This is a personal modification of Smooth Doom (by Gifty) that I recently started back in 2014. I've been working on it nonstop. It adds in extra death animations for the demons, new weapon sprites in the Doom 64 folder, and well it's just a little something I've been working on. It's pretty cool I guess. I haven't really been able to implement everything I wanted to implement. But this is just something I created for fun. I'm not entirely sure if anyone would really enjoy this mod, but it's just something I made purely out of fun. P.S I did receive permission from Gifty (the original mod author of Smooth Doom) to release this mod. Furthermore I credit him for the base mod. I also credit Mike12, Eriance, David G, DrDoctor, Funktasm, Horrormovieguy, Minigunner, Neoworm, OSJClatchford, SgtShivers, Te13, Unknown, Vader, SGTMarkIV Xim, Jerkyll Grim Payne, for the death animations I utilized in this mod. I also credit DoomNukem for his wonderful weapon sprites. Enjoy! =D

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Gritty Doom Release! =D


I've been working on this mod for a while now ever since 2014. I've been working on it primarily as a modification of Smooth Doom, because I thought that Smooth Doom needed some more gorey death animations. After all it's Doom. =) So I added in a bunch of death animations that I thought would fit within the style of Doom, and I added in DoomNukem's weapon sprites for the Doom 64 Class which I am quite happy about. If by popular request, people ask me to replace all the weapon sprites in the mod with that of DoomNukem, I will ask him (DoomNukem) via private message on here to replace the weapon sprites in this with his sprites instead.

I'm quite happy with the way the mod came out. It's really great, and I really love it. I was really inspired by the gore of the original Doom, and I thought if they had access to more death animations what would it look like? I was very much inspired by keeping it within that 90's gore feel. I wanted it to have that Mortal Kombat II or Doom kinda vibe about it. I was also influenced by Random Deaths and Decorations by Mr. Chris aka Glaice. I was very influenced by his mod and his mod inspired mine a great deal.

I want to thank him, Gifty, and many others for giving me the inspiration to create this mod.

I created this mod for fun, I didn't really create it for any other reason honestly; I just created it for fun and for my own personal use.

If you would like to modify my modification, go ahead and feel free to! =D Just make sure to give me credit for making this mod, and then also give credit to Gifty as well! =D

I mean what makes the modding community so great, and the Doom community in particular, is that we share resources with each other! We share mods with each other! We critique each other's mods! We build, we grow, we learn!

I'm not much of a weapons or gore coder. But I can code in extra death animations! Which is great!

I really want to thank everyone for giving me the courage to make this! So please my friends, family, and everyone who's playing this mod....

Please enjoy this mod! Rip and tear through demon scum, and have plenty of fun! =D

Oh I'd also like to thank the following people again for making the death animation sprites!

David G

I'd like to thank DoomNukem for making such wonderful weapon sprites!

Anyway, that's about it folks! So enjoy! =D

P.S Don't forget to listen to some Bad Religion, Slayer, Pantera, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Metallica, Megadeth, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and some other awesome bands while playing! \m/ \m/


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Gritty Doom

Gritty Doom

Full Version 2 comments

Here it is; it includes everything that I have worked on; the extra death animations for the demons that I coded in, and the new weapon sprites that replace...

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ModdedT - - 3 comments

I love this mod when I combine it with ketchup smooth doom patch, however many death animation corpses randomly disappear, I hope to have this fixed, although I imagine you aren't too interested on working on the mod anymore.

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doomquake777 - - 29 comments

I stopped using Trailblazer for the time being and have noticed that one of the cacodemon deaths causes the body to disappear shortly after the animation starts. I tried this out while only having this mod set to load and can confirm that the issue is within the mod itself.

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doomquake777 - - 29 comments

Anyway to get a version that only changes monsters but leaves weapons alone? I'm playing this with Trailblazer but shotgun guys phase in and out while walking. Other than that this mod is Really great!

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Agent_Ash - - 69 comments

Hi there. So, as I asked, I took at the mod. I must say, this is one of the most impressive collections of death animations I've seen. I've seen plenty of those, but there are several deaths I've never come across before.

However, in my personal opinion, this mod doesn't work that well as a Smooth Doom modification. It does work as just a mod, but not as a Smooth Doom mod. The reason is very simple: the framerate of the new animations almost never matches Smooth Doom's framerate.

Most new animations have been drawn by people who had Doom's original framerate in mind (which, very roughly, is around 4-5 tics per frame in death animation), and that's why when they exist next to Smooth Doom's animations they look noticeably more jaggy. I see you tried to alleviate it by simply shortening the length of the new animations' frames, but that actually makes things worse, because most of them now look simply unnaturally fast compared to how the monster is generally animated.

Can this be fixed? Yes! But that would involve lots of back pain and working in a graphics editor. Look at how most Smooth Doom's frames are made: it's mostly Doom's original frames but with some parts moved about. So basically you take the animation, duplicate all frames and then take every odd one and move things about so that it doesn't look exactly like the previos frame. Sometimes you'd need to partially merge parts of the next frame to the previos frame and then move things about. Basically, if you want the mod to look comparable to Smooth Doom, you'll have to do this for all animations.

It was actually mainly because of that that I didn't do smooth animations for Beautiful Doom. Partly because I'm simply not a fan of the smooth look.

There is another issue: palette mismatch — the bane of many sprite artists. It happens for some additional animations. Like in the falling-to-the-side Shotgunguy's animation his clothes are apparently too dark, so when he dies it looks like he's suddenly changing color a little. I recommend looking at some of the Baron's animations as well.

Also you could save some space by using A_SetScale(-1.0,1.0) function (it mirrors the sprites horizontally) instead of actually including mirrored copies of sprites. Just don't forget to put A_SetScale(1.0,1.0) at the beginning of the Raise state if you do.

Also, one more thing: the Cacodemon's animation, the one where it is split diagonally, was actually made by me years ago. So, I'd like to be credited, and also I highly recommend replacing it: it's quite horrible. It uses like two shades of blue :) I updated all my animations in the Beautiful Doom 6.x, so you can find the updated animation there.

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FPSNation Creator
FPSNation - - 306 comments

Thanks! I'll probably look into fixing the mod, and also the credits. I just haven't really had the time to work on this mod that much. :P

I did make SDND (Sporadic Deaths and Decorations) as a lite-version of this for RDND.

I did notice a lot of mismatches in this mod. I just tried making Doom a little bit gorier, but in the end, there's a lot of work involved in trying to make it Smooth and Gory. :P

I do enjoy your Beautiful Doom 6.x it's pretty great, more often than not I'm playing your mod instead of my own. I think it's because the gib system in your mod is really satisfying.

I would try and fix the palette mismatch, but I'm not really a sprite artist. This mod literally came about as a result of me tinkering around with some code, and coding in more death animations, with some added sprites to go with them.

I sorta made this mod for fun. While I would invest more time into it, I just haven't the time. Anyway, if there's any death animations that you like from this mod, feel free to implement them into Beautiful Doom 7.0 or something. :3

Anyway I'm going to edit my post and credit you in the description! :D

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grouchbag - - 590 comments


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FPSNation Creator
FPSNation - - 306 comments

Thanks! =D

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Randomguy7 - - 285 comments

Keep working on it!
I'd love to see ketchup or droplets or simple gore mod worked in somehow! I'd ask the creator of beautiful doom about it.

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FPSNation Creator
FPSNation - - 306 comments

I'd love to include a better version of Droplets in. I find droplets to be pretty realistic as well as that one Ketchup Build I've seen on the internet created by some N00B user or something like that.

I also wish that maybe the creator of Beautiful Doom and Smooth Doom could help me out.

I just want to keep it as Doom as possible. =3

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FPSNation Creator
FPSNation - - 306 comments

Here is the mod download since ModDB is still authorizing the download.

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