Weclome to the new era of far cry 2 gameplay! Now you are a part of endless war between OFOT and SNS rebels! Don't try to change everything sharply, because the player's health is less by half and damage dealt to enemies is increased by 50%! In addition, I added some amazing gameplay features,such as silent machete kills,shooting while driving etc

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1. Gameplay improvements:

  • Throwing grenades from mounted weapons or while driving! (Be careful when throwing it at windscreen) It also works with hang glider!
  • Using secondary weapons while driving/flying!

  • Player has less by half health, damage dealt to enemies increased by 50%
  • Limited navigation: removed dynamic arrows, player position and unexplored outposts from the map. The gps doesn't show undiscovered safefouses.
  • Reduced jump stamina drain. (Jump 11 times to tire)
  • Reduced fall damage.
  • Improved stealth - reduced enemy perception pre-combat by 20% for short-range enemies (assaults, shotgun mans etc)

by 25% for long-range enemies (snipers, mortar mans etc).

  • Press V on keyboard to look behind you while driving.
  • Reduced monocular sensitivity.

2. Variety improvements:

  • New enemy weapons progression! They'll smoothly have a bigger probability of more dangerous guns while you carry worward in the plot! The chance of finding an adversary with golden AK is always 1%.
  • Enemy infighting - patrols and camps will fight each other.
  • Stricter enemies: chance of throwing grenade when you are not in a line of sight is 100%. Chance of calling reinforcements is 100% too.
  • Reduced probability of rescuing enemies injured friends to 75%.
  • DLC vehicles come in a variety of colours.

3. Weapon improvements:

  • Disabled auto reload when clip is out of ammo.
  • Extra weapon slot for the explosive device, accessible by pressing the machete button twice.
  • Weapons can be inspected by pressing i on keyboard.

* Increased ironsight FOV.

4. Weapon rebalances:
* Machete is now useful for stealth kills

  • Machete assassinations are 100% silent.
  • Creeping has been added to the machete so you can walk at half speed by holding the iron sight button and become more inconspicuous.

Regular machete attacks are a one hit kill.

Reduced ammo clip size for colt M1911 and desert eagle to 7, like in real life.


  • MP5 is now a secondary weapon! Take it with you to glider!
  • Reduced the Uzi magazine size to 25. Pew-pew!
  • Increased the MAC10 magazine size to 32.


  • Sawed off: now uses shotgun ammo and have two bullets in magazine!

Decreased ammo capaticy to 20 rounds,

  • Ithaca homeland: decreased ammo capaticy to 2 magazines... Shoot accurately or select less difficulty!
  • USAS-12: Increased magasine size to 20,
  • ammo capaticy reduced to 1 mag
  • recoil reduced at half,
  • reload time increased to 4 seconds.
  • SPAS-12: Reduced magazine size to 8.


  • Increased magazine size of M249 to 200!

RPG-7: Increased rocket speed by 25%. Why I didn't turn it on to 120 m/sec? Because the rockets fly through the most surfaces or bouncing from it.

Crossbow: reduced iron sight movement speed to 50%.

5. General improvements:

  • Removed the flashing save reminder from safehouse icons on the GPS.
  • Skipped intro movies when launching the game. (Except fire live wallpaper)

6. Bug fixes:

  • Restored missing critical healing animations on Infamous difficulty.
  • Fixed the hang glider bouncing on water - it is now buoyant and you can climb onto it while it is floating.
  • Hang gliders falling out of the sky when shot.

Installation instructions:

1. Copy the folders "Data_Win32" and "bin" into your Far Cry 2 folder and overwrite when prompted.

Thank you to Boggalog for Realism+ (Tom's Mod) and for modding guide book, that helped me to understand how to turn this game into a hardcore and innovating piece of cake!

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Far Cry 2 Ultra hardcore realism mod

Far Cry 2 Ultra hardcore realism mod

Full Version

Weclome to the new era of far cry 2 gameplay! Now you are a part of endless war between OFOT and SNS rebels! Don't try to change everything sharply, because...

MasterKatarn - - 4 comments

This is a good mod from what I've seen, the only problem I have with it is that I have yet to run into any enemies fighting each other. Is it simply rare that the two factions run into each other? I remember playing a mod a few years ago and ran into a fight between both sides immediately.

Weapon damage seems decent, though could be higher. The machete stealth is definitely the hightlight of the mod, it's how the game always should have been

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Dimibyte - - 132 comments

Good work!

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YeetedPlayer - - 1 comments

downloaded the mod, awesome, satisfied. This mod have SO MUCH POTENTIAL, but it'll need lots of improvements.

1. the shooting from vehicle feature needs to be fix try to add:

-allow the player to aim freely, maybe need some custom animations, like, the other hand will be used for driving while the dominant hand will be used for shooting

2. Try to add some features out of this mod, Infamous Fusion mod: Moddb.com

this is my recommandations:

-try to add the feature of realistic ADS, make the iron sights to not to zoom in, like this mod

-try to make the map to look much more realistc like this mod have, which is, the objectives in the map like ammo piles, medkits, missions, should look like it was drawn by hand instead of using computer icons P/S: the gps should be able to use, because, unlike this mod, the gps can't be used, if it can't be used, what's the gps for then? right?

-make the damage taken by both the player and NPC's to be just like irl, like this mod too. try to do it like this, 1 shot should kill an unarmored torso guy, 1 shot should knock an armored torso guy, 2 shots kill it, and it all should depend on the caliber of the ammo used

P/S: try to find something to inspire you in this mod

that's it, but still, the choice is yours, if you want to add these features, us players will be very satisfied, but if you don't, its okay. Take your time, don't rush, try to do the best, and we'll wait.

Thanks for the mod!

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