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mysticalmarv Creator


Svartalfar can have a wonder to build that allows Dokkalfar civilization as a leader. Dokkalfar can have a darker skin tone than Svartalfar.

Svartalfar will have to sacrifice 1 of there cities to Dokkalfar civilization. Both can be Winter elven civilizations.

Kuriotates the golden dragon civilization can have a wonder to build that brings out Herne and a Centaur civilization as another leader.

Cthulhu can be an Avatar unit for the Sahuagin civilization that come from the Octopus overlords religion maybe as a ritual.?

You could create a few new civilizations that can be based of insects.

A beetle humanoid civilization can be 1 and a tanker bug out of starship troopers would go well with this new civilization.

A fly humanoid civilization could be another a Kamikaze rippler bug that can spawn from a pile of rippler eggs made by Mamma rippler from starship troopers would go well with this civilization.

The fly humanoid civilization can have a wonder to build that gives another fly civilization as a separate leader as a blue bottle fly they can have the Giant plasma bug out of starship troopers as a unique unit.

The monster out of the horror film The feast can be used as a desert based civilization that can have a graboid as a unique unit.

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mysticalmarv Creator

Scouts should be able to collect ingredients in Fall from heaven. Scouts can drop ingredients of in a city that has a herbalist building.
Lavender can be worked by workers like cotton giving extra coin and can be used as an ingredient for potion making.

Scouts will find ingredients through exploration of the world and through combat.
A scout can kill a bear or wolf and get bear claws, wolf claws, wolf fang, as types of ingredients.
Butterflies can spawn on a grassland tile during the day. Lunar moth for night.
Each civilization could have a unique type of ingredient that only appears in there cultural boundaries. Like Dragon tongue flower could be a flower that only appears in Alagaesia civilization THE DRAGON RACE

The Nords can be a snow dwelling civilization that are (Good) like the illians they can work snow tiles.
The Stark house can be another winter dwelling civilization that are (Neutral) and can have dire wolves as a unique unit.

Khajiit civilization will have a wonder to build that brings out a Sabre tooth cat civilization as a leader to use.

Targaryen civilization will have a wonder to build that brings out house Blackfyre as a civilization leader to use they will have a Black 3 headed dragon.

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mysticalmarv Creator

mysticalmarv Jan 11 2021
Sean Powell is my real name Mysticalmarv is a nick name.

Hello my name is Sean Powell and here are some ideas for Fall From Heaven.
I have thought of a few more religions for Fall From Heaven and there are now 12 religions.
Each religion will have a wonder/building like a (Mercurian Gate) that allows you to play 2 leaders.

Ashen veil religion (Death/Entropy) = ?????? Gate = Newborn Civilization (Xenomorph) colour (Black/Dark Green) + (Red) Newborn leader (xenomorph) from taking out another civilization as a ritual

Ayers Ayre (Air) = Heaven's Gate = Aarakocra Civilization

Blood of the Phoenix (Fire) = ??????? Gate = Targaryen Civilization 3 headed dragon as a hero (Red) + House Blackfyre leader with a (Black) 3 headed dragon hero from taking out another civilization as a ritual.

Council of Esus (Shadow) = ??????? Gate = Mekara Order Civ (Shadow dragon tribe)

Empyrean (Sun) = ????? Gate = Redguards Civilization (Skyrim)??

Fellowship of Leaves (Nature) = ????? Gate = Cernunnos Civilization

Legion of a Lost Cult (Unholy) = Ninth Gate = Infernal Civilization

Octopus Overlords (Water) = ????? Gate = Sahuagin Civilization and Davy Jones and The flying Dutchman

Order(Law) = Dragon's Gate = Alagaesia Civ (Dragon born race D&D Style) = Bronze Silver Dragons Bahamut as a hero

Runes of Kilmorph (Earth) = ????? Gate = Mechanos Civilization (Terminators) T-70 T-400 and up

The Hidden Realm (Holy) = Mercurian Gate = Mercurian Civilization (Angels)

Winterborn (Ice) = The Black Gate = Frozen white walker civilization

The Redguards civilization should start instead and have a different civilization for the Empyrean religion.

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mysticalmarv Creator

mysticalmarv Jan 11 2021
Civilization Unique feature Monster

Illians = Letum Frigus = Frost hill giants

Zombie = Pyre of the Seraphic = Pyre Zombie

Jotnar = Standing S T O N E S = S T O N E Hill giant

Frozen = Snow pyramid = Wights

Scion's of patria = Pyramid = Mummy

Mercurians = Ring of carcer = Alicorn (Pegasus Hero)

Infernal = Bradeline's well = Balrogs

Calabim = Gaurdian of pristin pass = Gargoyles (Shikaka)

Archos = Mother's ruin = Spiders

Falmer =Pile of chaurus eggs layed by a QUEEN Chaurus = Chaurus Chaurus reaper

Forsworn = ????????? = Wendigo (beast form)

Legion of D'tesh = Barad-dur = Nazguls (Sauron)

Clan of Embers = Jungle alta = Uruk - hai

Bannor = Colosseum = Gladiators

Kuriotates = Dragon egg = Brass dragon/Drake (Eurabatres the gold dragon) hero

Ljosalfar = ??????????? = Elven Elk

Elohim = ????????? = Unicorn

1 0ff the Witch civ = ????????? = Cyclops

Mechanos = ????????? = Start with model T- 70 and so forth (Terminators)

Newborn = Xenomorph egg (Layed by a Queen) = Xenomorph

Lizardmen(Evil) = ????????? = Predator (Yautja)

Khajiit = ???????? = Nyxkin

Redgaurds = Desert rose = Scorpions

??????? = Mud volcano = Mud demon from (RIDDICK)

Loxodon = Watering hole = Elephants

Baron Duin Halfmorn = ????????? = Snow white werewolves

Aarakocra = ???????? = Griffin

Chislev = Totem pole = Thunderbird

Sahuagin & Davy Jones & The flying Dutchman = Dragon hole???? = Kraken Giant Octopus style

Svartalfar or Dokkalfar = ?????????? = Banshee

Calabim = Termite mounds = Bio Raptor

1 off the Witch civ = Witches cauldron = Dementors (Voldemort)

Sea Elf = Lost city of Atlantis = Mermaids/Mermen

Mekara order = Dragon egg = Shadow Dragons

Dragonborn civ = Dragon egg = Silver, Bronze dragons (Bahamut) hero

Sheaim = Dragon egg = Unholy dragons (Abashi)

Scion of patria = ????????? = Aqrabuamelu

Mammoth civ = Elephants graveyard = Mammoth

Targaryen = Dragon egg = Dragons Hero will be a 3 headed dragon

Dwarves (Evil) = ?????????? = Animunculi

Gorgon = ???????????? = Hydra

Non living pirate civilization = Shipwreck = Phantom ships

Sea Elf = ?????????? = Aliens from the Abyss Film

Aarakocra = ???????? = Giant Eagle

Glukkon = Scrabanian temple = Scrab

Nord = ???????? = Storm Hill Giants

House Stark and the nights watch = ?????? = Dire Wolves

House Greyjoy = ???????? = Kraken Giant squid style

The Feast M O N S T E R = ??????? = Graboid

Korinna the infector will have the Marlboro from final fantasy as a unique unit.
The Marlboro can consume a weak warrior unit and spit out a beholder so you can build an army of beholders this way.
The Brain Bug from Starship troopers is another unique unit for Korinna the infector.

Archos civilization will have a unique spideror Queen bug from starship troopers that makes Arachnids that grow to a tiger and then royal.

Your hero Dragon that is an emblem to your civilization like Eurabatres the Gold Dragon for Kuriotates civilization will be able to make a dragon egg as a unique feature to spawn baby dragon whelps that grow in size.

Each Dragon egg from each civilization will be able to do the same.

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mysticalmarv Creator

mysticalmarv Jan 11 2021
Unique feature Gemstone/mineral

Remnants of patria = Jade

Yggdrasil = Citrine

Mirror of heaven = Sunstone (Sun)

Lunar crescent = Moonstone (Shadow)

Tomb of Sucellus = Aquamarine (Life) Gemstone

Big Clam = Pearl

Barrier reef = Coral

Pyre of the Seraphic = Pyrite

Amber tree = Amber

Dragon B O N E S = D R A G O N S T O N E

Civilization Gemstone/Mineral

Amurites Palace = Ametrine

Austrin Palace = Austinite

Grigori Palace = Cassiterite (Cassiel)

Calabim Palace = Heliotrope

Infernal Palace = Hematite

Mercurians Palace = Mercury

Illians Palace = Turquoise

Clan of Embers Palace = Orichalcum

Lanun Palace = Pearl

Sidar Palace = Siderite

Gorgon Palace = Serpentine

Inca empire Palace = Amazonite

(Evil)Lizardmen Palace = Malachite

Khajiit Palace = Cats eye

(Evil)Dwarves Palace = Arkenstone

Cernunnos Palace = Tigers eye

(Good)Lizardmen Palace = Lizardite

Falmer Palace = Snowflake Obsidian

Doviello Palace = Alexandrite?????

Svartalfar or Dokkalfar Palace = Amethyst

Alagaesia Palace (Dragonborn) = Dragonstone

Hippus Palace = Wild Horse Stone

Kuriotates Palace = Goldstone????

(Neutral)Lizardmen Palace = Dinosaur bone stone

Kahdi Palace = Sodalite? Tanzanite?

Redgaurds Palace =

Elohim Palace = Larimar???? (Life) Mineral Stone

Aarakocra Palace = Hawk's eye

Targaryen Palace = Ruby (Fire) Gemstone

Skeleton pirate civ Palace = Sapphire (Water) Gemstone

Newborn Palace = Xenotime

Malakim Palace= Sunstone (Sun)

Baron Duin Halfmorn Palace = Moonstone (Shadow)

Witch civ Palace = Mugglestone (Could have 3 types of witch civ's) (Good) (Neutral) (Evil)

Sea Elf Palace = Lapis Lazuli (Water) Mineral stone

(Good)Luchuirp Palace = Garnet (Earth) Gemstone

Ljosalfar Palace = Emerald (Nature) Gemstone

Archos Palace = Spider Web Chrysocolla

Nords Palace = Sky Blue Zircon

House Stark and the nights watch = Glacier Blue Topaz

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mysticalmarv Creator

Blood of the Phoenix religion early hero will be a Phoenix that can give the Blood of the Phoenix promotion that was originally a ritual in Fall from heaven 2.

The Phoenix should have firebirds as another unit to add and there should only be 1 Phoenix.

The Targaryen civilization is a leader from the Blood of the Phoenix religion through a gateway to build as a wonder like the (Mercurian Gate) that brought out the Mercurian civilization originally in Fall from heaven 2.

The only difference is all 12 religions will have a gateway to build as a wonder to bring out a unique civilization. AND YOU GET TO PLAY BOTH LEADERS DURING GAME

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mysticalmarv Creator

The technology Warrior Caste which is in military once researched will give all units a slightly better percentage chance through the living worlds scenario of getting the Hero promotion or the Villain promotion for evil non living civilizations.

For Grigori and Gladiator units that spawn in a Colosseum for Bannor civilization, will have a higher chance than normal of getting the hero adventurer promotion.

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mysticalmarv Creator

Heron T H R O N E = Great Mariner

You could use Dagon or Drake from the Blade film as a vampire for Calabim he could give a unique promotion called DAYWALKER to help other vampire units.

A ritual called La Magra can be something for the Calabim to work towards to build Deacon Frost as a Blood God

Both Deacon Frost and Dagon can start with the villain adventurer promotion.

Blade himself would make a great hero for a civilization that are vampire hunters.

Gabriel Van Helsing should be built as a unit for Dawnguard Blade might be better off coming through a living worlds scenario instead.

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mysticalmarv Creator

Great Building Great Person

Council of the Elders = Great Elder

Deruptus Brewing House = Great Artist

Aquae Sucellus = Great Healer

Catacomb Libralus = Great Sage

A Great Mariner can be equipped to naval units giving 1 extra strength

A Great Commander does the same but for land units

A Great Apostle can be equipped but will benefit disciple units best when equipped.

A Great Oracle can be similar to A Great Prophet

A Great Sage can be similar to A Great Elder

A Sage could create a academy in a city an Elder should have a different building to create in a city.

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mysticalmarv Creator



Stone Trolls = Earth

Cave Trolls = Water

Snow Trolls = Ice

Desert Trolls = Fire

Mountain?? Trolls = Air


Stone Hill Giants = Earth

Frost Hill Giants = Ice

Fire Hill Giants = Fire

Storm Hill Giants = Air

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