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cRPG is a modification for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord extending the multiplayer experience with an RPG-like leveling system, Multiple Game Modes, Heirlooms and Upgradeable Equipment, Generational Character XP Boost System, and more!

Persistent character stats 📜

As you level up you can customize your characters by assigning points to attributes, skills and weapons. You can specialize on a specific class or go hybrid.

Retirement System, XP Bonus and Heirloom Points imageedit 2 6890960021

Players at and beyond level 31 can retire their characters, return to lvl 1, but receive one Heirloom Point (used to upgrade an item) and receive a permanent stackable XP bonus for each generation.

New Player Starting Bonus💰

New players receive their first character already at level 30 with medium tier equipment! Jump right into battle with a gift of 4.4 Million XP towards your first generation. (Halfway to your first retirement at level 31)

sally pic 2

Hundreds of unique items Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.0)

You can choose from hundreds of items in the shop which will allow you to create a unique look and make you stand out. Retiring a character allows you to pass on an heirloom - an improved item - to the next generation.

All items can be traded on the marketplace with other players.(not available yet on bannerlord cRPG)



Being in a clan will automatically assign you and your mates to the same side in the battle and siege game modes. They come with an armoury to share items, a treasury to collect gold, a messaging system and the possibility to upload a custom banner.(not available yet on bannerlord cRPG)

wideforest 2

A Variety of Game Modes 🎮

Play in Battle, Conquest (Siege), Defend the Viscount (Cooperative), Skirmish (Tournaments), Duel and more!

Bridgefightthumb 1

Strategus (not available yet on bannerlord)

This game mode brings the single player campaign online and allows you to compete in a virtual world with other players over land, goods and castles. The preparation and planning is played as browser game, the actual battles take place ingame.

Defend the Viscount

In this co-op game mode your team has to protect the Viscount. Each round consists of three waves of enemies and every round gets more challenging with tougher bots and unique hero bots.

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DTV cRPG flag 1

cRPG Mod

Now Available for

Epic Games, Xbox and Steam 💻


xbox logo

The cRPG Launcher can be downloaded HERE

cRPG Trailer 📺

Versions 68 - 95

Updates and Patch Notes 📜

Mod ⚔️

  • New Users get given a level 30 character with Medium equipment @or2e
  • Users that were recently created get a gold bonus equivalent to the level 30 equipment + and get their character bumped to level 30. @or2e
  • Unlimited Free Respec for new users until they reach level 31 or their combined character experience reachers 12 MIL experience @or2e
  • New PVE game mode Defend the Viscount (CO-OP) Added

DTV James with Morningstar and A

(Players defend the Viscount and Hold the Gates in the Co-op mode of cRPG DTV)

  • Breakable Weapons Implemented. First breakable weapon is the jousting lance. Once the jousting lance gets to zero HP, it has a chance to break at after every hit. Zero HP breakable weapon rolls a d1000 dice every time they hit someone. If the total damage (including damage mitigated by armor) is below the dice roll , the weapon will live to see another hit. Otherwise it breaks @namidaka
  • IronFlesh buffed from 3 hp per level -> 4hp per level
  • Ai level of bots has been overhauled @Muparadzi
  • Fixed a DTV glitch allowing people to get reward by going to spectator without spawning addtional bots @MrMendo
  • The clan with the greatest number of players present in the team will have its banner displayed at the top of the screen, replacing the team banner. @namidaka


(Teams fight at the Gates of Acre on cRPG Conquest)

  • The UI now displays Clan Name and banner in: Team Selection, Scoreboard, EndOfRound, EndOfBattle
  • Added additional Banner Syncing. @namidaka
  • Infantry shield coverage against missiles has been increased : 15% per level -> 25% per level @salt
  • Servers have been set to use 240 tickrate. We will monitor the performance @namidaka
  • Added a welcome message for new players @or2e
  • Updated Iron Rod, increasing its overall stats and upping its tier, this is to bring it in line with some of the better polearms @Yeldur
  • Roman Equip Update by @Diggles
    • Strengthened 2 Oval shields to give Roman's better selection
    • Renamed and updated 4 Spatha's with better thrusting specs
    • Spatha to Cavalry Spatha, reach + high cut, slow
    • Spatha with Narrow Fuller to Imperial Spatha slightly more cut than thrust
    • Iron Spatha to Republican Spatha, equal cut and thrust
    • Spatha Blade with Ring Pommel to Prefect's Spatha, thrust specialty
    • Updated 1 Sturgian shortsword to be thrust speciality (Gauls!)


(3 models of Gladius added by Meowkov and Balanced by Diggles)

  • Buff of the two Mastercrafted Southern Scale
  • Burgundian Poleaxe by Yeldur
  • Elongated Burg Poleaxe, lowered damage stats slightly
  • Crossbows have been nerfed
  • Camel size reduced from 105 to 100 @Arn
  • DTV Rounds and Waves are now displayed in the UI @Droob
  • Large Combat Rework
    • Lowest combat speed 0.72 -> 0.82 maximum combat speed 0.88 -> 0.94 (used to be 0.88 for everyone before last patch)
    • combat speed depends on weapon length. Max combat speeds achieved below 80 length ( This CONSIDERABLY speeds up shielders)
    • Twohanded Polearms length discount : 20 -> 30
      movement speed per athletics : 0.03 -> 0.034
    • All weapons are refunded
    • Apply a fix that will prevent players from crashing after joining the server right after restart and allow mapper full control over the rotation @namidaka
    • Added Armor information syncing between peer to allow damage calculation based on armor value @namidaka
    • Glove armor now impact punch damage @Norr
    • Archer Time to Reach Maxpeed : +0.5s -> +1.0s
    • 1h thrust should be less draggable 0.5 -> 0.46 -> 0.42
    • Polearm Glance damage : x0.5 -> x0.4
    • Huge Buff to polearm damage :
      • Blunt 9%
      • Pierce 11.56%
      • Cut 15%


(A player braces his German Halberd in the training grounds)

  • Cav spawn with droponswap weapons equipped instead of on back @MrMendo
  • Added a bark rolling cooldown (5 barks per minutes) @MrMendo
  • Adapted UI to display the Jousting Lance @or2e
  • Throwing Update By @Diggles
    • Lowland Javelin = Skirmsher Javelin: -weight, +dmg
    • Woodland Javelin = Steel Skirmisher Javelin: -weight
    • Jagged Spear = Skirmsher Throwing Spear: -weight, -dmg
    • Fish Harpoon: -weight, +2dmg
    • Simple Javelin: -weight
    • Throwing Star Diamond: +2 dmg
    • Pilum: switched back to single stack version to avoid unintended ammo bugs picking up other javelins
  • Kriegsmesser-Rework:
    • Fullscale=True enabled for better look
    • Rebalanced: Slighty shortened, increased damage to make it a slashing-type sword
  • Arrow Rework by Caver
    • Created 3 different HA Arrow-Types,
      • Lighter arrows for Horsearchers"Elite Steppe Arrows", 30 Arrows, 3p
      • "Stacked Steppe Arrows", 35 Arrows, 2p
      • "Simple Steppe Arrows" (old Lowland Arrows), 40 Arrows, 1p
      • Lowland Arrows became Simple Steppe Arrows, changed it's quiver from back to waist
      • "Barbed Arrows" are now Cut Arrows, 40 Arrows, 6c
      • Renamed "Arrows" to "Simple Arrows", they now deal 1p
      • "Range Arrows" now deal 2p
      • Arrow Weight-Rework: (Arrows got their weight adjusted, similar to the tiering system already applied to bows) by Caver
        • all HA Arrows: 0.035
        • Best to worst Cut-Arrows: 0.045, 0.040, 0.035 weight
        • Best to worst Pierce and Blunt-Arrows: 0.1, 0.095, 0.09, 0.085 weight
  • Refunded all arrows
  • Added tassle to fangtian ji @meowkov
  • Added bamboo spear @meowkov


(Bamboo Spear with Tassle polearm item added by Meowkov)

  • Added teamcolor to cuir bouilli and tall ottoman hat @meowkov
  • Added camel armors by terco_viejo (thanks a ton!)
  • Removed glitchy mount saddles
  • Upkeep is now paid even in low pop situation on DTV @Muparadzi
  • Viscount cannot be teamkilled anymore @namidaka @MrMendo
  • Horses now panic and flee the map at the end of the round in DTV @Muparadzi
  • Bot tweaks including reducing horse archers in khuzait wave @Muparadzi
  • Added custom races for bots allowing for different species weighing different. Now Light Bot will weigh 20 kg and heavy ones 160kg. This should prevent light bot from easily pushing through a shield wall @Muparadzi
  • Increased DTV timer to 120 minutes @Muparadzi
  • DTV Reward is now properly handed out even if timer run out @Muparadzi
  • Reduced ranged count in all DTV waves @Muparadzi
  • Clan Banner is displayed above the head of your teammate but sadly with the team colors instead of clan colors (vlandia/sturgia) @namidaka
  • Fixed a banner key exploit that could crash the servers @namidaka
  • Fixed a bug that would make spectator pay upkeep @MrMendo
  • Scoreboard now display Character Level and Clan @namidaka
  • Maps Rotation is now in a separate file on github, allowing mappers to easily change the rotation
  • Base movement speed 0.65 -> 0.6 , speed per athle level 0.273 -> 0.3
  • Combat Slowdown when swinging or holding a parry now depends on weapon lengths instead of perceived weight.
  • 1handed thrust speed multiplier 0.82 -> 0.75
  • 1 handed should be less draggable 0.52 -> 0.48 -> 0.42 -> 0.38
  • Polearm handling 10% buff
  • Big Shield on horseback restrictions are not website only anymore. Mounting with a big Shield in your hand will see your shield drop to the ground unless it's on your back. Cavalry now spawn with their weapon in the back. @namidaka
  • Respec price decreases continuously. Now it's divided by 2 every 30 minute. Which means that after 4 hours prices has been divided by 256 (-99.6%)
  • Fixed missing textures
  • Hussar Armour rebalanced, slight improvement on names
  • Renamed the bahamut plate body - working on better names for all plate armour WIP @Diggles
  • Non hooked javelins are lootable from corpses @Diggles
  • +2 dmg for Horseman Javs @Diggles
  • Weight for Francescas and updated heirloom dmg @Diggles
  • Removed quivers from remaining throwing spears @Diggles
  • Made Pilum 2stack and lowered dmg to fit budget @Diggles
  • Increase size/length for throwing maces (club, mace & helping hand). @meowkov
  • Moved Steel Round Axe to maces to enable thrust attacks @Diggles
  • Ensured stabbing axes have bonus vs shield @Diggles
  • Slightly lowered speed and thrust dmg on Knightly Spiked to fit budget @Diggles
  • Refunded Knightly Spiked due to stat changes @Diggles
  • Renamed Pudao to Podao @Kaikaikai
    Rework FangTian Ji, Podao, and Burgundian Poleaxe for diversity in polearm category @Kaikaikai
  • Red & Green Nodachi changes, reduced damage on +0 & +1 but increased speed - +2 & +3 unchanged @Kaikaikai
  • Pavise Shield changes by @Kaikaikai :
    • Reinforced Pavise - Turned this into the high health strong powerhouse shield that weighs a lot - Designed to be used by battlefield tanks who want to sacrifice movespeed for a powerful shield
    • Pavise - Turned this into a lighter but high armour variant of the shield, designed to be used by those who seek an anti-ranged strategy with lots of coverage but weaker in melee combat in contrast.

hand pavise

(A Player holds up the Hand Pavise shield, the smallest of the Pavise shields)

  • TC Empire Helmet is fixed and second version @Yeldur
  • Vaegir Armors had their team color mask fixed @Yeldur
  • Scaled down and moved Landsknecht's Hat feathers @Yeldur
  • Added and fixed cloth physics on various armors, hope it worked @Yeldur
  • Nodachi and Wakizashi colors matching their name @Yeldur
  • Fixed some name and pattern mismatching on armors @Yeldur
  • Helping Hand, Throwing Mace, Throwing Club - only size adjustments (model by Gnarly Potato balanced @Diggles.)
  • Broad Shortsword Added (by @meowkov balanced by @Caver)
  • Yearly/Seasonal Halloween Items by @meowkov
  • Added Throwing Sandwich (by @.sweetpotato balanced by Diggles.)
  • Added Many EBA Items and Armours by @meowkov
  • End of battle ending screen with the top 3 mvp now correctly displays the equipment of each instead of having all wear the same equipment
  • Now the scoring function uses the Competitive Rating instead of Glicko2 rating. This means that the difference between killing a high rank and a low rank is a lot more important.
  • Removed scabbard from nodachis @Meowkov
  • Adjusted wakizashi scabbard colors to fit the handle @Meowkov
  • Fixed dagger scabbard template @Meowkov
  • Moved meowdao to backholster @Meowkov


(Unique Katana/Wakizashi Holsters by Meowkovs)

  • 1h barmace stab could stab for 0 damage. It can't stab anymore @Yeldur
  • Perceived Weight now impact Horse Archery Accuracy. Having Zero perceived weight increase horse archery accuracy by 20%
  • Dagger is now also affected by the onehanded thrust slowdown : -18%
  • The impact of having a ranged weapon on time to max speed is now flat : +40% -> +0.5s
    Impact of weight after freeweight from patch 84 halved . 40 kg increase by 0.4s time to max speed (10 kg is 0.1s etc)
  • Reworked damage behaviour depending on point of impact (hitting with the base of the weapon glance behavior)
  • Added Kriegsmesser, Executioner's Sword, Kopesh, Tanto, Fangtian Ji, Ironrod, Jian, Small Barmace, Small Gada, Zweihander, Meowaxe, Meowdao, Elegant Shepherd Axe, Horseman's Pick, Reverse Rondel @Meowkov
  • Added holster positions for Katanas and Wakizashis @Meowkov
  • Added Wakizashis and Nodachis for all Katana color variations @Meowkov
  • Added all of Swadian and Vaerig Armoury by ADamnSexyName
  • Added all of Bahamut's Armoury by Nemerius
  • Added Winged Hussar Armor from Expanded Bannerlord Armoury
  • Shield Overhaul by @Diggles
    • Removed several unused and ugly shields (6)
    • Divided shields into 4 ranks much like what was done to standardize armor with predetermined
    • HP/armor stats: Worn, Regular (has no prefix), Heavy & Fortified
    • Shield length will differentiate item tier between shields of the same rank
    • Lowered low rank shield effective HP and increased high rank
    • Updated shield names to denote faction and type of shield: Buckler, Heater, Round or Tower

bobshieldermalta shielderjamesshieldkremsshielder 1shielder hopliteallfshielder

(A variety of players using different types of shields

  • All shields refunded due to changes
  • Ladder Climb up 0.68 -> 0.88 . This change may be reverted. Should make climbing ladder a bit less boring ;) @namidaka
  • Changes to collision capsules to allow closer combat @namidaka
  • Adjusted collision of bigger and smaller horses so the collision model fits the actual model. No more ghost reach @namidaka
  • Crushthrough rework. Your chances of crushthrough depends on your strength and on the defender strength. If the defender is using a shield , it's his shield skill that's taken in account instead @namidaka
  • Added Item Custom Holster to the mod @Meowkov
  • Improved Chinese translation @winnie
  • Added new roman units to DTV @Muparadzi
  • Added new amazonian wave to DTV @Muparadzi
  • Fixed centurion not throwing pillum @Muparadzi
  • Bots can now use multiple loadouts@muparadzi
  • Added dtv viscount attack message (does not show up during warmup) @Muparadzi
  • DTV Upkeep detached from round duration @Muparadzi
  • Improve DTV bots. @Muparadzi + Arn
  • Fix DTV warmup timer showing 90 minutes instead of 30 seconds. @verdie-g
  • Added 2 Long Capes and 4 Tabards over Mail by @real_hawk balanced by @namidaka
  • Added 4 Tabards over Coat of Plate and Visored Kettlehelmet by ADamnSexyName#4470 balanced by namidaka
  • Added 3 Blunt Throwing Weapons by GP balanced by @Diggles27
  • Added Steel Pick by ikarooz
  • Added Cutlass by Steak777
  • Added 3x Shuriken, Throwing Spike, balanced by @Diggles27
  • Added Ancient Longsword , balanced by @namidaka
  • Added Grosses Messer (currently only 2h), balanced by @MrMendo
  • Added Norse Battle Hammer balanced by @Diggles27
  • Added Rondel Dagger, balanced by @Yeldur
  • Added Broad Shortsword, balanced by @namidaka
  • Added 4x Handpavise, Pavise by @Meowkov
  • Upkeep increased by 66% for weapons
  • Added Overtime notification
  • For defenders to win in conquest, the timer needs to be down to 0 and no attackers should around a non-captured flag. That would create silly situation where in a 2 flags stage, capturing the first flag during an overtime would actually end the game because no attackers would be on a non-captured flag anymore. To win, the defenders will now have to clear all flags (captured or not) from attackers. @verdie-g
  • Translated mod to Chinese + Russian. @verdie-g + corrections by @or2e
  • Don't end warmup when no players are on the server so that empty servers don't change map over and over which was generating noise. @verdie-g
  • Fix a bug that wouldn't make you pay the right upkeep amount when changing your gear on the website. @verdie-g
  • Increased initial conquest stage duration from 6 to 9 minutes but decreased additional time given on stage end from 3 to 2 minutes. @Wasch Kadse @-rfl @Fips
  • Attackers in conquest no longer get a 3x multiplier on start. @Wasch Kadse @-rfl @Fips
  • Increased by 5 seconds the time to capture a conquest flag. @Wasch Kadse @-rfl @Fips
  • Fix valour on first round that was using warmup score. @takeo
  • Cavalry has been reworked @Namidaka
    • Cav acceleration reduced @Namidaka
    • Cav max speed increased @Namidaka
    • Cav Maneuverability has been increased @Namidaka

cav with banner 1

(Heavily Armoured Cavalry having survived many arrows carrying clan banner)

  • One Handed polearm thrust Angles have been reduced : Left angle 120 -> 72 Right angle 90 -> 54 @Namidaka
  • Two Handed Polearm thrust Angles have been reduced : Left angle 120 -> 90 Right angle 90 -> 67.5 @Namidaka
  • Couch Lance damage increase : +25% @Namidaka
  • Armor Weight have been increased @Namidaka
  • Armor have been refunded @Namidaka
  • Glaive has been refunded @Namidaka
  • Added heirlooms stats for throwing that did not improve when heirloomed. @[DEAD] FREE OGGY
  • Heirloom stats for hoplite spear and Leaf Shaped Spear fixed @[DEAD] FREE OGGY
  • Heavy Knightly Lance +3 thrust speed has been fixed @Telford
  • Stagger threshold reduced to 9 for all type of damage @Namidaka
  • Fixed the overidding secondary character rating bug @Namidaka
  • Upkeep increased by 4% @Namidaka
  • Athletic skill buffed by 7% @Namidaka
  • Shield Weight depend on Health and Coverage. @Namidaka
  • Shield tier does not depends on coverage anymore. @Namidaka
  • Shield Armor impact on tier now uses the real armor formula. Any Extra Hp that armor provides cost 70% more than regular HP but does not increase weight (TLDR : Armor makes shield lighter but a bit less strong than if it had only hp) @Namidaka
  • Bvs For Swords cost 10% -> 20% ( Nerfed and refunded Harvesting Season) @Namidaka
    Wooden 1h and 2h sword cannot thrust anymore and get very good upgrade path. 1h wooden sword is now lighter @Namidaka
  • Shield Skill increase coverage more for inf (12% per point - > 15% per point) @Namidaka
  • Shield Skill increase coverage less for cav (4% per point - > 2% per point) @Namidaka
  • The 4 biggest small shields have been moved to Large Shield @Namidaka
  • Shield have been buffed @Namidaka
  • The top meta polearms have been nerfed and refunded @Namidaka , Stats by @kaikaikai
  • Small tweaks to mounts @Telford
  • Some heirloom upgrade that had mistakes got fixed @Telford
  • Use player equipment in the end-of-round mvp view @takeo
  • Correctly fix players stuck in spectator (might not work for conquest) @takeo
  • Fix bots equipment @takeo
  • Disallow capping a flag for 30 seconds after the start of a conquest stage @takeo
  • Play conquest end-of-game bell sound on a defender flag instead of a random position @takeo
  • Updated conquest description displayed when loading a map @takeo
  • Crossbow Max Requirement reduced to 21 @Namidaka
  • Shield HP have been nerfed by 40% @Namidaka
  • Shield Weights now depend on HP and Coverage @Namidaka
  • Shields stats have been changed , some shields have a lot more hp @Namidaka
  • Throwing Daggers damage buffed by 1 @Namidaka
  • Throwing Axes damage got buffed. They do not wreck shield anymore , and armor has very good resistance now againt throwing axes (+30%) . I will closely monitor the meta and hotfix them if they become unbearable again! @Namidaka
  • Refunded : Crossbows and Bolts , Shields , Throwing Weapons @Namidaka
  • Mount Tier Reworked to better reflect meta @Namidaka
  • Mount Updated @Telford
  • Fixed Hoe Stats and refunded @[DEAD] FREE OGGY
  • Militia Pernach loosing stats during Heirlooming fixed @Namidaka
  • Fixed absent rewards on low population server (hot fixed) @takeo

Website 🖥️

  • Added gold icon for upkeep @or2e
  • Updated Homepage video by James of Acre @Yeldur
  • Fixed website intermittently displaying 0 players instead of the real player count @orle
  • Account deleting option now makes it clear that there is no coming back @Yeldur @or2e
  • Fixed heirloom comparison sometime showing a -1 as a +1 @or2e
  • Displaying now full size image on hover @or2e
  • Modified the camera angles and the lighting on most thumbnails. Still requires a bit of work , but should be way better now @namidaka
  • Complete webui for strategus including the ability to add terrain layers to restrict movement @or2e
  • Heirloomed item now use the same image as the h0 version. Should reduce bandwidth consumption when looking at the heirloomed version @namidaka
  • Item thumbnails are have 4x time more pixel and weigh 10 time less. This should greatly reduce loading time for character page and shop while allowing greater thumbnail quality @namidaka
  • Added option to filter by "New" in shop @orle
  • Starting Gold for new player : 12k -> 30k
  • Added clan information for moderators @orle
  • Improved retiring confirmation @or2e
  • Added more log to characteristics changes @verdie-g
  • Aadd concurrency tokens on user/character (database optimization) @verdie-g
  • Use steam special link in installation guide. @verdie-g
  • Improve item field descriptions (#1191). @or2e
  • Group small/large shields together in shop (#1198). @or2e
  • Disabled silent sign-in that could be a cause of recent main server down times (#1199). @or2e
  • Unequip linked slot on item sell (#1200). @or2e
  • Close item detail with ESC (#1202). @or2e
  • Fix sorting items by type in inventory (#1201). @or2e
  • Allow filtering leaderboard by character class (#1156). @or2e
  • Add button to copy item name to clipboard (#1167). @or2e
  • Improve extra weapon slot description (#1168). @or2e
  • Add patch notes to the home page (#1165). @or2e
  • Add isNew badge to shop (#1170). @or2e
  • Add aggregation by head armor for shoulder armors in the shop (#1177). @or2e
  • Add armor material filter in the shop (#1178). @or2e
  • Fix display error when reforging @orle
  • Add mount body length to the shop. @orle
  • Save item sorting preference in the inventory. @orle
  • Periodically refresh character rating (so you don't need to F5). @orle
  • Improve shop pagination. @orle

shop page new

(Updated look at the cRPG Website Inventory Page With Items Expanded)

  • Shrink leaderboard table. @orle
  • Reverse rating table direction. @orle
  • Implemented a reforge feature that allows to pay to get back heirloom points from an item. @Namidaka / @orle
  • Improve characteristic descriptions. @[DEAD] FREE OGGY / @orle
  • Fixed Afdian (chinese donations website) synchronization to help financing the new China server @takeo
  • Loading animation last until end of login @orle
  • Items are now equippable even if namidaka messes up the thumbnails again @orle
  • Login button is more user friendly @orle
  • Added Leaderboard for each region @orle
  • Added personal Elo rank and division to overview page @orle
  • Coded the backend for Leaderboard and rating @Namidaka
  • Rating doesn't reset anymore on respec @Namidaka

Maps 🗺️

  • Removed Knight’s Crest from the rotation (CTD at the end of the map)
  • Field by The River Texture Fix for 1.2.7
  • Skolderby Spawn Fix & Flag Fix
  • Khamsin Visual Updates, Added more cover
  • New Map Snowytown by Jarold (DannyD)
  • New Map Lighthouse by Reginald
  • New Map Knights Crest by Braindead
  • New Map Talmberg by Plok
  • New Map Krakatoa and The Arena by Asda and LizzardWizard
  • New Map Frozen Shore by Aragon
  • New DTV Map Encampment by rfl
  • New Map Riverbank by Asda
  • New DTV Map Rosethorne Castle by rfl Added, Blocked the water off, Blocked some corners and walls off, Navmesh updated @Yeldur
  • New Map Weeping Hill Added with experimental layered spawn system, Changed fort area
  • Qalat Ballistas relocated/added, firepots added
  • All DTV maps now have Arrow Barrels
  • Killington Reduced size of some shrubs near the river so xbow/archers can’t hide in them as easily, Added flags
  • Drakenburg Added flags
  • Hadiiqa Added Flags
  • Hailes Castle Changed Ballista Angles
  • Ironhale Moved flag E down the tower (was too hard to attack), Increased the HP of the barricade to G flag to slow down attackers, Increased the HP of the breakable wall, Added fire pots near the attackers mangonel


(Tincans wave invades Rosethorn Castle in Defend the Viscount (Co-op) Mode)

Infrastructure 🛠️

  • Updated patreon token access. Banner buying issues should be resolved @Takeo
  • Added a Dynamic Firewall to cRPG. Firewall is set to whitelist only . When you connect to a crpg server you automatically get added to the firewall, and you're removed from the firewall once you disconnect . This should mitigate the low volume ddos attack on the bannerlord servers. Credit to mentalRob and Haliliceylan for laying the ground work here
  • Added to server config the possibility of making bot frozen. Great for the beta servers @namidaka
  • Created server scripts that will automatically update themselves whenever crpg updates. This should reduce how long the patching process take by a lot, which will allow for more regular patching. This change will be implemented in this update, so they will only by effective starting at the next patch @namidaka
  • Added a script to allow mappers to add/remove entities depending on population @verdie-g
  • Clangroup size penalty can now be tweaked in the config files @namidaka
  • Added Deviation to round log (will be required to tweak the balancer further) @namidaka
  • You should get swapped outside of your clangroup way less than before @namidaka
  • Launcher will try to find xbox installation on all disks @takeo
  • We now fully support EPIC AND XBOX GAME PASS cRPG Launcher

cRPG is now open-source 🗣📜

under GPL v3 license ! Don't hesitate to chunk a star! The team welcomes professionals in the industry and those willing to learn with the skills to help the mod!

Special Thanks to Namidaka and the Dev Team 👑

Much appreciation from the community to the team for their dedication to this community driven medieval gaming project of more than 13 years 🙏


Official cRPG Discord 💬

Active daily with a variety of game based and community channels the cRPG Discord provides an easy place to meet and coordinate with thousands of other cRPG Players! Serving as a hub for players the Discord is also useful for players looking for a clan to join, seeking character building advice, dealing with technical problems or looking for more information on the game! Join the Official cRPG Discord!

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Patch Notes - Updates v45-67 - Heirlooms - Epic Games / Xbox Support

Patch Notes - Updates v45-67 - Heirlooms - Epic Games / Xbox Support


Patch notes for updates v45-67. Heirlooms Added, Epic Games and Xbox Support Added, New Items, New Maps, Website Improvements, Balance Changes and much...

Patch Notes - Updates v34-44

Patch Notes - Updates v34-44


Patch notes for updates v34-44. Team/Clan Balance, Item Crafting Changes, New Items, New Maps, Throwing Rework, Website Improvements, Balance Changes...

Patch Notes - Update v23-33

Patch Notes - Update v23-33


Patch notes for updates v23-33. Duel Game Mode, Siege Game Mode, New Items, New Maps, Movement Rework, Website Improvements, Balance Changes and much...

Patch Notes - Update v17/18/19/20/21/22

Patch Notes - Update v17/18/19/20/21/22


Patch notes for updates to v17,v18,v19,v20,v21,v22. Steam Workshop, New Maps, Huge Item Rework, Website Improvements, Balance Changes and much more...

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cRPG Launcher

cRPG Launcher

Installer Tool 1 comment

Up to Date Launcher for cRPG Mod on Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord. Now available for Steam, Epic Games and Xbox.

cRPG Bannerlord (Now Available on Steam Workshop)

cRPG Bannerlord (Now Available on Steam Workshop)

Installer Tool 13 comments

New version of cRPG is now available exclusively on the steam workshop.

Legacy cRPG Launcher / Installer Tool (OUTDATED)

Legacy cRPG Launcher / Installer Tool (OUTDATED)

Installer Tool 44 comments

Updated in November of 2017 the new launcher fixes bugs experienced with the previous launcher, with WSE2 Beta and updates the game to the current build!

Legacy cRPG Launcher / Installer Tool (OUTDATED)

Legacy cRPG Launcher / Installer Tool (OUTDATED)

Installer Tool 11 comments

Updated in June of 2017 the new launcher fixes bugs experienced with the previous launcher and updates the game to the current build!

Legacy Mod Installer / Launcher Tool (OUTDATED)

Legacy Mod Installer / Launcher Tool (OUTDATED)

Installer Tool 43 comments

An account is required in order to log into the website where you can access the shop to buy items for ingame gold, to manage your characters and a few...

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

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Dragoslav777 - - 88 comments

Why skirmish servers are locked ? Is there any password to join ?

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njames89 Creator
njames89 - - 213 comments

Skirmish is for tournament use (events)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 688,627 comments

When can we expect a strategus for Banerlord

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njames89 Creator
njames89 - - 213 comments

Strategus is currently under development but does not have a stated ETA.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 688,627 comments

What is this mod even about?
First page and there is no info about that.

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Rekkutsu - - 2 comments

Any plans to add other clients? I bought the game through the windows store and fully see your server. My buddy owns the game through epic and also sees it. We can't play because you decided to lock the mod behind steam. Will this change in the foreseeable future?

Added this to the front for visibility.

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

It was not locked behind Steam , it's just that it required additional work from us to add epic and microsoft authentication. We're releasing to both platform today

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

you can download it for epic games if you got to you will find the option for it.

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

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