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"Game of Thrones - A Clash of Kings” is a 8 players prebuilt custom scenario mod for Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition (Aoe2DE) including custom graphic, sounds, data & more.

It takes place in Westeros, the fantasy world of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire (ASoIaF) Players can pick one of the eight great Houses of Westeros:

  • Player 1 - House Tully / Frey
  • Player 2 - House Lannister
  • Player 3 - House Tyrell
  • Player 4 - House Martell
  • Player 5 - House Arryn
  • Player 6 - House Greyjoy
  • Player 7 - House Stark
  • Player 8 - House Baratheon of Dragonstone

In this scenario, there is no Allied Victory.

Only one player can win. "When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die"

Plots, alliances, strategies, deceptions, betrayals; this is what you should expect when you play this scenario

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Game of Thrones


:line::line::line::line:Rules & Settings::line::line::line::line:

  1. There's NO CARTOGRAPHY but some spots on the map are always visible for everyone
  2. NO ALLIED VICTORY "When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die"
  3. Every player starts with 2 Relics :relic: in front of his monastery, in the Capital area
  4. At the beginning a third Relic will be given randomly to one player
  5. Kingmaking is forbidden ! You cannot give your own relics to another player, that's kingmaking.

:line::line::line::line:How to win ?:line::line::line::line:

There are 2 ways to win a game:

  1. Hold 7 Relics :relic: for 15 minutes into a monastery, trying defending from everyone (This win condition is always active

  2. Every game you'll get a random win condition, it can be:

    - Take control of 2 Regions (including Kreposts and Accursed towers)
    - Take control of 3 Unowned Castles and 1 Region
    - Take control of King's Landing(The great Sept of Baelor + The Red keep) and get 800 Kills and 100 Razes (For p2 Red :Lanni: 1000 kills and 100 razes)
    - Take control of King's Landing and 2 Capitals (For p2 Red :Lanni: 3 Capitals and king's Landing)

The secondary win condition will be displayed after 5 minutes from the start of the game.
The secondary win condition is secret, different for every player and every game !
Completing the secondary victory condition will make you win INSTANTLY!


  • Up to 3 Relics will spawn every 20 minutes in front of the Great Sept of Baelor, in King's Landing (Which is an area always visible for every player)
  • You can capture other players relics by invasion: this is a game of war, not city building !
  • At the beginning a third Relic will be given randomly to one player
  • You can buy Relics at the Iron Bank of Braavos, bringing your Lord in front of the Iron Bank. It requires 15 k gold :gold:
  • You can aswell decide to sell a relic at the Iron Bank, bringing a monk with a relic in front of the Iron Bank you will gain 7k gold :gold:.(You need your Lord Alive !)
  • You can kidnapp an enemy monk with a relic, using kidnapper unit (Tarkan available only in Capitals)*

*To kidnapp an enemy monk with a relic, click on your kidnapper and attack the monk with a relic. If the kidnapping is successful you will see the monk with a relic garrisoned inside your kidnapper. Return the kidnapper to one of your Town center to auto-convert the monk with a relic
(Example in video below, don't mind unit names)

:line::line::Tully:Player 1 - House Tully/Frey :Tully::line::line::line:


The Twins

  • In game civilization : Britons
  • Capital/Seat : Riverrun
  • Head : Lord Hoster Tully
  • Region : Riverlands

Custom Technologies:

  1. Tradition of Archery = Foot archers have +1 range; towers have +2 attack.
  2. We stand togheter = Enable longbowman unit, trainable from Town center; fire 2 arrows, can build/repair kreposts

Unique Heroes:

  1. Tully Crossbowman (Requires Riverrun and Lord Tully alive)
  2. [After minute 30] Thoros of Myr & Beric Dondarrion and Brotherhood without banners (Requires 100 kills / 10 razes and Beric next to Brotherhood Camp

:line::line::Lanni:Player 2 - House Lannister :Lanni::line::line::line:

Casterly Rock

The Golden Tooth

King's Landing

  • In game civilization : Byzantines
  • Capital/Seat : Casterly Rock
  • Head : Lord Tywin Lannister
  • Region : Westerlands

Custom Technologies:

  1. Casterly's Gold = Gold miners work rate 40% increased, gold mines last 40% longer
  2. Wealth of the Rock = Red Keep, Casterly Rock, Golden Tooth and towers shoot 25% faster

Unique Heroes:

  1. Lannister Grand Knight (Requires Casterly Rock and Lord Tywin alive)
  2. [After minute 30] Spawn Jaime Lannister (Requires Casterly Rock) Send Jaime to the Red Keep (you need to own it) to spawn Westerland Cloacks (Requires 100 kills / 10 razes)

:line::line::Tyrell:Player 3 - House Tyrell :Tyrell::line::line::line:



The Hightower

  • In game civilization : Franks
  • Capital/Seat : Highgarden
  • Head : Lord Mace Tyrell
  • Region : The Reach

Custom Technologies:

  1. Arborian vineyards = Farmers slowly generate gold in addition to food
  2. Beacon of Knowledge = Immediately collects 10% of the food provided by nearby Farms upon being seeded or reseeded, in addition to providing 5 population.

Unique Heroes:

  1. Tyrell Mounted Archer (Requires Highgarden and Lord Mace alive)
  2. [After minute 30] Spawn Samwell Tarly at Castle black.
    Send Samwell inside Citadel area (Hightower) to spawn Paxter Redwyne
    Keep Paxter Redwyine inside Citadel area to spawn Redwyne fleet (you need to own Hightower) (Requires 100 kills / 10 razes)

:line::line::Martell:Player 4 - House Martell :Martell::line::line::line:




  • In game civilization : Saracens
  • Capital/Seat : Sunspear
  • Head : Lord Doran Martell
  • Region : Dorne

Custom Technologies:

  1. Southern Poison = All ranged units receive +1 attack
  2. Salty Dornishmen = Infantry damage adjacent units

Unique Heroes:

  1. Martell Sand Steed (Requires Sunspear and Lord Doran alive)
  2. [After minute 30] Spawn Oberyn Martell at Sunspear.
    Keep control of both to spawn Sand Snakes (Requires 100 kills / 10 razes)

:line::line::Arryn:Player 5 - House Arryn :Arryn::line::line::line:

The Eyrie


  • In game civilization : Lithuanians
  • Capital/Seat : The Eyrie
  • Head : Lord Robert Arryn
  • Region : The Vale

Custom Technologies:

  1. Years of Skirmishes = All melee units receive +2 attack
  2. Wardens of the East = Scout Line is trained 50% faster

Unique Heroes:

  1. Arryn Cavalry (Requires The Eyrie and Lord Arryn alive)
  2. [After minute 30] Spawn Donnel Waynwood at the Eyrie
    Keep control of both to spawn Brotherhood of Winged Knights(Requires 100 kills / 10 razes)

:line::line::Greyjoy:Player 6 - House Greyjoy :Greyjoy::line::line::line:


Ten Towers

  • In game civilization : Vikings
  • Capital/Seat : Pyke
  • Head : Lord Balon Greyjoy
  • Region : The Iron Islands

Custom Technologies:

  1. The Iron Price = Every raze gives 40 wood/food/gold -> Upgrade docks to harbors (which fire arrows)
  2. The Kraken's Wrath = Transport ships are 20% faster / +50 hp

Unique Heroes:

  1. The Iron Fleet (Requires Pyke and Lord Greyjoy alive)
  2. [After minute 30] Spawn Euron Greyjoy at Pyke
  3. Keep control of both to spawn Euron's Fleet(Requires 100 kills / 10 razes)

:line::line::Stark:Player 7 - House Stark :Stark::line::line::line:


The Dreadfort

White Harbour

  • In game civilization : Celts
  • Capital/Seat : Winterfell
  • Head : Lord Robb Stark
  • Region : The North

Custom Technologies:

  1. Resilience of the First men = All land units receive + 15% hp
  2. The North Remembers = Upgrade Barracks to Northern Camp (They can be built 20% faster, units are trained 35% faster)

Unique Heroes:

  1. Stark Bowman (Requires Winterfell and Lord Stark alive)
  2. [After minute 30] Spawn Jon Snow at Castle Black
    Keep Jon Snow inside Castle black area to spawn Wilding Giants (Requires 100 kills / 10 razes)

:line::line::baradragonstone:Player 8 - House Baratheon of Dragonstone :baradragonstone::line::line::line:


Storm's End


  • In game civilization : Teutons
  • Capital/Seat : Dragonstone
  • Head : Lord Stannis Baratheon
  • Region : The Stormlands

Custom Technologies:

  1. Snake's Legacy = Galleons and fire ship receive + 20 hp
  2. Fiery Heart = Siege rams can garrison +2 units (make them faster), Siege workshops work 25% faster

Unique Heroes:

  1. Baratheon Crossbowman (Requires Dragonstone and Lord Stannis alive)
  2. [After minute 30] Spawn Ser Davos Seaworth at Dragonstone.
    Send Lord Stannis and Ser Davos at Braavos (Iron Bank) to spawn Salladhor Saan.
    Keep Salladhor Saan next to Dragonstone to spawn Salladhor Saan fleet (Requires 100 kills / 10 razes)
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