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working on reloaded - screenshot and thoughts - demo level

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dear watchers

2018 09 17 progress reloaded

I am working on the demo level and the progress is still slow. This is because I am learning along the way and on the side working on the cryengine2 manual rewrite. It seems I have 5 watchers already so I am hoping the other 22 will turn up by the end of the year.

I have sorted the problem of where the Trigen managed to get out of the super secure lab - this will also solve how the lab gets power without any installations etc on the outside. I have also found a great way to tell the story background in an intro cutscene. In the game there will be no cutscenes except for one near the end when helicopters bring in the fighting drones and the Koreans leave the island. I think the best way to deliver lore is by playing audio that the player can listen to or not. Possible sources are an internal HUD "Siri" and remnants inside the lab once the player has entered. The setup will leave the player as part of Raptor but isolated / stranded on the island with the mission and its consequences unfolding as the game progresses.

So far there is no modding but rather 'just' a custom level. It remains to be seen if I can have the Trigen in the demo since that is a real challenge for me. Same goes for the fighting drones. My idea is that I can build design the models but would pay someone to do the rigging / animation ready to import into the engine. So I have put up a donation button on the reloaded site in case people want to support this project. I have also put up a counter so it is clear how much is being donated. Full transparency. This would really help for working full-time and paying for the Trigen and drones.

However, it is possible that no donations come in before the demo so I would then have the Trigens in their freezer boxes and the one that got out could just be MIA. The drones (static brushes) can still be shipped in the closing cutscene, leaving what happens next open. If the demo level turns out the way I want, it should be no problem to get more support after the demo release to build the remaining levels and overhaul the demo level with badass Trigens and fighting drones.

so thank you for watching reloaded from so early on and please tell people, who might be interested, about it.

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