【Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour MOD:Continue】 a.New single mission 15 games, and restored a large number of official unused voice dialogue. b.Camp name change: China→General Leang USA→Ironside GLA→Mohmar"deathstrike" (In skirmish use the normal army,Some Mission map use the Real army) c.Complete recovery of 12 general challenges (General Fai, General Juhziz, General Ironside, General Mohmar"Deathstrike") d.The UI tone is changed from blue to gray red e.Three new generals:US-Landforce General, China Flame General, GLA JunkSalvage General,Full support for AI f.Recovery of prisoners of War (POW trucks, prison detainees....) g.Part of the unit model is taken from the module Shockwave,And the model is optimized. h.Add more than 50 high quality encounters maps, and some of the classic maps of RA2, fully support AI i.The 4G memory patch has been used, and the frequency of some AI detection has been reduced. Even 7 Hard AI can run normally.

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looks good. when it will be released ? :)

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Survivor Location: Hamburg, Germany
Though the Chinese have won the battle and controlled Europe, the forces supporting GLA still exist. This is a break of Juhziz general plan
Degree of Difficulty:Easy
Mission1:Rescue MohmarDeathstrike
Mission2:Protect MohmarDeathstrike from escaping
Secret action Location: Cairo
The main force of the United States has been contracted to the country, and a small number of remaining US troops are still stationed in Cairo. General, this is a great opportunity to control Egypt
Degree of Difficulty:Normal
Mission1:Destroy the Embassy
Warlord Location: Tripoli, Libya
The warlords in Libya are fighting wars, making use of their chaos to continue to strengthen our strength.
Degree of Difficulty:Normal
Mission1:Destroy all the enemies
Dense defense line Location: Somalia
The United States fearless fleet is deployed in Somalia, and we are going to wipe out this threat.
Degree of Difficulty:Normal
Mission1:Destroy the United States Fleet
Cairo Commando Location: Cairo
GLA fled and continued to expand their territory. Intelligence shows that General Juhziz has already possessed certain nuclear weapons technology, and military action is imminent.
Degree of Difficulty:Hard
Mission1:Security of nuclear weapons

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