This map is a celebration of the Trans Community and the origins of the Divine Androgyne. I feel a lot of hate directed towards the trans community is a direct result of the lack of education and understanding around the old practises of worshipping the androgyne - the original and pure incarnation of humanity. Our masonic elites are engaged in this worship. We need to support this and the fulfilment of the scared union between Man and Woman into one entity, as was our original form.

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Sorry, no politics

This the best i can do. The map looks alright, its a slaughtermap alright with a custom enemy sprite, but the way you act in the comment section with saying that john romero is with you being disapointed is soo dumb.

why should you destroy such a great game with the degeneracy of LGBT?


Thorir says

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Please take your political hysteria to somewhere else.



This is without a doubt one of the most insane, delusional things I've seen on this good site. The garbage ideas people will trap themselves into these days...

disgusting map everthing with trans and LGBTQ blabla related thing need to be purged


88vega says

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The map is an eyesore, Textures poorly slopped around. This got more ratings becoming a political statement. Don't waste your time with this,

i identify as mortally challenged and this map offends me at a beyond physical level


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I enjoyed this map very much!

Jun 14 2019 by grouchbag