Homeworld 2 UC Gundam Mod 3.0, 0079-0083.

The war between Earth Federation and Principality of Zeon has begun. It's now your chance to decide which side to join, develop your fleet, and destroy your enemies. By using the most space weapon, the Mobile Suits, your enemies will be crushed.

From original Gundam to Stardust Memory, One Year War to Operation Stardust. It's the first and the only chance to command your MS squard in full 3D space battle. There are also some secret units to be discovered.


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Gundam Mod 3.1 *FINAL*

Gundam Mod 3.1 *FINAL*

Full Version 78 comments

This is the FINAL VERSION of the Mobile Suit Gundam 0079-0083 mod for Homeworld 2. all bugs reported have pretty much been fixed. the sides are balanced...

Gundam Mod 3.0

Full Version 35 comments

This is the BRAND NEW 3.0 release of this mod! this time the original 2 races are gone, but there is several new features with the Federation and Zeon...

Gundam Mod 2.5

Full Version 25 comments

This is the latest version of the gundam mod, AI IS FINALLY HERE!!! and a new Mobile Armor has been added to zeon, the bygro. So have fun!

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Kurotabo047 - - 2 comments

Does this mod the whole game, or just the skirmish and multiplayer modes? Hoping to be able to play the whole game with Gundam units.

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MRxIFY - - 30 comments

For anyone trying to play this mod in English (or anyone who is still playing this game), edit the .bat file and add a space between the tzj and big files files, so that it looks like this:

homeworld2.exe -mod GUNDAM_MOD3.1.TZJ, GUNDAM_MOD3.1CN_English.big -Refresh 75

The original .bat file will not have a space between the tzj and big files, like this:

homeworld2.exe -mod GUNDAM_MOD3.1.TZJ,GUNDAM_MOD3.1CN_English.big -Refresh 75

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Nosand - - 8 comments

Reborns gundam plz ;)
-Love Ribbons Almark, leader of humanity.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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wolflordruss - - 15 comments

Hey. I'm a BIG Gundam fan, and seeing this for HW really warmed my heart. Is there any way to get it to work with HWClassic, as currently I am unable to get the remastered to work, short of upgrading my PC (which is going to happen.) If possible, I would also appreciate a guide, so I don't screw up and, based on other peoples posts, to know how to set it to english. Thank you and Sieg Zeon!

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wolflordruss - - 15 comments

If it helps, I am using the version on Steam. (i know, kind of a given thanks to remaster, but thought it may help to get a more accurate diagnosis of what it going wrong.)

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wolflordruss - - 15 comments

I've been trying for the better part of a few days now to get the mod to run on the HW2Classic that came with the HWRemastered game on steam, and am stuck. I really wanna play this mod, but I have no clue how to install it. I truely hope someone can help me get this working, cause it looks quite fun.

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Armyguy - - 58 comments

Well you can go and download a copy of the Old Homeworld 2 as you have it by haveing HWRemastered.

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wolflordruss - - 15 comments

The classic came with the game itself. I.E. I have the steam version. Which is kinda why I'm having a hard time getting the mod going.

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Ghost039 - - 34 comments

is it possible to change the skirmish type?

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