A submod for Westeros: Total War designed to bring the look, the feel and the sounds of HBO's Game of Thrones to the world of Westeros. (Alas I have no affiliation with HBO) This submod is currently for version 0.53 of Westeros: Total War which is currently in Alpha stages but with a devoted mod team working hard to bring it to a full release. The submod is compatible with both the Standard (Vanilla) version of Westeros 0.53 and also the Enhanced version. It is highly recommended that you visit the official mod page at TWCenter.net to get precise details and installation help.

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Hello, a new big update has been released - it's a beta-release and still is lacking things like custom music, custom voices and more scripts and features. The mod had to be basically re-done on a new map after Peaman ported SoulGamesInc's map replacing the old small and outdated alpha-map. The mod is extremely stable, has a huge map, new units, new factions, a huge number of new custom heroes, new scripts, new traits, new ancillaries and factional rosters have become more unique!

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1. You need to go into the folder named "Medieval II Total War" and then copy the file named "medieval2.exe" - then rename the copied file to kingdoms.exe. This is needed or the mod won't launch with Steam.

2. You do need to patch the medieval2.exe and the kingdoms.exe with a program named "4gb patch" found at this link:


3. It's a program, extract it anywhere on your computer, then run it as an administrator - then browse to both .exe-files inside of the "Medieval II Total War"-folder and select one of them and click on "patch" - then repeat the process with the other one.

4. You need to have just one folder named "GoT" as in "Steam\steamapps\common\Medieval II Total War\mods\GoT - and then You'll start it by double-cllicking the executable.bat-file of the mod.

5. With the CD instead it would be "D:\Games\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\GoT - and you'll still start it by double-clicking on the executable.bat-file.

6. Delete the .RWM-file inside of your mods/GoT/data/world/maps/base-folder or the mod might crash when attempting to start a campaign due to the "fatal graphics error".

7. For windows 10/MAC-users:

I've found out that certain files in the "settlements"-folder and/or "blockset"-folder do cause the CTD when fighting siege-battles - fix this by deleting both of these folders inside of the mods/GoT/data-folder - they only CTD (crash to desktop) on MAC and Windows 10 computers - if you play with windows 7 it will not crash.

- By deleting these files the mod will work perfectly fine on win 10, but you are deleting all the custom cities.

I'm currently working on the mod on a Windows 10 computer and trying to remove what is causing this while keeping the rest. You can delete both of the folders mentioned above to be able to enjoy the mod without custom cities - in the next upload/patch/update we will only have the custom cities that are not causing the crash.

PS: Delete the .RWM-file after removing these folders or the campaign will crash. The map.RWM-file will regenerate when you launch a new campaign. If any change is made to the campaign map it's usually advisable to remove this file, and then let a new one regenerate - then use that one. Removing it will destroy any current campaigns.


Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced V. 5.5 (Win 7 - smaller towns ctd on win 10)

Download Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced V. 5.5 (Fixed turn 31 CTD/New Robb Stark)! - Mod DB

Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced V. 5.5 (Fixed turn 31 CTD/New Robb Stark)!

Download the GoT Patch fixing the Nights Watch diplomacy, increasing the ammo of the Dragons/allowing Dany to fire fireballs while moving around, adding missing battle-model of Edric Storm to the campaign and finally increasing the numbers of all the Wildling units.

Hello, this is a small patch for the latest release of the mod - adding an updated export_descr_units-file to the data-folder of the mod which will increase the numbers of Wildlings in a unit - both me and Firestorm felt that they were too weak and needed to be similar to in AoPK which the balancing is based off of.

All the dragons have twice the ammunition now as I felt they needed more ammo - Dany also has the added ability to fire while moving around making her stronger than the other dragons.

Edric Storm/Gendry wasn't in the campaign for House Renly in battle due to a mistake so he has been added.

And finally the Nights Watch used to be neutral which caused House Stark to invade etc - I've made them allied to everyone in the game except the Wildlings, the rebels, the Others and House Bolton - so expect the border with House Stark to be peaceful now until the Boltons come knocking.

Install by placing the "data"-folder in the main directory of the mod named "GoT" - overwrite the old.

It's not save-game compatible.

Please re-download this patch if you were among the first three people that did download it.. I had forgotten to remove a unit I had added that weren't supposed to be in the file - so it will cause the mod not to start.

The mod had to be basically re-done on a new map after Peaman ported SoulGamesInc's map replacing the very old, small and outdated alpha-map.

The new version of GoT Enhanced has:

1. A new huge map expanding in Westeros in all directions - with parts of Essos, "Beyond the Wall" and many new regions in Westeros itself.

Baratheon of King's Landing strat-map overview!House Lannister strat-map overview!House Tully strat-map preview!House Frey strat-map preview!House Greyjoy strat-map preview!House Stark strat-map preview!House Bolton strat-map preview 2!House Bolton strat-map preview!Baratheon of Dragonstone strat-map Preview!Baratheon of Storm's End strat-map preview!House Tyrell strat-map preview!House Martell strat-map preview!House Arryn strat-map preview!All the three castles at the Wall have been updated into large_castles!Wildlings strat-models added to the campaign!The Others strat-map preview!Free Cities of Essos strat-map preview!House Targaryen strat-map preview!

2. More units for most factions, including the first real Wildlings/Freefolk-roster, new dragons, mammoths, giants and such.

Wildling Hunters (Bowmen)Thenn Spearmen (By Firestorm)Men of the Frozen Shore (By Firestorm).Hornfoot Spearmen (By Firestorm)Hornfoot Warriors (By Firestorm)Nightrunners (By Firestorm)Targaryen Longbowmen (By Firestorm).Unsullied Auxiliaries (By Firestorm)Targaryen Outriders (By Firestorm)Targaryen Bodyguard (Knights) -  By FirestormSecond Sons Halberds (By Firestorm).Brigand Bowmen of the Free Cities of Essos.Brigand Spearmen a new unit for the Free Cities of Essos.Brigand Swordsmen added to the Free Cities of Essos.Brigand Cavalry added to the Free Cities of Essos.New updated Golden Company Elephants!Bolton Knights updated!Bolton Swordsmen/Heavy Swordsmen/Spearmen Updated!Greyjoy Axe Throwers a new unit for House Greyjoy!New Florent Knights for the Minor House of Florent!Firestorm added the capes of the generals to the Lannister Heavy Swordsmen/SpearNew updated Wildlings roster! (Courtesy of Firestorm).Updated Nights Watch roster! (By Firestorm).The Others roster is similar to that of the Fire & Blood mod.New House Stark units and minor house units!New House Tully units!New House Arryn units!House Renly updated with new minor houses and heroes!House Tyrell updated with new units!Viserion and Rhaegal has gotten new skins by Peaman actually!Wun-Wun and the other giants and mammoths now spawn!

3. A huge number of custom heroes with unique models, using heads by the highly skilled TheScouseSicario - the heroes are from most factions and it's 71 new characters - Peaman offered us at least 30 of the models but some of them have been edited afterwards.

Tyrion Lannister rigged by Bantu and updated by Firestorm!Daenarys Stormborn on a dragon?Jaime Lannister (Kingsguard) new hero model!Jaime Lannister (Lannister Knight) new hero model!Tywin Lannister hero model updated!Kevan Lannister new hero model!King Joffrey Baratheon hero model updated!Gregor Sandor Stannis Lord Roose Bolton of the Dreadfort updated!Ramsay Ygritte the Wildling added as a unique hero for the Wildlings!Jon Snow of the Nights Watch has been added as a custom hero!Jon Stark has been added as a unique hero model!Sir Brienne Tarth has been added as a new unique hero model!Brandon Asha Greyjoy added as a new hero to the mod!Theon Greyjoy added as a new hero to the mod!Euron Eddard Lord Edmure Tully has been added as a new hero!Brynden Lord Mace Tyrell has been added as a unique custom hero!Sir Loras Tyrell has been added as a new custom hero!Daario Naharis, the leader of the Second Sons added!King Tommen Baratheon has been added to the mod!Tormund Giantsbane added as a new hero for the Wildlings!The King Beyond the Wall, Mance Rayder - has been added to the mod!Sir Davos Seaworth has been added as a new custom hero!Sir Barristan Selmy has been added as a new hero to the mod!Daenarys Targaryen in the custom battles will be dismounted!Sir Jorah Mormont has been added as a new hero to the mod!Oberyn New Rickon Stark hero has been added to the mod.Robert Arryn, the leader of House Arryn has been added!Petyr Maege Mormont added as a new custom general to House Stark!Bronn Walder Rivers or Remade Grey Worm with a new head!Remade Jeor Mormont - Lord Commander of the Nigths Watch!Benjen Stark added as a new custom hero for the Nights Watch!Alliser Thorne added as a new custom general for the Night´s Watch!Styr, the Magnar of Thenn - added as a new custom hero to the Wildlings!King Robert Baratheon added to the custom battles as a new hero!King Renly Baratheon of House Baratheon of Storm's End remade!Edric Storm, the heir to Storm's End - has been added as a new hero!Harry Strickland, commander of the Golden Company of Braavos has been added!Halys Hornwood added to House Stark!Robett Glover added to House Stark!Greatjon Umber added as a new hero to House Stark!Wyman Manderly added as a new custom character to House Stark!Smalljon Umber added as a custom hero to House Stark!Cley Cerwyn added as a new hero to House Stark!Harrion Karstark added to House Bolton as a new custom character!Rickard Karstark added to House Bolton as a new custom character!Rodrik Harlaw added to House Greyjoy as a new custom character!Harrold Hardyng has been added for House Arryn!Yohn Royce added as a new custom character to House Arryn!Tytos Blackwood added as a new custom character to House Tully!Jason Mallister added as a new custom character to House Tully!Jonos Bracken added as a new custom character for House Tully!Addam Marbrand has been added to House Lannister as a new custom general!Andros Brax added as a new custom general to House Lannister!Baelor Hightower added to House Tyrell as a new custom general!Dickon Tarly added to House Tyrell as a new custom general!Randyll Tarly added to House Tyrell as a new custom general!Edwyn Frey added to House Frey as a new custom character!Beric Dondarrion added to the mod as a new custom general!The Night King added as a custom general to Anders Yronwood added to House Martell as a new custom general!

4. New Scripts that will spawn the Wildlings, Targaryens and the Others in the campaign on certain turns, expect Daenarys to spawn around turn 51, same with the strongest forces of the Others and the Giants/mammoths of the Wildlings will spawn earlier at about turn 20.

5. The map has new strat-map models for both generals and cities - rigged by mostly Peaman, and a few strat-generals were rigged by Bantu Chieftain.

6. New playable factions - House Targaryen, The Wildlings, The Nights Watch, The Free Cities of Essos and The Others - beware that the last one isn't really supposed to be playable due to this mod being set during season 3 - this means that The Others won't have any units recruitable, and instead will spawn armies at certain turns. This faction is still a WIP and Firestorm didn't intend for it to be playable - but I know that people would want to play as them.

House Targaryen new selection screen!Wildlings/Free Folk Faction selection screen done!Nights Watch faction Selection screen done!The Others have been implemented to the submod by Firestorm!

7. New intro-videos for the Wildlings, Free Cities of Essos, The Others and House Targaryen.

8. I've also replaced the Robb Stark-model by Firestorm with the one that Peaman rigged for Fire and Blood, with his permission of course - the model is still in the folder of the mod with an altered name if anyone prefers it over the new one. I think the head of the older one had higher resolution, but the new model is more close to the TV-show in terms of how it looks - and the body also makes it stand-out from Bran, Rickon, Ned and Jon.

Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced V 5.5 FIXED! + NEW Robb Stark!

9. Moat Cailinn custom settlement from Westeros 1.0 and created by Makayane now works!

Moat Cailin Custom settlement made by Makayane finally works!Moat Cailin Custom settlement made by Makayane finally works!Moat Cailin Custom settlement made by Makayane finally works!Moat Cailin Custom settlement made by Makayane finally works!

10. New "Castle Black" custom settlement made by Makayane for Westeros 1.0 - but never really worked to be played in before:

New New New New New New

- Play the game to find out more - it's a vastly improved mod compared to in the past, and it's not final - also the map should be 100% stable, and you don't need to play a custom battle before entering the campaign anymore. Battles might game-lock or CTD but hopefully they don't - I haven't played enough to know for certain. I think it should be very stable!

- Dragons, mammoths and giants might CTD on Windows 10 computers - I am not sure if this is the case or not.

The dragons are re-skinned Warhammer BotET Alt-Cut dragons so if those work on win 10 without a CTD these should work, the Giants are random models and might not be as stable, the mammoths are also from the Warhammer mod mentioned and should hopefully be stable.

Credits (I can't remember everyone at the moment but I will try,):

- Westeros: Total War for the old mod that started it all and for the custom settlements - also makayane for said cities.

- Game of Thrones: Enhanced Submod V 3.0 and earlier - in particular Inarus and his team, because they are the original creators, and made the original art-mod back when the models were all vanilla - they also did the voice-modifications, strat-model cities of the oldest versions, and many of the images and portraits - not to forgot many of the old scripts. Not that many old scripts have been re-implemented yet though.

- Peaman for some battle-models from Fire & Blood, quite a few strat-model generals and cities from Fire & Blood.

- Warhammer Alt-Cut and it's creator Kalla for the Warhammer animations, the dragon models and the mammoths - the skins of the dragons are by Peaman.

- Firestorm for just above half the work on this version - he did edit the new models/units, implement many things on the new map, add new cards and did most of the new stuff seen here. However, I had simultaneously done most f the same work on another version (the original, there were two versions of the mod with the new map and models - one worked on by me and one by Firestorm - but only Firestorms version allowed new scripts - and only with Firestorm's version could we get rid of the old "Play a custom battle first"-bug. So Firestorm had come a bit further than me even though I had pretty much re-added everything from the old version on the new map and after that added the new factions. But I hadn't added the Others or the Free Cities yet - that's when we moved to Firestorms sub-mod and made that the new version.

Mr_Nygren for the same amount of work on the original factions of GoT Enhanced 5.0 bringing them back to Souls map in a different version that we didn't use in the end, I also did implement the Wildlings, the Nights Watch and House Targaryen to it. I added most of Firestorms heroes to it with the help of his already done entries from his sub-mod. And I did implement the custom settlements and a bunch of new units to it, dragons, animations, new portraits. - This was all scraped in favor of Firestorms work on the sub-mod.

- Then I added unique bodyguards to most heroes in the campaign for this release, I did add the Wildling script, I did add the custom settlements to this mod - including tinkering with the Castle Black-settlement and making it load in the mod - it used to crash in Westeros 1.0 when attempting to play a battle there, I did add the new system of armor upgrades for House Bolton, I added a bunch of edits to the game-play, I implemented the new UI changes in the faction selection screen (Firestorm did the map-pictures for the new factions,) I added some strat-models to the mod and what-not.

- Most of the work on the release was done by Firestorm - most of my work were done on the other beta. I did some final stuff before this released though.

- TheScouseSicario for all the wonderful new heads of all the new custom heroes.

- VltimaRatio for all the GoT Enhanced base-models and old models.

- DBM (De Bello Mundi) for the Wildling "Albian/Scottish" custom settlements in battle.

- Makayane for the new "Great Wall" custom settlement in battle - used by Castle Black and the other two castles. - I managed to make it work after some tinkering with the files, as it was in Westeros 1.0 but always did CTD (crash to desktop) when attempting to play a battle there.

- SoulGamesInc (SGI) for the new huge map!

- The Italian "Song of Ice and Fire"-mod and it's creator for the Castle Black strat-model - also in use by the other castles at the wall.

Alright. and that's it - so Peaman sent me a whole bunch of strat-map cities and I am using those with his permisison. I've removed the latest strat-cities made by Inarus because I wasn't sure he would allow them in the mod. The old ones were already in the mod. If there are any strat-map cities still in the mod that Peaman didn't have permission to hand out to me then I will remove them if anyone writes to me - no problem. I saw that he was still using the Inarus-models and they are removed. I can't know who made what settlement though so if there is an issue I'll remove it when told about it.


Thanks for the update!

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Mr_Nygren Author

Glad you enjoy it.

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Amazing! Any idea when custom music might be added? Aside from that, its a 10/10 mod

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Hello, I have an issue with trying to add House Targaryen to custom battle it crashes as soon as I go to select their units and start the battle, what can be done to solve the issue?

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