GCWII is an era mod that adds a lot of new content to the game that we all love. You can now play as the First Order or the Resistance and decide the fate of the galaxy!

Each faction has 4 basic units (rifleman, rocketeer, sniper and pilot); 2 special units (heavy artillery stormtrooper, flametrooper, resistance crew member, resistance spy) and 2 hero units available on every map.

The weapons are brand new and inspired to the new EA's battlefront - no reload, overheat only. Some of them must be charged in order to be more effective, such as the pulse rifle or Han's pistol.

New vehicles have been added.

New heroes are now in the game: Kylo Ren, Finn, Poe Dameron, Cpt Phasma, Old Han, Grand Master Luke, General Hux... you can play hero assault on Mos Eisley with every single one of them!

You can play GCWII conquest on every stock map and space assault maps are supported too (in early stage though, I couldn't change the captital ships, not yet). Geonosis Hunt is included as a bouns just for fun mode.

The era mod comes with an exclusive custom map made by Commander Cody: "Jakku: Outpost" that is based on the opening scene from EpVII where the First Order slaughter the villagers and capture Poe Dameron.

The mod supports the maps in Marvel4's BF1 Conversion Pack, the_legend's Tatooine at War, GAB's Alzoc III and Honoghr: Crash Site, GuitarMan & Schizo's Saleucami: Valley, bobfinkl's Alderran: Lakeside, Corellia: Mountain Top, Penguin's Tatooine Tusken Camp. Be aware that in order to play GCWII on these maps, you have to download them by yourself.

You must have the 1.3 unofficial patch installed! Place the TFA folder in your Addon folder.

Credits to:

-Deviss: bothan model
-Codarez: dlt20a and ca87 blaster models
-Commander Cody: his awesome Jakku map that he kindly made for this era mod
-sereja: dh17 blaster, bf1 sniper backpack, resistance scout blaster and sniperrifle, flametanks, improved LAAT
-AQT: rep blaster pistol model without stock
-Indytotof: kylo saber texture
-thelegend: kylo'saber model, tatooine at war map, he added ggctuk's vest to the stormtrooper
-codarez: navy commando model
-pyschofred's naboo pilot model
-qdin: trooper legs and arms used as chunks
-ggctuk: f-11 model, stormtrooper vest
-wazmol: trooper helmet used as chunk
-marvel's bf1 conversion pack scripts
-Acemastermind: FO's cp icon model
-all GT members

And me, Delta-1035\Johnny_Sciroppo, the creator of this mod.

Hope you enjoy!

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News 3 comments

You can play the GCWII era on the following stock maps:

-death star
-geonosis (hunt)
-polis massa
-tantive iv
-mos eisley
-mos eisley(hero assault)
-jabba's palace
-yavin 4
-space hoth
-space tatooine
-space yavin4

You can play the GCWII era on the following Marvel's BF1 Converted maps:
-bespin cloud city
-bespin platforms
-kashyyyk islands
-kashyyyk docks
-rhen var temple
-rhen var harbor
-naboo plains

You can play the GCWII era on the following custom maps (if you already have them in your Addon):
-saleucami valley
-honogh crash site
-alzoc 3
-tatooine at war
-tatooine tusken camp
-aderaan lakeside
-corellia mountain top

You can play the GCWII era on Jakku Outpost, brand new map made by commander cody that is exclusive to this mod and included in the TFA folder.


-first order snowspeeder
-first order scout walker (at-rt-like)
-resistance light attack speeder
-first order tie fighter
-first order special forces tie fighter
-first order special forces tie fighter (bomber)
-resistance xwing
-resistance xwing (bomber)
-resistance special forces xwing
-first order speederbike

Heroes so far:

-rey (she has force powers, I know, but this is probably going to change)
-poe dameron
-han solo
-luke skywalker
-cpt phasma
-kylo ren
-general hux


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Full Version 86 comments

1,6 RELEASE Lots of small things have been improved\changed since the last version, skins, models, animations and such. Space maps have been added and...

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где кнопка скачать сука

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Oh, just like A New Frontier!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This came years before ANF...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

If you want more sequel era content try this mod! Moddb.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

When I seen this it got my hopes up, because I thought it was going to be the actual 2nd Galactic Civil War from legends and not the "New" Series by Disney.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

But wouldn't you have known it was a Disney sequel era mod since the thumbnail of the mod is TFA? :/

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I've been lurking on Mod DB for nearly a year and have download countless BFII mods in that time. I just have to say, this is probably my favorite mod ever and one of the only ones besides a few mod maps that I always have in my addon folder. Maybe the mod could be balanced better or TLJ content could be added, but above all that, thanks for creating such an awesome mod. Here's to the future!

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If you want a sequel era mod that has more TFA content and TLJ content you should install the "A New Frontier" mod.

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I tried out A New Frontier a few months ago, and man is it a blast! This mod still holds a very special place in my heart though.

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