This mod combines the HW Classic Rebalance and Gameplay Enhanced mods into one,
single mod, providing you with a greater number of gameplay options than either
mod alone. Development of those mods has thus stopped in favor of this one.

Installation is done by subscribing to the mod on Steam Workshop if you have
the Steam version of the game. For the version, extract the ZIP
archive and copy the "DataHWClassicEnhanced" folder to your "Homeworld2Classic"
directory, then add "-moddatapath DataHWClassicEnhanced -overrideBigFile
-luatrace" to your Desktop shortcut's "Target" field.

Also see the included documentation for Luke Moloney's original version of the
Homeworld Classic mod for further gameplay instructions for the Homeworld Clas-
sic portions of this mod.

You can set unitcaps to "off", which disables unitcaps and allows you to build
as many of each type of ship as desired.

Start with either a mothership and carrier (as per normal HW2), just a carrier
(as per HW1's "carrier only" rule), or with the selection of ships designed
into the level by the level author. This last option is available only for a
certain number of HW1 converted levels included with my Homeworld Classic
Rebalance mod. Further, the CARRIER ONLY mode supercedes the SPECIAL FLEETS
game mode of this mod. So, enabling it will disable SPECIAL FLEETS.

Select whether RUs are injected into your coffers every x number of seconds, or
at the beginning of play, as per HW1.

Receive a certain number of RUs for every ship you kill as per HW1. Bigger
ships mean more RUs.

Turn research on/off as per HW1. With research turned off you have all tech-
nologies at your disposal at the start of play without having to research them.

As per HW1, every x number of seconds a magical crate will appear containing
either a ship that you get to keep, some RUs or a technological advancement.

This mode enables/disables hyperspace technologies for all players as per HW1.
Feel what it was like when your parents were young and had to walk to whereever
they were going, both ways, uphill and through the snow!

1) HW2 Normal: Same as HW2 default. A player is killed if he/she has no more
production ships left.
2) Kill Team Production: A player is killed if there are no team members with
production ships.
3) Kill All Enemy Ships: A player is killed if there are no team members with
any ships.
4) Destroy Mothership: A player is killed if his mothership is destroyed.
5) Capture Capship: A player is killed if one of his capital ships is captured.
6) Quit Manually: The game doesn't end until one team quits and leaves the

In this game-mode, one player controls production and capital ships; another
player controls fighters, corvettes and probes; and another player controls
resourcing, frigates and platforms. If no players on a team choose the "Pro-
duction/Capital" role, then all players on this team retain their mothership,
carrier and production/research capability. If someone *does* select the "Pro-
duction/Capital" role, then other players on the team do not suffer from a unit

In this game-mode a selectable number of research options are randomly granted
and restricted for each player at the beginning of gameplay. Press the "I" key
to see which items were granted or restricted.

This mode gives the player extended starting fleet options. You can choose from
several different fleet makeups, each being composed of a different assortment
of ships and research. Note that START WITH must be set to NORMAL for this mode
to work.

This setting allows one to slow the game down to a fraction of its default

Here you can select which background track gets played while playing. There's
also a "Shuffle" option to randomly switch between different songs.

An in-game clock and timer will appear in the top-right of the screen showing
you the current local time and amount of time elapsed since the beginning of

Pressing the "I" key enables an on-screen display showing your teammates'
current RUs, production and research.

In case you're looking for your favorite multiplayer maps from HW1, I've also
created a library of almost 250 converted levels from Homeworld 1 that are com-
patible with this mod! When playing using the "Start With" option set to "HW1
Map Default", make sure to select the same race as is set for your position
within the level file. You can see which race is set for your position by
looking along the bottom row of the thumbnail image in game setup. You can also
refer to the "Default Player Race" HTML chart included with the HW Classic Maps
archive. The player races are listed in order from left to right. When you see
"R1" it means you should pick the Hiigaran race. When you see "R2" it means you
should pick the Vaygr race.

The files in the "Data\leveldata\multiplayer\lib\" folder beginning with
"objectlist" can be reconfigured to make the gamerules work with other mods.
Simply add or remove items to or from the tables as needed, and the gamerules
will automatically recognize the new objects. The tables themselves, however,
should not be removed, or the game will break. Minimal instructions on
modifying the tables can be found within the files themselves.

You're free to use this code in any way as long as proper credit is given for
the work that I have done. See the section "Modding Instructions" for instruct-
ions on how to reconfigure the scripts to work with your mod.

• Luke "B1FF" Moloney for the HW Classic mod in its original state.
• Deionerra for dockpath info.
• LeviathanChiken for the crystals, as well as for taking interest in the mod
and furthering HWU! :)
• The Complex Team for their idea of using libraries to store the code for each
game-mode separately.
• Tamerlane for his "HW2Path" function.
• evillejedi for the beginnings of the random music track script.

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Homeworld Classic Enhanced for HW2C
Homeworld Classic Enhanced for HW2C
Homeworld Classic Enhanced for HW2C
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Homeworld Classic Enhanced 1.2.6

Homeworld Classic Enhanced 1.2.6

Full Version

1.2.6 • Absence of "keeper.txt" may have been preventing the mod from running. • Minor tweaks to AI.

Homeworld Classic Enhanced v1.2.5

Homeworld Classic Enhanced v1.2.5

Full Version

CHANGE LOG 1.2.5 • Tweaked several maps. • Updated the HTML reference sheet with my own personal quality ratings for many maps.

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