alpha



The Portal Device is a dimension-spanning gate of unpredictable power, constructed in a decommissioned missile
silo. So far no one has ventured through the Portal, but there has been a steady flow of odd creatures coming to our
world. You are a weapons research scientist who has never touched a weapon--until now.

An accident in the Threshold's power core fractures the local fabric of spacetime, and hordes of creatures begin
spewing into our world through the fissures. Monsters are everywhere, and your co-workers are dropping like flies.
You head for the surface but the usual routes are unpassable--damaged by the disaster and infested with monsters.
The silo security guards are in a state of primal terror and looking for someone to blame. The obvious scapegoats
are the scientists. Namely, you.

In your flight to the surface, you acquire a device which means the difference between victory and annihilation--but
you don't realize whose victory, until too late. As the Portal experiment's first human subject, you are cast into the
alien world to confront the ultimate horror... to cut off the invasion at its source. In Half-Life, you won't just go
head-to-head with an alien boss--you will fight it from the inside out.

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Currently, the mod is all maps and models, but no code. All of the maps work (from what I can tell) and Barney is fully animated. I managed to convert every model from the alpha except for the ones in the MDL v4 format.

Converting polyrobo.mdl was a pain because of how many vertexes it has, I had to split the model into 3 parts and recompile it with a custom QC. It works and looks exactly the same though.

Known bugs:
- Barney's gun disappears when he's shooting
- Barney seems to have trouble walking around, I probably have to set up dummy animations for him turning around.
- The crowbar uses the wrong animations (idle for attack, attack for selection), but this is because it doesn't have a custom QC yet.
- Map transitions don't work (possibly because they haven't been converted to the final format?)

If I were to release this in alpha form, I'd include the custom QC files that I have used as well.

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Alpha 2a Hotfix

Alpha 2a Hotfix


Copy the file to the mod's folder and replace the old file. The mod should now work with Steam

Alpha 2

Alpha 2

Demo 7 comments

Early version, I decided to upload this instead of waiting for the news post to be accepted and have people decide whether they want it or not. I've decided...

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Guest - - 699,331 comments

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Mishey - - 6 comments

_TheZombieKiller_ гениален(жаль что проект заброшен)

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Us_25 - - 184 comments

This mod didnt deserved to die

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LambdaManager - - 27 comments

Thank you now I don't need to download files with the exe files giving me error's

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Guest - - 699,331 comments


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lambdaguy - - 214 comments

hi there sir! (:

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doitall - - 478 comments

Here is some gameplay from this mod, feel free to use the footage for whatever!

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kamkaze18 - - 41 comments

1 years no news this mod is dead

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_TheZombieKiller_ Creator
_TheZombieKiller_ - - 89 comments

It's been dead for a while.
I never really got into Half-Life modding enough to complete it.

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combineslayer44 - - 6 comments

Whenever I try to load a map it loads a multiplayer map

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