cRPG is a modification for Mount & Blade: Warband extending the multiplayer experience with an RPG-like leveling system.

Persistent character stats

As you level up you can customize your characters by assigning points to attributes, skills and weapons. You can specialize on a specific class or go hybrid.

Hundreds of unique items

You can choose from hundreds of items in the shop which will allow you to create a unique look and make you stand out. Retiring a character allows you to pass on an heirloom - an improved item - to the next generation. All items can be traded on the marketplace with other players.


Being in a clan will automatically assign you and your mates to the same side in the battle and siege game modes. They come with an armoury to share items, a treasury to collect gold, a messaging system and the possibility to upload a custom banner.


This game mode brings the single player campaign online and allows you to compete in a virtual world with other players over land, goods and castles. The preparation and planning is played as browser game, the actual battles take place ingame.

Defend the Virgin

In this co-op game mode your team has to protect Vivi. Each round consists of three waves of enemies and every round gets more challenging with tougher bots and unique hero bots.

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cRPG2021 logo


πŸ“― Hail Warriors, Knights, Barbarians and Weebs! πŸ“―

It is with great pleasure that we bring you news of another update and many fixes / changes to cRPG. Servers are officially back online in NA and EU. We are blessed to announce the addition of agweber to the cRPG Dev Team. Already making a huge impact on the game he is assisting in fixing a variety of bugs in game and on the website along with innovating new website/database features.


Database / Host / Servers πŸ–₯️

A new and much improved host has been secured and put online for the Website/Database/Servers and new servers have been put online for NA and EU. Servers are available for Battle, Duel, Siege, and Defend the Virgin (CO-OP).



Welcome Back Package πŸ’°

As a thank you to the community and to help our new players joining the mod we are offering a welcome back package of heirloom points and gold. The welcome back package can be claimed on the cRPG Forums Here: Welcome Back Package Forum Thread

(auto log in to forums accessible from blue flag at the top of cRPG Website)

WBpackagexp 1


Game Fixes / Changes πŸ”§

βš” Database Connection Error - Fixed βœ”

βš” Database and Server DDoS Protection - Installed βœ”

βš” Damage Value Error - Fixed βœ”

βš” cRPG Website Lottery - Fixed βœ”

βš” cRPG Website Marketplace - Fixed βœ”

βš” cRPG Website Inventory Rank Display Error - Fixed βœ”

βš” cRPG Website Clan Banner Error - Fixed βœ”


Heirloom Exchanges and Training Lessons πŸ›’

Decreased price of Heirloom Exchange and Training lessons in shop to allow players greater freedom to change character builds and give players more variety in their collection of heirloomed items.


πŸŽ„ Holiday Season - Special Event πŸŽ„

The cRPG Dev team extends its sincere wishes for all to have a wonderful holiday season! With tidings of joy and cheer we are happy to announce a tiered XP boost event that will run from November 15th 2021 to January 15th 2022. In addition to boosted XP there will be santa hats, snowballs and special events with rewards! Assuming you can stay off of Santa Claudz's naughty list there may even be some holiday gifts!

mb532 1

XP Boosts πŸ“–

November 15th to December 15th - Double XP

December 15th to January 15th - Triple XP

Special Events πŸ“†

Server Wide Snowball Fight
Best Dressed Holiday Outfit Contest
Holiday Duel Challenge

Mystery Gift πŸŽ…

What could it be ???


Official cRPG Discord πŸ’¬

Active daily with a variety of game based and community channels the cRPG Discord provides an easy place to meet and coordinate with thousands of other cRPG Players! Serving as a hub for players the Discord is also useful for players dealing with technical problems or looking for more information on the game!

Join the Official cRPG Discord


Official cRPG Twitter 🐦

We now have a Twitter! Follow and like us Here for more updates on the mod!


Account Recovery ⁉️

Returning to cRPG after a long time? Forget your account and password? No problem. All cRPG accounts are tied to CD Key. To regain your account name and password simply join an Official cRPG Server and press Q-M-P-S-Y to navigate the ingame menu to request account details.


Grab Your Companions For an Epic Warband Quest!


Who Will You Be?


Spearman? Archer? Shielder?


Pikeman? Mauler? Swordsman?


Join a community filled with unique characters and unlimited customization!





Great Battles, Great XP and Great Fun Await You!



Build your character today!


See you on the field of combat!

As always many thanks to the Dupre, DaveUKR, Professor, agweber, Yeldur and the cRPG moderation team for working tirelessly to get and keep cRPG up and running!

If you have any questions join us in the cRPG Discord and visit to get started.

Strategus VI Over / Strategus VII Begins /

Strategus VI Over / Strategus VII Begins /


Release of Patch and the next Strategus campaign, VII, will be starting today with some notable additions/changes to the game. Join the online...

cRPG - Patches Galore - December/January Update

cRPG - Patches Galore - December/January Update

News 2 comments

Patches,,,,, and New items, added item colours/retextures, item fixes, bug fixes, Strategus fixes...

cRPG - Patch of Undestiny

cRPG - Patch of Undestiny


Lots of new Weapons/Equipment, New Maps, Strategus Fixed, DTV Mode Fixed, New DTV waves, Website Updates, Many Bug Fixes, Reverted back to the pre-Patch...

New Servers - New Launcher - Respecs - Heirloom Exchanges - cRPG Discord

New Servers - New Launcher - Respecs - Heirloom Exchanges - cRPG Discord

News 2 comments

New servers are up, a new launcher is released, free respecs and heirloom exchanges are available in the cRPG Discord!

RSS Files
cRPG Launcher / Installer Tool (UPDATED)

cRPG Launcher / Installer Tool (UPDATED)

Installer Tool 44 comments

Updated in November of 2017 the new launcher fixes bugs experienced with the previous launcher, with WSE2 Beta and updates the game to the current build!

cRPG Launcher / Installer Tool (OUTDATED)

cRPG Launcher / Installer Tool (OUTDATED)

Installer Tool 11 comments

Updated in June of 2017 the new launcher fixes bugs experienced with the previous launcher and updates the game to the current build!

Mod Installer / Launcher Tool (OUTDATED)

Mod Installer / Launcher Tool (OUTDATED)

Installer Tool 43 comments

An account is required in order to log into the website where you can access the shop to buy items for ingame gold, to manage your characters and a few...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 350)

Does this support non steam version or Pirated versions?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

warband copies are 50 cents

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
njames89 Creator

You must have an official copy of MB Warband to play.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

when will the launch be?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
njames89 Creator

New servers are up and there is an active dev team working out the remaining bugs. Join discord here for more information

Reply Good karma+3 votes

since the mod has been ddosed by some sad individuum lately it's currently being migrated, could take a month or two until that's done so have patience, join the discord channel for regular news

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
njames89 Creator

New servers up for EU and NA thanks to Devs, Dupre, DaveUKR and Takeo!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

i'll suck my own ****

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes

You have all armor of Zimke in last version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
njames89 Creator

The mod has many armours and weapons by Zimke. Some donated to the mod for free others purchased through crowdfunding. We do not have all of Zimke's items. Only some. All permissions for use of Zimke items must be received from Zimke himself.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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